// downtown photography //


my mom has to go to a tiny café downtown every month to switch out the paintings they have on display. she brings me with her, which i’m usually quite happy about, because the café is across the street from the library. while my mom was working, i slipped over there and found a few books: the scar boys; stargirl; aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe; it’s kind of a funny story; and simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda. it was nice, because i haven’t been to the library since the beginning of july, i think.

then i set off with my camera. here are some pictures.


verbena flowers.

there’s a café downtown with these paintings on the wall. i’ve never been inside the building, but the art makes me happy.

i like this mailbox. the stickers and graffiti make it seem like it has a personality.

a woman complimented me on my outfit while i was taking this picture. i was going for a grunge look that day. girl compliments are the best ones.

i stopped by an art shop, where they had a photography exhibit set up: polaroids mounted on pieces of wood. i thought it was incredibly cool (especially the photos of electric guitars and a drum set), and if i had a polaroid camera, i would make something like it.

roses by the church.

i met one of n’s brothers while i was walking about. he gave me the look and said he’d heard about me. i wonder if that means that n told him stories about the dumb things i’ve done. like choking on a flower that i thought was honeysuckle. or suggesting that he name his firstborn “pancake.” or other idiotic things i’ve said to n. i don’t really want to know.

i get nervous going into shops alone, but i can wander aimlessly downtown and feel content and cheerful. i don’t know what that’s about. i like to imagine that i’ll get my own apartment soon and be able to roam the city by myself everyday.




27 thoughts on “// downtown photography //

  1. Clara says:

    I got extremely excited when I saw this in my inbox. I love your photography posts!
    My favorite picture is either the second one from the top or the first one of the mailbox. :)

    -Clara <3


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