// longwood gardens //

hello, my dears! i hope all is well. if not, chin up. you’ll get through this.

so, here are the pictures i took at longwood gardens while i was in pennsylvania. i took a few more that i pulled out of this post to be used for various aesthetic things, but i suppose you’ll see those in time.

purple rose-looking thing that is not actually a rose.

featuring my mum’s hat.

her hair is dyed with the blood of her victims, that’s why it’s so red. (she’s actually a natural redhead, but i think murdering people and using their blood is more fitting.)


i don’t actually know what half of these plants are, but WHATEVER.

i’m just going to say that these things are hawaiian flowers.

nevermind, i just remembered that they’re hibiscuses. i think.

my mum being a model in the jungle room.

longwood gardens is probably one of the coolest places i’ve ever been. i love flowers, so it was quite easy for me to enjoy the bright blossoms all over the place. but i’m sure that even someone who doesn’t particularly like flowers would think that the conservatory is amazing. there were little fountains and pools, and pineapple and banana plants, and cacti and roses and tons of other incredible stuff, but i don’t want to completely ruin the experience for any of you that might go there someday.

i hope you all enjoyed my slightly boring flower pictures. :)



24 thoughts on “// longwood gardens //

  1. Ms. AGdoll says:

    Wow! That place looks amazing! My favorite is the second to last picture, and the one of the pathway. :) I went to this place one time that looked kind of like that next to last photo, (except the room was round and a lot taller), but it was filled with tons of butterflies along with waterfalls and plants. It was so cool!

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


  2. olivehiddenhollow says:

    flower pictures? *pricks ears* *scampers over* *looks at photos* *starts squealing about beautiful flowers* * <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *
    Most crazily, ~Olive


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      thank you. :D honestly, your picture can be as bad as humanly possible, but once you use a song lyrics as a caption and say it’s aesthetic, then no one can say anything bad about it because it’s ~art~.

      xo loren


  3. gracie chick says:

    Hey Loren! Want to get involved in a blogging project? I’ve just started one and wondered if you might like to join in? All the details are on my blog. Thank you!



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