// wanderlust //

i think everyone went through that phase as a kid where they wanted to run away. maybe you packed a bag and made it to the end of the road before you turned around. but the ones who don’t grow out of that — those are the kids with wanderlust. the ones who dream of traveling: breathing new air and touching new ground and seeing new faces.

someday, i am going to leave this suffocating town and see the world, either by myself or with one of my best friends (who we will be calling N for now). so here’s a list of a few places i’m going to visit.

Image result for greece tumblr


greece. i’m not sure why, but i’ve always loved greece. the food, the history, the myths, and the beautiful sights in general fascinate me. i was allowed to pick a language to study in school, and i chose koine greek — a little dumb, considering no one speaks it anymore. but it’s rather fun to say that i know a dead language.


new zealand. ok, i have to admit that the main reason i want to go there is so i can visit the shire. i’m so short and chubby, people would probably think i actually belong there (i’ve been called a hobbit by several people. yeah, my friends are nice). my copy of the hobbit has been read so many times that the pages are falling out. :)

Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon


the grand canyon. the colors remind me of N. and it’s kind of like a huge scar on the earth, which strikes me as pretty cool.



oregon. i blame gravity falls for this one, honestly. i’ll definitely try to find the bill cipher statue. apparently, there are lots of forests in oregon, and i freaking love forests. they’re somehow peaceful and creepy at the same time.

 green house


thailand. sadly, i don’t know much about thailand, but it’s so beautiful and i want to try the food.

808sunkissed: “Cromwells ☀️🌊 ”


hawaii. i want to see volcanoes and palm trees and try malasadas! going there by myself sounds a bit sad for some reason, so i hope N is cool with going to hawaii with me. i’m going to make him wear a bunch of those pretty plumeria flowers in his hair. just a warning.

Odda, Norway


norway. my feelings about norway: !!!!!!!!

 when i say i want to go everywhere, i mean it. if it exists, i want to explore that place. someday.




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