// ❀❀❀ //

there’s a lovely bush covered with hot pink flowers that is currently blooming in the front yard. i took these pictures a few days ago after a rainstorm.

spring isn’t too bad. there are flowers and soccer and it’s not freezing and it rains for days on end. my friends complain about the rain, but i rather like it. i like falling asleep with a storm serenading me through the window. it’s raining at the moment, and i guess i could say that it’s actually making me happy? that’s rare.

i’m reading a book called the screaming staircase, by jonathan stroud. it’s part of the lockwood & co. series. it’s about an infestation of ghosts in london. the main character is part of a small agency that gets rid of the spirits by destroying their “source” — something that their soul is closely bound up with, which allows them to appear in the living world. it’s quite good, although i made the mistake of reading it at two a.m. that glow next to my desk is definitely otherworldly residue left by a ghost.



p.s. mckenna/xenoloser just started a blog called alternate galaxy  (which  makes me look at my blog’s name and wonder why the heck i picked something as bad as “let’s be lost”). she’s a really amazing girl, so you should definitely go check that out. 

26 thoughts on “// ❀❀❀ //

  1. Izzy says:

    These photos are gorgeous! I love rain too.

    Sometimes I’m like, “wow! I wish I could meet Loren!” And then I remember. “Oh wait… I did.” :)


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  2. Nicole says:

    Ahhhh, rain I love the rain too! We don’t get enough of the lovely showers where I live though. I love how you said, “the storm serenading me through my window.” It was such a beautiful sentence. :)



  3. Megan (A Barefoot Gal) says:

    I love those kinds of flowers. But rain? No. I’m not a fan. :) I can see how it would be okay at night, but for me it tends to ruin plans and make things gloomy. I do love how clean everything looks after a rain though. And mud’s nice too.


  4. Evy says:

    Beautiful pictures! I especially like the first one, the background is really pretty. Spring was nice, but now it’s fifty degrees outside and everything is soggy and just blah in general. All of our daffodils already bloomed in February, so there are no pretty flowers either.


  5. mckenna says:

    bro i’m not sure if i did this in another post or not, but thanks for mentioning my blog in this post. and i don’t know what you’re talking about, let’s be lost is like the coolest name ever.




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