Some cute people sitting on a bench.


Photographer girl. Her head is a bit too big, but I still like it.


Ballerina. Two of my friends are dancers, and I think they’ll like this one.

My all time favorite thing to draw is people, despite the fact that I have a lot to learn about making them look real. It’s a but funny, actually — I love drawing people but generally detest them in real life. I know there are people who stare at the night sky and smile at tiny plants and give sincere compliments . . . but I can’t seem to find them. I suppose I like humans in theory, but if you stuck me in a room with a bunch of people I would sit in a corner and become friends with the cat.

* * *

So I haven’t posted in awhile, huh? Art, planning a friend’s Christmas party, having existential crises, and finishing Gravity Falls have taken up a bit of my time. Also, my inspiration snuck out the window, ran away, and is now living as a street musician in some distant city.

How are you guys? I hope you’re doing alright. I really do care about you and I hate the idea that any of you might be having a hard time.

Love you, and goodnight.


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37 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. Misty says:

    Beautiful sketches. I especially love your photography one, but they are all amazing. :)
    I am doing well, and I hope you’re doing great!! We love you and care about you too, Loren. <3


  2. the1andonlyanonymousa says:

    Ah, how wonderful: yet another person who can draw. If only I were permitted to be one of them; yet, sadly, my fingers and brain do not communicate well, and dreams are crushed due to this.

    And Loren, Loren; If only all bloggers lived in the same town! Other people who name their furniture, other people who kiss the windows of their house goodnight!


  3. Jaclynn says:

    Awe, your ballerina is really cute! She has such a sweet face :)
    I’m doing good. I just did my craft fair and made some monies that I’ll use for Christmas gifts, so that’s good :) My brother and sister in-law just moved away so it was really hard to say goodbye, but I’m actually surviving without them around so far. It helps that we can keep in touch so easily :)
    Ooh hey! Are you looking forward to seeing Rogue One? *hopes you are cause I’m feeling like no one is* XD

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  4. Jordan says:

    I’m doing fine, although I do share your feelings about people . . . It would be nice if us bloggers were neighbors, wouldn’t it? That way we could all make friends with each other’s cats. ;) And possibly do that strange and mysterious thing called ‘making friends’ that I seem to be so bad at. ;)
    Alas, if I could only draw like you!


  5. Anika Joy says:

    My absalout FAVORITE thing to draw is people too! I can make some look a little realistic, but not much. I’m really good at everything, but the hands. UGH THE HANDS ARE SO HARD!! Do you mind if I copy the hands in your picture for mine?? :P ;)


  6. Madison (Delightful World of Dolls) says:

    Wow! You are such an amazing artist! :D I love, love, love that ballerina. She looks incredible! I love drawing people as well, but I too have much to learn on actually making them look real… XD LOL! (You did a phenomenal job on that, IMO) ;)

    I love people, though. I truly do. ;) Making friends is generally easy for me… if I’m somewhere that there aren’t already a bunch of clicks or friendship groups. *narrows eyes, shakes fist, isolates herself* How rude. Then I will gladly make friends with the cat. XD It took me over a year to make a best friend in Florida with all of those friendship groups, and it was only when she moved here and I was the only one who befriended her! :P It’s kind of a problem, though, making friends easily, because now I have like five other people in real life (besides my actual BFFs) who regard me as their best friend in the whole entire world… but I can’t say the same for them. :P

    I should stop rambling about myself.

    And that last message was the sweetest thing I’ve read all day! :D We all love you and miss you, Loren! :D I was reading our mermaid story collab on AG Homeschool (the one with the characters Riley and Arlette)(I was again wowed by your artistic skills when you drew Riley as a mermaid, whereas I did pretty bad with Arlette as one XD) and remembered how fun that was! I really hope we can start it up again one day! :)

    Definitely miss talking to you, my friend! :) I hope you’re having an awesome day. :D


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  7. Allison says:

    Yay! I love art posts! :D Let’s see, I think my favorite is… the first one, probably! You did a great job on the clothes and hair (which I am not very good at XD )!


  8. Rebekah says:

    I love your sketches. They are really cute. I love how hands look realistic because I’m the worst at hands personally :)
    I hope you become re-inspired.


  9. Audrey says:

    My favorite is the ballerina one! It kind of reminds me of Grace’s (The Girl Upstairs) profile picture for some reason…

    GRAVITY FALLS! One of my favorite shows 😉


  10. samanthadolls says:

    Wow! Your art is AMAZING! I love the photographer girl, and the ballerina’s outfit is perfect! I suppose I’m the same as you;, I’m A LOT cooler on the internet, and I’m quite shy to new people. I guess I’m really crazy with my friends, though. (BTW, I would for sure choose a cat over a person.)

    I was also wondering if you’re planning on asking a new doll for Christmas? I’m looking into getting #21, I would totally name her Paisley and she would be a little sister.

    I love your blog SO MUCh, Loren! like, you don’t even know! I think I’ve read all your posts, and I hope the your inspiration comes back to you, especially with Christmas coming up!

    You’re an awesome blogging friend,


  11. Josie says:

    I’m a night sky-tiny plants-compliments kind of person… but we don’t know each other IRL, so I don’t think it counts.
    That last paragraph, I kind of want to go cry now. It’s what I really needed to hear.


  12. Kathleen says:

    Wow, I love your art! The ballerina is gorgeous.
    Stare at the night sky? I’ve been staring at pictures of it for a while – NaNoWriMo tends to do that to me.
    Having existential crisis? :/ Are you alright?
    Oh, well, we’ll just have to mount a large quest to find your inspiration. Any ideas where it could be hiding? :)

    – Kathleen


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