// songs for when you want to give up //

songs in bold are explicit.

friend, please // twenty one pilots

the light behind your eyes // my chemical romance

believe // yellowcard

throne // bring me the horizon

johnny boy // twenty one pilots

missing you // all time low

welcome to the black parade // my chemical romance

body bag // beartooth

truce // twenty one pilots

if i’m james dean, you’re audrey hepburn // sleeping with sirens

saturn // sleeping at last

time of dying // three days grace

the kill // thirty seconds to mars

guns for hands // twenty one pilots

famous last words // my chemical romance

cinderblock garden // all time low

lovely // twenty one pilots

save // tyler joseph

“i don’t want to do this anymore. i can’t do this anymore. i give up! i’m done fighting. please let me go. please.

i’m going to ask you to do something for me. think of someone who is important to you. could be a friend, a band member, someone you met online, even someone who you don’t know yet — like your future best friend or the person you’ll marry, if that’s something you want to do. now promise that person that you will stay alive for them.

you don’t want to disappoint that person, do you? so stay alive. keep fighting, no matter how hard it gets. someday, you will be glad that you didn’t give up. someday, you can tell that person that you are alive because of them.

please don’t give up.

i love you.

(is there a song that you think should be on this list? leave the name in the comments.)




44 thoughts on “// songs for when you want to give up //

  1. Rutvi says:

    Just hold on by Steve Aoki. Reeaaally good. Oh yeah, missing you by all time low! Love that one. Poo, I thought it was clean. :/ oh whale.
    Yes, Loren. That is so inspiring. Thanks for saying that. You hold on too. There are so many people and things to hold on to. Don’t miss out. ❤️


  2. Annecy says:

    The Greatest (at least that’s what I think it’s called) by Sia is amazing! So is Confident by Demi Lovato, but your songs are great too! I was feeling really down, and they so helped!


  3. The Joys Of Julia says:

    I love this post so much, Loren! Also another song is Taxi Cab by Twenty one pilots! That song means the world to me, and almost always helps when I need it! Stay alive fren~Julia <3


  4. Kathleen @dollsanddance says:

    This was very inspirational, Loren. :) To you and anyone out there, keep fighting.
    I absolutely love “Youth” by Daughter, “Not Alone” by Darren Criss, and “Something Wild” by Lindsey Stirling. They’re not quite the same genre, though, but they’re all really good. And in something that’s not even remotely close to the same genre, “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen.



  5. Daisy Paquet says:

    Awwww this is amazing! A song I love is “never surrender” by skillet. ;) It’s basically about feeling depressed but God being with you- always, no matter what. :)


  6. writeowl says:

    ‘I Want To Live’ by Skillet is a really good rock song. oh, and ‘Forgive Me’ by Group 1 Crew is good, too. it’s kind of heavy, but I listened to it a lot when I was struggling.



  7. Indigo says:

    This might sound weird, but another thing that really made me feel better today was these meditation techniques my theater teacher showed us. She put on some relaxing music and we did some stuff where we tightened up parts of our body then relaxed them, then imagined a place where we felt really safe and thought about all the details of it, then opened an imaginary door and stepped into a world of our own creation. I was feeling a lot of self-hate and the “maybe I don’t need to be here, who wants me anyway” feeling before this but afterwards all of those emotions were gone at least for a little while.


  8. The Joys Of Julia says:

    I really want to thank you. It was because of this post that I listened to The Light Behind Your Eyes for the first time. And I’ve been listening to it constantly since that first time. It has grown to mean so much to me, and it has really helped me to hold on and have hope. And I really want to thank you for that. So thank you

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