// love the skin you’re in tag //

hello, my friends!

rutvi nominated me for the love the skin you’re in tag. it’s a wonderful tag about self-love, but i think it might be a bit difficult for me to do, because i’m not very fond of my appearance. but i’ll try anyway. :)

1) one feature you love about yourself?

my eyes are probably my favorite thing about myself. my friend randomly mentioned one day how pretty they are. she said that they’re green around the pupil, then blue, and then a line of teal around the edge of the retina.

2) one feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted?

i’ve never really liked my eyebrows, a lot of people tell me they’re too thick and dark. but when i was at camp, something rather nice happened to me. a group of really beautiful high school girls came up to me at about midnight. they said they’d been meaning to tell me all week that i’m gorgeous and that they love my eyebrows. :)

3) have you ever thought of getting surgery to change you imperfections?

nah. everything to do with doctors freaks me out, so i wouldn’t be able to have surgery, even if i wanted to.

4) has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? if so, what for?

i get lots of comments on my height and weight. i’m about 5’2 and under 100 lbs., which means i get told how short and thin i am quite often, and sometimes in a slightly rude way. i don’t mind being called tiny, but i feel rather weird when people mention how much i eat.

5) something you love about your fashion sense or style?

i don’t really have a style, i don’t think? i like soft grunge, but i know that i don’t dress like that. i guess i like how comfortable my clothes are, even if they don’t look that great. and i have some pretty cool t-shirts, like a nasa one and one with the marvel logo.

6) why is your body a great place to be?

because if i wasn’t in my body, i would just be a disjointed blob of consciousness, i guess? (which wouldn’t actually be that bad, but whatever.)

i tag mckenna, eva, julia, and nabila. if you weren’t tagged, but would like to do it anyway, please go right ahead. :)




53 thoughts on “// love the skin you’re in tag //

  1. Kendall says:

    Awe, I loved this post! You are sooo pretty! My friends would be so jealous of your eyebrows :P. They’re always saying theirs are too thin. :)


  2. Mirra says:

    Wow, you’re so pretty! People usually call me tall and thin, so I don’t know how being a shorty is like. I LOVE YOUR EYES! Mine are the boring brown.


  3. K.A. says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. Girl… you are beautiful! I LOVE your thick eyebrows! They’re SO pretty! I would love it if mine were like that!!! :) And your eyes are beautiful! ;) And at least you’re skinny and not over-weight… I would rather be skinny… Anyways, like all of my friends weigh less than me, but I’m still told that I’m skinny. I’m only 5’3 1/2″ ;) ;) but I’m taller than all my cousins but one on my dad’s side, and they’re all older than me except one. (not the taller one. XD XD) I know more than one person that’s older than 15 that’s only 5 feet tall. ;) But I love my short friends SO much. :) They make really good arm rests…but if they don’t like that, then I’d better stop.. Haha! Jk, but still, I really love them! I try to be taller, and I’m almost as tall as my older sisters. Anyways, you are beautiful, and I love your smile. ;) Anyways, it doesn’t matter what others think of you, and it doesn’t even matter what you think about yourself! it only matters what GOD thinks of you. And He always sees you as beautiful. :)


  4. K.A. says:

    I actually saw that top picture and I was like. “WHAT? IS THAT LOREN? SHE”S SO PRETTY!” I thought it was probably the picture that went with the actual tag or something! ;) Then I read the comments I’m like “WOW! THAT beautiful girl is Loren!” You should show us more pictures of you!


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