// sketchbook #6 //

i’ve filled forty pages of my sketchbook this year. i think i have too much time on my hands.

i tried using pastels, and this is what i got. she’s  a little out of proportion, but it’s not exactly awful, especially since i haven’t used pastels in years.

i tagged along to one of my mom’s nature journaling club’s meetings, and they were working on fonts (although i don’t see how that counts as nature journaling). this took forever to do, but it was really satisfying when i finished. my favorites are snapdragon, achillea, and clematis.

i drew some photographs i took downtown as polaroids. polaroids are adorable and i would love to get a camera sometime. until then, i’ll just print out my pictures and leave a white border around them.

i have an insane amount of glitter glue, so i did her hair with that instead of markers. it was originally pastel pink, but it dried lighter. it still looks nice, though.

i was very angry (ha, when am i not) one day, and this came out of it.

screen // twenty one pilots

i did this during church a few weeks ago. and yes, i did think gluing a lollipop wrapper into my sketchbook was a good idea. my sunday school teacher was giving them out. also, i drew a boy this time, which is amazing for me because i usually make girls. don’t know why, that’s just how it is for me.

i came up with the idea of drawing people with flowers as heads one night when it was super tired. that’s why it’s a bit weird. my brother told me that it’s “incredibly disturbing,” which is honestly the best compliment about my art that i’ve ever received.

maps // the front bottoms

another church doodle. i tried not to use any curved lines in this, and i think it turned out ok.

i did this for my spanish class. we were supposed to create an imaginary friend and describe them in spansih. this is sabra, she’s a magician and one of the characters in my possible nanowrimo project (i still haven’t decided if i’m going to participate this year).

we had to work on these at school, and the kids at my table kept asking me to help with their drawings. i had to show them how to draw braids and mermaid tails, and one girl even got me to draw the head for her. i almost wish that i were really, really awful at art so i wouldn’t have to hear “yours is so much better than mine!!” all the time.

i think i draw people too much. they’re really the only thing i can draw, and apart from a few things i did in a nature journaling class at co-op, my sketchbook is mostly just people. i’d like to try something else, but when i have paper in front of me, all that comes out is people and sometimes flowers. occasionally people with flowers instead of heads. any suggestions?

i hope you all had a good day. make sure to drink some water and take your meds. :)




147 thoughts on “// sketchbook #6 //

  1. Clara says:

    The third and fourth drawings are my favorite! They’re so pretty. I also love the fonts one. It’s so colorful! Lovely art. :)

    -Clara <3


  2. Emily says:

    I loved the last one, the amount of detail you used makes it look amazing! You’re so lucky that you can draw people, I can draw them from behind and their eyes, that’s about it!
    ~Emily x


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      thanks, emily! i used to be really horrible at drawing people, you can see what i mean if you look at some of my older art posts. it’s cool that you can draw eyes, i’m still not very good at those.

      xo loren

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Bella says:

    Great drawings! You are an amazing artist! I love the polaroids and the fonts, but they are all amazing ! Great post!
    ~Bella / dollhabit.wordpress.com


  4. Madison | MadiGrace.org says:

    You should draw my glorious face. I’m such more more amazing than the average human, it wouldn’t even count as drawing “people”. Not sure if you could handle it, though. My radiating epicness may blow your sketchbook to bits if you try to obtain it in a drawing.

    Just kidding. That was clear, right?


    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hannah says:

    Great job! I actually don’t really like drawing people a ton. I mean I like it but I actually like drawing flowers, random doodles and stuff like that! Awesome art :)


  6. Rutvi says:

    I love the one with different fonts, and the one of the people with flower heads! Beautiful drawings, as always. Oh, and the downtown photography drawings are really nice too. :) Teach me your wayssssss.


  7. Allison says:

    I didn’t really notice this was a sketchbook post until I was already started and then I was like, “WAIT. THIS IS A SKETCHBOOK POST. YAYYYY!” XD
    Ooh, lovely! I really like… hmm, a lot of them. But especially the fonts, polaroids, glitter girl (SO good!), and flower people (true, it’s slightly disturbing, but then that’s art for you). Also I think it was a good idea to glue lollipop paper to your sketchbook. *nods*
    Hmm, as for drawing suggestions… 1. Illustrate your favorite verse or quote. (I see you’ve already got the song lyrics, down so…) 2. Draw a bunch of really tiny animals or people or plants. Like, as tiny as you can draw them. 3. Listen to your favorite piece of music and draw it as a colorful line – spiky or curvy or flowy or whatever. 4. Draw a black and white animal with a whole bunch of different colors. Like a zebra, a penguin, or a skunk. (What? Skunks are cute.) 5. Draw what ‘nothing’ would like if it were something. (I dunno. Just thought of that. Don’t know if it’s possible.) 6. Draw one thing you see out of the nearest window.
    Okay, I’m done. :D Lovely post, dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Arabella says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster award, you can participate if you want. The link is here: anythinginthewonderfullife.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/liebster-award/


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