// flower crowns //

she looks like a tiny fairy.

guess who likes wearing long-sleeved black clothes in hot weather? it’s me, testing my heat endurance so i can be the alpha.

holy crap, i’m a great photographer. i’m just kidding, i actually kind of suck, but i do like this photo. :)

pup and den mother were here a few days ago, and i got to teach them how to make flower crowns. (pup is the cute lil one with all the messy brown hair, and den mother has the pretty red hair.) you can be sure that if there are flowers around, i will be picking enough to weave a flower crown for myself or for a friend.

flower crowns are one of my favorite things ever. they sort of make me feel like an elf, i guess. like i’m alive and part of this world. nature is pretty, so decorating myself with it makes me feel a little pretty, too. also, flower crowns are just really great, and as an aesthete, i’m kind of drawn to them.

everyone looks nice in flower crowns, and i can’t help but feel ok when i’m wearing one. :)

and i wish that plant life would grow all around me, so i won’t feel dead anymore (plant life // owl city).



48 thoughts on “// flower crowns //

  1. Allison says:

    Ooh, those are such pretty pictures and crowns! Ha ha, I did a double-take on the first photo and I was like, “Wow, that doll’s hair looks super realistic… And why is her leg in such an odd position? OH WAIT! That is not a doll.” XD XD XD HA HA! Anyway, you ARE a great photographer, Loren! I love these photos! My favorite is probably the one you said you liked too. ;) It looks like a great art prompt! :D Hmm… yeah… maybe I shall draw it. :) Also I agree – flower crowns and nature are both wonderful things. ♥


  2. Sara says:

    wow, loren, your flower crowns are so pretty. someone finally taught me how to make flower crowns, and now making flower crown is one of my absolute favorite things to do, too. it is so incredibly fun. i love flower crowns. i make them differently though, with dandelions, my way is sort of like a french braid, except you add flowers. it’s so fun, loren, you should try it. i love how your post looks with all lowercase, it’s so artistic. i love grammar, but sometimes it feels ever so good to type in all lowercase, do you know what i mean? it makes me feel so free. ❤

    rant over.

    love, sara


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