My NaNoWriMo Project

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo again this year (my username on the YWP site is SecretKeeper001), and I’ve been trying to figure out which story to work on (I’ve got loads of ideas). Today, I picked one: I’m going to be writing a novel about a girl with depression.

Why? You see, in my homeschool co-op, I have a class called MAD — Making a Difference. Our assignment these past two weeks was to choose a problem we’re passionate about and come up with a solution. I chose mental illnesses.

After writing down how mental illnesses are problems (mostly how people treat those with illnesses) comes the hard part: solutions. It had to be something doable. I thought, What am I good at that could make a difference? and came up with writing a novel. Yeah, it is doable.

I don’t know entirely what the novel is going to be about, but at least I have a month to figure things out! I’m going to write it from the POVs of a girl with depression and a boy with social anxiety. One chapter would be told by the girl, the next by the boy, and so forth. The boy will be a stranger at the girl’s school who notices her scars.

I’m really excited to write this novel, because if I get it published, I think it could help lots of people realize that mental illnesses are a real problem.

Also, I need some help with this project. Is there anyone who has depression/social anxiety, and is willing to talk to me about it? In order to write a realistic novel, I need to know more about what it’s like to live with depression/social anxiety. If anyone is willing, email me at, please.


49 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo Project

  1. Madison (Delightful World of Dolls) says:

    What a wonderful idea, Loren! That is amazing what you’re doing! I like that idea of writing one chapter in the POV of one character, then the next in the other, and so on. That’s super neat. :D
    Once again, I think it’s awesome what you’re doing! I know it will be great.


  2. Lily says:

    That’s an amazing idea, Loren! It sounds awesome!

    I think it’s really important that people are aware of how bad it is to have depression. I haven’t had it, but I know someone who has occasional ’bouts’ of depression and it’s terrible for them. 😢
    We need to spread the word!


  3. Grace (The Girl Upstairs) says:

    Loren, this is a wonderful thing to write about! So many people struggle with depression and other mental illnesses and it’s wonderful that you’re addressing how it affects people. I wish you luck with NaNoWriMo! :)


  4. Blank says:

    I have heard people say they don’t want to get out of bed but I actually don’t have depression and i think mental illness is a huge problem so I hope this might help in some small way.

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  5. Kathleen @dollsanddance says:

    Hey Loren, sorry it’s been so long.

    I think that sounds like a very interesting idea. I hope it goes well! And if you ever need a beta-reader…..

    If you are allowed, I would ask around in the YWP NaNo Mailbox of Unsent Letters as far as people who would be willing to share about that. I think there are several on there who already do and may be willing to PM you directly about it.

    What is your new YWP username going to be when they change the site (or are you keeping it SecretKeeper001)? I’m going to be ThatSecondWriterGirl, but I’ll have the same book info and everything so that should help you find me. Ailsa is still driving me absolutely nuts.

    Sorry this is so long!


    • Loren says:

      Hey, Kathleen! It’s great to hear from you. :)

      Thanks! When I finish the first draft, I’ll be sure to let you read it.

      The YWP NaNo Mailbox of Unsent Letters? I didn’t even know that existed. How do I find that? So far, I’ve had two bloggers contact me, willing to do an interview, but if I need additional info, I’ll definitely check that out.

      I’m going to keep my username as SecretKeeper001.

      No, that’s OK! I love your long comments.


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      • Kathleen @dollsanddance says:

        Yeah, I missed commenting with you! How’s Guardian coming along?

        Yes, it’s on the YWP site. Go under “Forums”, then find the “Recess” forum and click on the 25th Mailbox of Unsent Letters (they’re on the 25th since last October!! o.o ). I would definitely try to ask on there, there are probably several who would help. Oh, that’s great! Well, yeah, that’s definitely another option.

        K, I will definitely find you.


  6. Geeky_Girl says:

    Wow NaNoWriMo sounds so cool!! :) I might do it.. do you have any suggestions or info on it? Also I love the book idea.. I think it’s a great idea to write about an illness that affects a lot of people! I seriously hope it gets published!! :)
    -Geeky_Girl <3

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  7. daddy says:

    I struggle with depression sometimes. It feels like a black heavy cloud is over me, or like the lead blanket they put on you at the dentist office when you get x-rays. And then I feel guilty because I have so much to be happy about, how can I possibly be so sad. Medication helps me, though not completely.

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  8. ruhenhoque says:

    Good luck with your NaNo, early preparation can help a lot.

    Perhaps read online entry’s by people that have experienced and still go through with it, to see if they can help you out?


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