// cherry crop //

orange eclipse, i can taste your lips in the citrus a f t e r n o o n.

☼  the yacht club // owl city ☼

our cherry trees are beginning to ripen. that means swaying on ladders, stepping on stray fruits, pink juice spotting my clothes, pelting annoying siblings with pits, and the promise of cherry pie.

picking the cherries from our three trees and pitting them takes quite a bit of time. and as new ones are constantly ripening, someone has to be out there picking nearly everyday. i don’t really mind doing it, though. the rhythm of pulling cherries off the branches and tossing them into a bucket is rather nice, and it gives me time to think.

i don’t particularly like the taste of cherries, but they are pretty. they do taste good in pies, though.





34 thoughts on “// cherry crop //

  1. mimasarah says:

    I’m the same with my raspberries when they ripen! I’m out there daily with a pot to pick them, something about it is just inherently summery to me! X

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  2. Allison says:

    Such pretty pictures, Loren! :D Yeah, same here – cherries are beautiful but at least the sour ones don’t taste the best in my opinion. :P


  3. Samantha says:

    OH, have you heard of those mini pies that come in little brown boxes? They are the best thing ever, and my school had them at the carnival cake walk this year, so I ate like, 5 of them. The cherry ones are my favorite.
    Sugar is life.


  4. mckenna says:

    i used to have one of these trees in the front yard of my old house before we moved. picking the cherries with my parents and siblings was one of my favorite things to do every year as a kid.
    the pictures are beautiful :))




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