How to Come Up With Post Ideas


White Bed Pillow on White Bed Comforter in Brown Room

1. Look around your room

There’s the obvious one: do a room tour!

Have you made any cute DIYs for your room? Post a how-to.

Write about your favorite spot in your room.

Assorted Garments on Brown Wooden Wardrobe

2. Look in your closet

Do you have a favorite outfit? Share a picture of it.

Have you recently bought new clothes? Review them.

Have you revamped an article of clothing? Show how you did it.

Do you have a great fashion sense? Post about how to put together a cute outfit.

Wooden Swing

3. Look outside

Are there pretty flowers around your house? Take pictures.

Do you keep animals outside? Introduce your readers to them.

What season is it? Post about your favorite crafts, recipes, and clothing, depending on the season.

art, colorful, colors

4. Look at your hobbies

Teach your readers how to paint, sing, write, play softball, etc.

If your hobby involves making something, share pictures of your favorite items that you’ve made.

Do you play a sport? Talk about why you love it, share sport-inspired memes, or take pictures of your equipment.

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeved Dress Standing Beside Man in White Blue Crew Neck T Shirt

5. Look at what’s going on around you

What are people talking about? Popular TV shows, books, video games — or deeper things like politics, feminism, mental health, etc. Write your opinions.

Is a holiday coming up? Write about your traditions, favorite crafts and recipes, and festive outfits.

How do you come up with post ideas? What would you add to this post?



20 thoughts on “How to Come Up With Post Ideas

  1. Madison (Delightful World of Dolls) says:

    You have some fabulous ideas, Loren! I don’t get “blogger’s block” very often, but if I do, I look back through my old posts and find inspiration to do something new that way. I also have tons of ideas for posts written down in my phone; if I have an idea, even a small one, that’s immediately where it goes! So I always have a lineup ready – for when I make the time to do one of them. ;)
    Once again, awesome post! I always love getting posts from Let’s Be Lost in my reader. 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. orleansagdoll says:

    Wow, thanks! I was so stumped, and now I know what to do. What about a makeup tutorial? That might work if you keep your makeup in your room or closet. Thank you!
    Annecy 🐛 (I just started paying attention to that cute caterpillar emoji! Lol!)


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