Giveaway Winner // I Hope You’re Ready

i meant for this post to be up this morning, but i was hanging out with my friend izzy, and i’m just now finding time to write this. we went kayaking, made flower crowns, watched “moana,” went to dairy queen . . . i really love izzy.


thank you for all the entries! i didn’t expect to get that many. you guys are amazing.

of course, there can only be one winner (though i would send prizes to all of you if i could). ready to find out who won the twelve pairs of earrings?

congratulations . . .


she runs the lovely blog the nerd notebook — which you should definitely check out and follow.

so, my dear, i will be sending you an email tomorrow with details on how to claim your prize. if i don’t get a reply by midnight, april 15th, i will have to select a new winner.

did anyone catch how i used the winner’s name in the title? i think i’m clever.

please be safe, guys. i really love you and i’m glad you’re alive.




12 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner // I Hope You’re Ready

  1. Hope says:

    OMG thank you! Lol, I love how you used it in the title. People do puns like that all the time with me. 😜 I’m so excited that I won! Thank you so much! ❤



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