// nanowrimo project | help me //

nanowrimo is next month, and i have given it next to no thought. which shouldn’t be surprising, because we all know that i’m a huge procrastinator. i haven’t even decided if i have enough time and motivation to participate in nano this year, but if i end up doing it, i’ll need to have settled on a story.

here are my ideas:

magic thing with cute witches?? idk.

i’ve been thinking about characters and settings for this one for awhile, so it’s the most fleshed out of my ideas. it was originally going to be my nano project, but there’s not much of a plot and i don’t know if i could write convincingly about magic without making it to much of a cure-all.

-mc is a lil guy named sanjay who is pushed around by his brother

-meets ada (the witch) in a graveyard while playing drunk truth or dare

-ada’s parents are gone, they’re trapped in the magic dimension or something

-sanjay, homeless aromantic magician, guy with white anime hair, and ada and her gf form an unlikely crew to defeat magical monsters and save the missing parents

angst-y teenage aliens

i was procrastinating one day and found myself reading the wikipedia article for the golden record nasa sent into space. you know, the one with pictures of humans and information about our planet and how to locate earth in the solar system, so that any aliens could easily find and enslave/murder us. i was talking to my mom about what a horrible idea that was, and she suggested that i write a story about aliens.

-teen aliens steal a spaceship and go on an intergalactic roadtrip

-they find earth, but instead of killing us, they just want to take selfies and maybe see if we taste good

-rom com in SPACE

-details are spotty, but i want someone to teach them the rock and roll sign

the end is nigh

my mom was telling me about this book called cold mountain, which is the odyssey but in civil war times. and my mind went, “the book of revelations but in modern times!!”

-i’ve read revelations maybe twice and all i remember about it is the seals and dragons and “there will be no more death or mourning or pain.”

-i would try to write a guy mc and make him really freaking terrified, because i’m sick of boy characters who are never scared of anything

-i wouldn’t have to do much plotting. i am sold.

i know i barely explained any of my ideas, but it’s the best i could do at the moment, since i haven’t really planned any of them.

so i just wanted your opinions on this. which one sounds this most interesting to you? of course, the final decision is up to me, but i’m clueless right now and would love some help.



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