// the super mega ultimate prefix ice cream sandwich™ //

me, at 1:18 in the morning: i want an ice cream sandwich.

sadly, we have no ice cream sandwiches in the house. so i convinced my mom to take me to the store so i could collect the  ingredients needed to construct The Super Mega Ultimate Prefix Ice Cream Sandwich™.

 all you need are two large chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, and a spoon. it’s not that complex, my dudes.

slap some of that sweet ice cream onto a cookie and squish the other one on top.

you know what this thing needs? even more sugar. yeah, that sounds about right.

mix some chocolate chips, m&ms, peanut butter, etc. into the ice cream before putting it on the cookies. or just sprinkle them on after, as i did.

eating this thing was messy as heck, so i would advise consuming it in the outdoors. take it from me, i am a professional. (despite being “careful,” i still managed to get ice cream all over my arms and face and also somehow my legs???)

the pictures suck a bit, sorry about that. i’m not sure what happened. so you should definitely make your own ice cream sandwich and take better photos and post them online while saying how much better you are then me. :)




26 thoughts on “// the super mega ultimate prefix ice cream sandwich™ //

  1. olivehiddenhollow says:

    *drools* and that would be sooooo perfect right now… it’s SO hot, even inside. :( hmmm…we have ice cream in the freezer, and chocolate syrup, and frozen strawberries, and ice cream cones….so maybe…..???? *looks hopefull*
    Most crazily, ~Olive


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