Backwards Book #1

Hey, guys! I’ve been brainstorming new features for my blog, and so far, I’ve come up with two things: Hobby Hero (which is currently a WIP; I’m hoping to team up with some other bloggers on it, so it’ll take a little longer) and Backwards Book — which is what this post is about!

Let me explain this to you. I’ll create a cover for a book, complete with a title, and post it. Then you can write a summary based on it (like what you would find on the back cover of a book) and post it in the comments. If you like your idea, then begin writing the story!

Are you ready for this? Here’s the first cover:


Are the wheels in your head turning? Stop reading, scroll straight to the comments, and type up a summary. When you’re done with that, come back up to the post to read my idea!

My summary:

The Summer of Silence

It’s the beginning of summer, but instead of hanging out with her best friend Dakota, Tessa must wave goodbye to him as he heads off to a three-week sleep-away camp in California. Tessa tries to keep in touch with him while he’s gone, but he won’t reply. And when Dakota doesn’t come back from camp, Tessa knows that something is seriously wrong. Determined to find her friend, Tessa sets off for Camp Stormgaze in California, where things aren’t quite right.

I look forward to reading your summaries!



22 thoughts on “Backwards Book #1

  1. Arunima says:

    Mia usually loves silent and quiet places. But one city seems dangerously quiet. She meets Olivia a strange girl who seems to know about the silence. Mia will do any thing to find out what the silence is about.

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  2. ItsAudrey says:

    Jemma is an extroverted, talkative, and cheery girl – and often, her brother Kyle is annoyed with Jemma’s always happy self, but when Jemma stops talking on the first day of summer, Kyle is determined to get her sister back.


  3. samanthadolls says:

    Alex, a cheerful peppy girl is excited for her summer. It was going to be the best! She has a whole list of things to do, from drive in movies, to chocolate potato chips! but when her best friend is diagnosed with fatal cancer, she realized she only has a few months to live. Will this be the best summer, or a summer Alex is not used to, a silent one.

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  4. The Joys Of Julia says:

    Lila is planning to have an amazing summer road trip with her best friends Clarissa, and Tyler. They start to leave on their road trip, but that’s as far as Lila remembers. One day Lila woke up in a hospital in some sort of coma, where she can’t move or speak, and everyone seems to think that she’s fast asleep. But Lila is wide awake. And she has tons to say, and ask. Why is her younger sister the only person who ever visits her? Why don’t the doctors realize she’s awake? And how did she end up unable to speak in the first place?

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    • The Joys Of Julia says:

      Woah that was long.. I couldn’t figure out how to get what i was trying to say, into written words.. Can you help me with that? Like maybe some tips or something? I really like the idea of “Backwards Book” too!


  5. Lily says:

    Astra has always been the most popular girl at school. Cutest stuff, swarms of friends, half the boys have crushes on her . . . The whole shebang. She’s bubbly, extroverted and most of all – talkative.
    But one summer – everything changes.
    After a car crash on the last day of school, Astra loses the ability to speak. During the summer, she struggles with her forced silence. She is cut off from human communication. So she writes.
    But most of all, her summer of silence brings her closer to God.

    Ta-da! I love this idea, Loren!

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  6. Indigo says:

    Hi! I’m back!
    For as long as Millie has known Kayla, she has always been the talkative one. The loudest one. The happiest one. But when Kayla suddenly shuts down and stops talking, it’s up to Millie to find out what happened. In the process, she finds out that not everything is like it seems…

    When Lea finds out her mom is pregnant, she is ecstatic. She can’t wait to see her new sister laugh, smile, cry, to say her first word. But when Lindsey is brought home, something doesn’t seem quite right. Her parents don’t talk anymore and it seems like Lea is the only one who spends time with Lindsey. As she sees her family fall apart, Lea decides that it’s up to her to put it back together.


  7. Hope says:

    School is out, but it doesn’t really matter to Lillian. She’s got no friends. She’s not a troublemaker. She simply goes to school, and comes home. Her parents work all the time. When they are home, they’re in bed. At least during the school year she’s around people her age. Every summer she is stuck home. Alone. In silence. Usually they have a small celebration for her birthday. Typically, that’s it. But, this year, things change. Lillian meets her best friend for life- Munchie, a 6-month old pitbull pup. And they do everything together. She declares this summer the best ever…until the day Munchie disappears. Will Lillian ever get her best friend back?

    This is an awesome idea Loren!



  8. Allison says:

    This is so neat, Loren! Here’s my summary:

    One summer morning when Ariel gets out of bed, her feet don’t make a sound when she hits the floor. At first she thinks nothing of it, until she notices that she can’t hear herself – or anyone else – speak. The whole world has suddenly gone silent. But why? Ariel finds the answer in a most unexpected place…


  9. Unicorn_Princess27 says:

    Shelby is very sick. She misses her friends from staying in the hospital. The chemo is aggressive. She just had surgery to remove her brain tumor- most of it. After the surgery, as soon as it is okay to have visitors, her best friend Chloe comes to visit- and Shelby cannot talk. There have been complications during surgery- and Shelby’s brain has made her mute. She goes under intensive therapy and research- but will she be able to talk again once school starts?


  10. Emerson says:

    Hi Loren great idea!Here is my summery
    Kylie has always been mute. She has Autisum and can never speak.But all that changes one fateful day. On Kylie’s birthday when she blows out her candles and makes a wish she wishes to speak, and she gets it.But everyone else is just like she was. So now alone and scared she has to find her way in the big wide world.Will she reverse the blessing/curse, or will she be alone for the rest of her life?


  11. Anika Joy says:

    Ava was always positive, full of energy, and loud. Sometimes people call her too loud, too positive, or too energetic. So, one fateful summer day, Ava prays that she wishes she weren’t as loud, positive, and energetic. The next morning, when she wakes up, Ava is tired, quiet, and depressed. She spends the whole day like it, and finally tells her mom, who says that it’s just part of changes happening within her.
    But, Ava knows that it’s something other than that and confronts her sister, who believes that the prayer had something to do with it. And so, the two sisters start of on an emotionally spiritual journey together to find out why Ava is suddenly so silent, that changes their relationship with each other, God, and the world entirely.


  12. graciechick says:

    “Rose Marie! Rose Marie!” I hear my name everywhere, but I cannot answer. My lips are sealed. My people are singers, they have the mos beautiful voices in the land. Yet their melodies seem so distant to me as I cannot speak. But I am destined for something, I think it’s something in the past. I feel connected to it, connected like the daisy chains I wear around my neck.


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