// rainy days are rad days //

« post idea from mason‘s rad blog. songs in bold are explicit. »

21 questions // waterparks

ghost on the dance floor // blink-182

HELP // the front bottoms

whatsername // green day

royal // waterparks

freckles and constellations // dodie

lipstick covered magnet // the front bottoms

disappear // dear evan hansen

bulletproof love // pierce the veil

stupid for you // waterparks

my mood’s dictated by our conversations, and if you don’t text i get too frustrated. i want you all to myself this time. (21 questions)

i’m gonna get on my knees, would you kick me in the face, please? it’ll make whatever i say sound like poetry. (lipstick covered magnet)

i’m color-coding my moods. you’re yellow, i’m natural blue. let’s get together and be green like my insides. (stupid for you)

i’m scared i’m gonna die as lonely as i feel right now. (lipstick covered magnet)

it’s like the universe has left me without a place to go. (ghost on the dance floor)

even if you’re somebody who can’t escape the feeling that the world’s passed you by, you still matter. (disappear)

i fall in love with everything that wants nothing to do with me. (royal)

this isn’t fair! no, don’t you try to blame this on me. my love for you was bulletproof, but you’re the one who shot me. (bulletproof love)

thought i ran into you down on the street. then it turned out to only be a dream. (whatsername)

i saw your ghost tonight, the moment felt so real. if your eyes stay right on mine, my wounds would start to heal. (ghost on the dance floor)

i’ll be your new favorite tune, i’ll be your black cloud by june, but only when you miss the rain like i miss you. (stupid for you)

i’ll forget you if you need me to, like nothing ever happened. my sun still sets without you, like nothing ever happened. (21 questions)

two of my favorite things to photograph are my friends when they are in love with life, and the way the world looks when the sky has cried on it.

i think i’m just going to talk now, so if that doesn’t interest you, you can leave.

school has started for me (which means having at least one mental breakdown a day). i’ve only been at public school four times so far and i have already witnessed lots of drama and become known as “that odd homeschool kid who can pronounce spanish words really well and guYS, LOOK, SHE CAN DRAW!! PLEASE DRAW ME!!” pal, i will draw you six feet under if you keep doing this.

i have a book of some of edgar allan poe’s work. i like it quite a lot, although it’s pretty disturbing. i’ve read the tell-tale heart, the cask of amontillado, the raven, the black cat, and the masque of the red death. speaking of books, i have a goodreads account now!! so that’s cool. you can follow me on there, if you’d like.

i got contacts today!! i can see leaves and all the wrinkles on my mom’s forehead!! i’ve been singing a whole new world in my head all day. i also got some free sunglasses. they’re dark enough that i can stare at people in public, but they won’t know because my eyes aren’t visible. if you’re a stalker, you need to get some of those shades. take it from an expert.

i hope you enjoy looking at pictures of flowers and wet things, because that’s pretty much all this post is. sorry about that. have a good day, my friends. :)



38 thoughts on “// rainy days are rad days //

  1. Clara says:

    I spent forever trying to figure out how to follow you on Goodreads, and then I remembered that we’re already friends on there. 😂
    Wonderful pictures! I really like the ones of your reflection in the puddle. :)
    Public school sounds… interesting. OOH, WILL YOU DRAW ME?
    Oh, speaking of disturbing writing, have you read Coraline? It’s SO creepy. *shudders*
    Great post!

    -Clara <3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ms agdoll says:

    I already followed you on Goodreads.(found it on your sidebar) XD I like the 11th photo best out of all of these. :)


  3. Allison says:

    Ooh, I LOVE flowers and wet things! They’re the best. :) But seriously, these are gorgeous pictures, Loren. ♥ I like how you took pictures of pops of color amidst the gloominess. Also this picture is so neat: https://blueeyesgrayeyes.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/dsc_2345.jpg?w=742&h=1024 I’ve seen that idea before and I want to try it sometime.
    HA HA! Why do people always want artists to draw them? It’s like a strange condition or something. But it’s good practice and pretty fun too, so…
    Poe is weird, but the stories I read weren’t as weird and creepy as I thought they would be. I liked The Gold Bug. Have you read that one? It’s more of a story than some of them are. Also good gracious The Masque of the Red Death was CREEPY. Which was your favorite?
    Wow, that’s great! I can’t hardly imagine how it would feel to be able to really see well for the first time, but I’ll bet it would feel great. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • loren ☾ litost says:

      thank you so much! yeah, i think puddle pictures are really cool.

      i have no idea. it’s kind of annoying, though. and if the drawing you do for them doesn’t turn out well, they’ll think you’re not a very good artist.

      the gold bug is in my book, but i haven’t gotten there yet. i like the black cat a lot.

      it is pretty great. :D

      xo loren

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Rose says:

    Your pics were amazing!! :) I’m glad public school is going pretty well. I was public schooled till 4th grade. Stalker sunglasses.. yass! :P
    -Rose <3


  5. olivehiddenhollow says:

    thats how I felt when I first got glasses. XD When were driving home I was just staring out the window at everything, feeling astonished that I could see things ‘from so far away’
    I love pictures of flowers and wet things! I also like wet flowers :P
    …school sounds….interesting….*runs away screaming*
    Those sunglasses are awesome. XD
    Most crazily, ~Olive


  6. Charis Rae • charisrae.com says:

    I love rain! Hurricane Harvey has passed over us these past few days so there’s been a lot.
    I hope school is going okay for you! Good luck. :) And haha, I love Poe’s stories. We read them over a year ago at co-op and they were really disturbing but awesome, too. :)


  7. Jordan says:

    I love looking at flowers and wet things, so please post more!

    p.s. High five, fellow stalker! Even though I’m more of a people-watcher.


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