// public school from a homeschooler’s pov //

bus and school image
 i spent the night with my friend b recently, and since my screwed up schedule allowed it, i went with her to her high school the next day. my mom was surprised that the principal even allowed me to go with b. i wasn’t surprised, though. i’m irresistible.
so to any homeschoolers who are curious about the public school scene, wonder no more. and to public schoolers, you can read about a clueless homeschooler thrust into your daily life. it’ll be fun.

the night before

i got barely any sleep that night. it was a sleepover, so of course we stayed up until 2 a.m. and once b and i finally settled down and went to bed, one of her kittens fell asleep on my arm. which sounds adorable and just what you need to fall asleep, blah blah blah. but the thing is, this cat kept farting on me, and it smelled so bad that i woke up every time he did it. so i ended up only getting about an hour and half of sleep. dangit, midnight the cat.

my alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. i picked sci-fi as my alarm (don’t ask me why), and the sound was turned all the way up, so it sounded like a freaking alien invasion was happening in b’s basement. i was so thankful when that alarm went off, because that meant i could get up and away from that cat.

the morning of

b’s mom made us breakfast. it was ripped up bread covered in something called egg gravy. i think eggs are one of the grossest things on the planet, so i didn’t have any. the entire family joined us for breakfast, which i thought was kind of strange, because why get up that early if you don’t have to go to school?

her grandfather drives one of the buses. we climbed aboard an hour later, waved goodbye to her sweet dog molly, and off we went. we had to stop every two minutes to let another kid on the bus. there were a few kids that got on who couldn’t have been more than five.

the bus ride wasn’t that awful, although it was bumpy and i felt a little sick and b tells me that it’s usually freezing. but i can’t imagine doing that everyday.

when we got to the school, we had to wait on the bus for awhile before we were allowed to enter the building. the guy sitting behind me had his earbuds in and was crying, i think. i was going to give him a tissue, but we had to go inside before i could get them out of my backpack. i feel bad about that.

i followed b around the commons area while she searched for her group of friends. they were squeezed into a table in the corner. one of them was eating from a giant bag of candy corn. that girl knew the right way to start your day.

n goes to school with b. i was really, really, really excited to see him, because i hadn’t seen him in over a week, and that’s way too long to go without seeing your best friend. but n took a really long time to show up, so i stood beside b being quiet and awkward while i waited. a girl who was in my co-op class a few years ago said hi, which was neat, because i didn’t even knew she went to that school.

n finally showed up, just a few minutes before the bell rang. good job, pal.


8 a.m. is too early in the morning to do math. but apparently public schools don’t know that.

n happened to be in b’s math class, which made it bearable. the teacher was pretty chill, and he didn’t seem to care that i was drawing instead of doing math. i think i only did one math problem the entire time, and i got it wrong. oh well.

that math class was way more relaxed than the ones at my school. the teacher let us use the desks as dry erase boards (it blew my mind that the markers wiped off the desktops so easily), talk to each other and listen to music.

i sat behind n, so i got to annoy him for an hour and a half. >:) i was telling him about all these dumb things i made my brother believe (you can’t pee when your pregnant, kidneys are in your knees, geography is the study of the human body, etc.). i wonder why n even talks to me.

he looks disappointed because i was trying to spell “boobs” on a calculator. (people still do that, right?) i’m really not the most mature person in the world. example: b and i were singing the veggie tales theme song that morning before breakfast. it was fun.

earth science

i honestly can’t remember much of what happened during that class.i think they were learning about moon phases.

the teacher let us hang out and listen to music for a long time. i was head banging to show tunes from dear evan hansen and be more chill. (micHAEL IN THE BATHROOOOM.)


that was probably the most boring twenty minutes of my life.

one girl was singing car radio // twenty one pilots in the lunch line and she was adding hand motions and everything. the meatballs in the spaghetti still looked frozen. the people at our table swore every other word. the chairs in the cafeteria all had one leg bolted to the floor.


i loved p.e. when i was in co-op, mostly because our teacher was kind of a pushover and let us play soccer every week. but apparently public school has a horror version of p.e. they have this wonderful thing called “family life,” aka everything you never wanted to know about the ancient question “where do babies come from?” i think i got off lucky, because all they talked about that day was what guys vs girls look for in a relationship. we were supposed to split up and guess what the other gender would look for. the guys were really dumb and suggested “blue eyes, beard, country, tall.” i think that’s because b’s school is in what we call “redneck country.”

after that was over, we played a game called castle dodgeball for an hour. i probably would have liked it, but i have a hard time playing games with strangers. if i’m in a dodgeball match against my friends, i can hit them in the face and we’ll just laugh it off. but with people i don’t know, i feel the need to apologize for hitting them. so b and i hung out in the back with this kid who was really into protecting the castle. he was the hero of the game, honestly.


b can play a couple instruments and writes her own songs, so it’s not that surprising that she picked guitar as her elective. unfortunately, i cannot play guitar, which meant i just sat next to my friend for that class while trying not to fall asleep. my mom had suggested that i bring my ukulele. i probably should have listened to her.

