// q&a | help me, i’m bored //

hello, my flower children! i hope all is well.

i was very bored today. that led to playing video games with my brother, making him listen to panic! at the disco, and doing lots of pushups (aka no more than ten). oh, and i also took those math tests today. there were two of them — only one was timed. i think i did ok, but i’m really not sure. my mind started blanking about halfway through and i just guessed on some of them. oh well.

as i was saying, i’m bored. so! i’m doing a q&a. :D

just a warning, my answers are either going to be very sarcastic, or very strange and infp-ish.

leave your questions for me in the comments. i don’t really care what they’re about. if i think they’re too personal, i won’t include them in my q&a answers post. i’ll try to get that up on the 12th, so make sure to comment with your questions before then.


idk. go nuts, kids.

(oh, you should definitely go check out alternate galaxy. she’s such a lovely, interesting, beautiful person and i love her and she deserves lots of followers.)




61 thoughts on “// q&a | help me, i’m bored //

  1. Arunima says:

    What’s your favorite color?
    If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?
    What’s your favorite candy?
    What’s your favorite scent?
    What’s your favorite place to shop?
    What’s your spirit animal?
    Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?
    Favorite Harry Potter character?
    Favorite villain from any book?
    That’s all. I love Q and As . 😄


  2. Unicorn says:

    last minute questions and basic ones too.
    do/have you listen/ed to troye sivan?
    do/have you listen/ed to melanie martinez?
    do/have you listen/ed to halsey?
    favorite thing about being homeschooled?
    pick one musician/band, author, and blogger to meet.
    favorite musician/band?
    favorite p!atd album?
    g note: too soon?
    books, blogs, bands/musicians we should know about?
    sorry if i copied.
    stay alive|-\


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