// spooky time //

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happy halloween, my friends! enjoy the spookiness of today, because tomorrow everyone will start singing christmas songs. and make sure to eat lots of candy, of course. (i can’t eat most halloween candy because of my braces. sigh.)

i have always wanted to be a ghost (i cannot say why), and i was finally able to achieve my dream this year. behold loren, a rad little ghost.

thank you to my mom for taking these pictures for me. and for not asking questions when i said i needed her to photograph me dressed as a ghost.

can someone photoshop the anime blushing thing onto this one, please and thank you.

you can’t tell, but i’m doing jazz hands, because i’m still a theatre kid.

i don’t have a face and i still manage to look disappointed.

i fly.

me @ myself: you’re dead to me.

this is my personality summed up in one picture.

vroom vroom, dirtbag.

to my friends who are undoubtedly going to send this picture to my crush: please don’t.

i went trick-or-treating for the first time this weekend!! it wasn’t the normal door-to-door way. instead, my friend izzy and i went to this campground, where people sat in front of their campers/tents and gave out candy. izzy originally wasn’t going to collect candy, she was just going to steal mine. but then i used the power of math on her: “if we both trick-or-treat, then once we’re done, we’ll have the amount of candy that i have . . . times two.” she realized how clever this plan was and started getting candy, as well. but she ended up not sharing with me at all?? she just took my butterfingers and didn’t give me anything back. oh well.

there was a haunted house there, too. more like a haunted tent, i guess, but it’s the same thing. one room was filled with dry ice and sheer cloth hanging from the ceiling, and people with really creepy clown masks got right up in your face and walked beside you as you tried to leave the room.

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highlights of my trick-or-treating experience:

– someone was giving out wasabi peas!!

– there was a girl dressed as an old lady, she had a mask and a walker and everything.

– a little girl who izzy babysits held my hand and gave me kisses on the cheek. ^.^

– there were no other mabel pines, which means my idea was sort of original.

– izzy’s brother was dressed as a robot and someone asked if he was a washing machine.

– a guy in a freddy krueger mask snuck up on izzy and made her scream.

i hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. they were fun to take, even though i couldn’t see.

happy halloween!



28 thoughts on “// spooky time //

  1. Professional Dreamer says:

    *starts to sing/screech The Christmas Song terribly* Oh, too soon? Haha to be honest, I started singing Christmas songs the day after Valentines Day 😂
    Great post!


  2. Madison | MadiGrace.org says:

    Dude! I’m dying! I’m literally laughing so hard right now I can’t take it! I’m about to spit my yogurt everywhere. Help. The first picture of you on the scooter KILLED ME. The sunglasses and the cap 😂😂 I lost it from there. Now I can hardly breathe.

    Seriously, someone send help.

    Whoops. There goes the yogurt.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rutvi says:


    today i went to this house that had really creepy decorations, & i said thank you to a lady (who had super dramatic facepaint on) that gave me candy and she yelled “don’t come back!” or something like that and I SCREAMED SO LOUD THERE WERE KIDS STARING AT ME

    she scared the crap out of me.


  4. Carol says:

    AHAHAHA I love those pictures, Loren!! I was laughing so hard at them tears literally started coming out. XD hope you had a great halloween! :)) xo


  5. - suzy - says:

    one ghost to rule them all.

    although the deadpan pic with the scooter low-key made me hurt my own throat from snorting so hard, so you can call that a success, mate. XD fabulously well-done throughout. 👍

    – q


  6. mckenna says:

    ahah i saw these pictures on your instagram and i was cracking up.

    i don’t listen to the ‘don’t eat certain candies with braces’ rule. i ate corn chips the day i got them on for gosh sakes.



    Liked by 1 person

    • loren ☾ litost says:

      thank you, thank you. i’m always happy to entertain others by making a fool of myself.

      tbh i think i’ve eaten everything i’m not supposed to except for candy apples. and that’s just because idk where to get candy apples.

      xo loren

      Liked by 2 people

      • mckenna says:

        i do the same XD

        i actually don’t like any sort of apples. cooked, not cooked, and even candy flavored like apples. but, i have had candy apples with braces. it wasn’t a problem eating them, but they’re so messy and it takes long enough just figuring out how to bite into the dumb thing.




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