a fire drill saved me from listening to everyone pluck out a song in their own time with only three notes. the alarm was freaking loud. i wonder how public schoolers haven’t all gone deaf from hearing that so many times.

the teacher didn’t do much teaching that day. she told us that we could play whatever we wanted or just hang out. b played one of her original songs for the teacher and they recommended singers to each other. some kids were daring each other to backflip off the stairs. someone wanted b to kick them in the face just to prove that she couldn’t get her leg that high. the same guy found a textbook for a completely different class and threw it at me. i was supposed to catch it, apparently. i did not catch it. the book had a love note inside it. but it wasn’t that great and i can’t remember it.

the ride home

some guy sitting in front of us tried to say hello to me, but i thought he must have been talking to someone behind me, so i didn’t react at all. i just glared at my shoes. those dumb converse are so beat up. they really need to be replaced.

so that guy figured out quite quickly that i’m angry at literally everything and left me alone. :)


1) high schoolers like swearing. i muttered “language” to my friend at least fifty times that day and she probably wanted to smack me.

2) it was much, much, much better than middle school. don’t be too afraid of high school, young ones. you will be going to a better place.

3) everyone complained about the family life class, but they didn’t seem to mind so much once it got started.

4) you can find very interesting people there, sometimes even weirder than the kids at homeschool co-ops. for instance, there was one guy who looked like a walking hot topic advertisement. he even had super dramatic eye makeup.


it wasn’t as awful as i thought it would be, but it was exhausting, and i can’t imagine having to do it everyday. i feel kind of bad for the people who have gone to public school their entire lives. do you guys even know what sleeping in is??

i am not looking forward to going to school full-time next year. :’)



31 thoughts on “// public school from a homeschooler’s pov //

  1. katie says:

    ….why are you literally me??
    this was so relatable- well, i’m not homeschooled but this is public school in a nutshell. yeah, high schoolers swear a ton, don’t they? ugH yes, i hated middle school; high school is so much better!
    loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bekah says:

    Wow. You are lucky to have survived.😉 I was public schooled for two weeks, and I hated it. Anyhoo, that was like, 8 years ago. It seems like just yesterday, though.


  3. Julia M says:

    Wait so you just showed up at a high school and pretended to be a student for a day?? Literally where I live, the driver probably wouldn’t have even let you on the bus.. Also You made it sound like there were elementary schoolers on your bus too? Idk, i thought that was kinda weird cause here the different school levels all start at like different times so the buses do separate trips. I don’t think that made sense.. oh well
    But yeah public school sucks but is also its own really cool dimension so I kinda like it I guess
    ~Julia <3


    • Julia M says:

      Also your music taste is amazing, and it was so cool for me to read this even though I’ve always been public-schooled, because honestly her school seems pretty different from mine. Like you described it as being in “redneck country” while my school is superrr ghetto and like a completely different experience

      Liked by 1 person

    • loren ☾ litost says:

      well, my mom called ahead of time and asked if i could come. and i had a note i was supposed to give to the principal, but i forgot to do that. yeah, there were elementary schoolers on the bus. i guess the school system is a little different where i live.

      xo loren

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah says:

    1. You are lucky, Loren. You didn’t get HOMEWORK. I do public school, and it’s fine, I guess. But I have two pages of math..
    2. Also, the “family life” class was in gym? I have a health class instead.
    3. Also we public schoolers do know what sleeping in is. It’s called waking up at seven every day and sleeping in until ten sometimes on the weekends.


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      1) i go to public school for two classes (i’m a part-time student), so i do get some homework. definitely not as much as you get, though.
      2) it was basically health class with a different name. i guess they didn’t want to play dodgeball for the entire period.
      3) that sounds horrible, how do you survive??

      xo loren


      • Sarah says:

        1. I’m not sure. I’m used to it.
        2. Also is homeschooling so good that everyone who is homeschooled is now “How are you alive, being at public school for years?”

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Maddy says:

    That’s so cool that they let you go for a day.. I’d love to do that. Being homeschooled is definitely for me, but it would be cool to go to public school for a day.


  6. Cherry Cola22 says:

    I felt the same way about pretty much everything; especially about how people can do this every day! Luckily, my parents heard my plea and saw how it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and pulled me out😉 Good luck next year!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sarah says:

    Oh wow. That high school sounds very interesting haha! My school is full of students who stress over GPAs and talk about getting into Ivy Leagues and and Duke and Hopkins and such, which I can’t say is much fun, but at least it definitely pushes you to learn and challenge yourself and take college classes.

    (Those are fun, by the way. So if you have a chance, take them next year haha.)

    ALSO. You’re so right about the language thing. Literally everyone spouts cuss words and it’s v annoying. -_-


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      i think the school i visited is way more relaxed than yours is. but i’m sure there are good things about being in a more competitive school — you would likely push yourself more, like you said.

      (alright, i’ll look into that.)

      the language doesn’t really bother me, i just don’t get why they swear so much.
      xo loren


  8. olivehiddenhollow says:

    *reads title* *gasps in horror* *goes to read it real fast because #curious*
    it sounds TERRIBLE. O_O and you have to go to one next year??? OoO
    Most crazily, ~Olive


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