Den Mother

I don’t have very much experience photographing people. Whenever I whip out my camera, my friends immediately hide behind their hands or make weird faces at me. People are fascinating (They’re walking stars! Living, breathing stories! Potential and dreams!), and I want to capture them on camera . . . and I would, but my friends happen to be brats.

Just kidding. I love you guys. You’re angels. Most of the time.

My friend (who we will be calling Den Mother, for reasons) allowed me to take some pictures of her recently, and she also said I could post them here.




This girl is absolutely insane, but she’s one of my best friends, and I really do love her.




She earned the nickname Den Mother because out of my group of friends, she’s one of the most responsible and motherly.




Oh, yeah. The lens on my camera kind of stopped working. I can use the telescopic lens to take pictures, but it makes photographing close things a bit difficult. So I’m guessing there won’t be many photography posts until the lens is fixed/replaced.



17 thoughts on “Den Mother

  1. Madison (Delightful World of Dolls) says:

    Man, I wish I had someone like you around here. Whenever I see a camera, I either jump in to photobomb or propel the subject out of the way so I can steal the spotlight. Heh heh. Come on over to Florida sometime – I’ll be your subject for hours. XD

    Awesome pictures, by the way! Den Mother looks great. I wish I had her haircut. XP That also stinks about your lens! I hope you can get it fixed or replaced soon. In the mean time, start investing in plain tickets to Florida so you can have a human subject whenever it does get fixed.


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  2. the1andonlyanonymousa says:

    Tell your friend that I would absolutely love to have her hair.

    I don’t have a mothery person in my friend group…. we have ‘The tough one, the party one, the computer nerd’… and then me. I call myself the crazy one. Or the hyper one, because, let us be real here, I’m hyper.

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  3. bubblybrooke13 says:

    I’m the “baby” of my friends! Probably because I’m the smallest but,whatever!Happy Valentine’s Day!!💕


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