// music recommendations //


i’m sure you all know that i love music. i listen to lots of different artists and i wanted to share some recommendations. maybe you guys will get into new bands after reading this.

for every artist, i’m going to talk about the kind of music they make/why i like them, and then in parentheses are some of my favorite songs (ones in bold are explicit).

there’s going to be a part two sometime soon, hopefully.

all time low – all of the songs have a summery vibe to them, even the sadder ones. they make relatable songs about being young and lonely and in love. it’s perfect for road trips or to just distract yourself from life. they’re one of the first bands i got into and they’ll always be special to me. (something’s gotta give, the edge of tonight, weightless, backseat serenade, if these sheets were the states, a daydream away)

beartooth – this band is one of the heaviest ones i listen to, i think (which isn’t very impressive, honestly). it’s fast and loud and aggressive (pun pun pun), and exactly what you need when you’re upset and misunderstood and you need to be angry. it’s good to listen to if you’re in a bad place, because it’s both sad and inspiring. (beaten in lips, sick and disgusting, me in my own head, loser)

be more chill (musical) – as some of you may know, i am quickly becoming musical theatre trash (thanks, kathleen). it’s mostly about anxiety, i guess, and how the main character, jeremy, goes to insane lengths to be cool and accepted. some of the songs have a robotic vibe to them, idk how to explain it very well. but it’s a great musical and if you’re into theatre, i’d suggest checking it out. (two-player game, michael in the bathroom, the pitiful children, voices in my head)

blink-182 – these guys are classic punk rock, aka teen angst personified. some of the songs are funny, some are sad, some make you want to fight. if you don’t mind slightly offensive lyrics, you’ll definitely find one that fits you. (i miss you, ghost on the dance floor, after midnight, the rock show, adam’s song, aliens exist)

bring me the horizon – the earlier albums are kind of heavy, but sempiternal and that’s the spirit are easier to listen to, in my opinon. the lyrics are depressing and bitter and desperate, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need, you know? (drown, avalanche, follow you, throne, happy song)

dear evan hansen (musical) – this is the first musical i listened to, so of course it means a lot to me. it also breaks my heart every time i listen to or even think about it. it deals with depression and social anxiety so well without romanticizing them. i love the characters and soundtrack with everything that i am, and i think everyone should listen to it, whether they’re into musicals or not. (waving through a window, only us, good for you, words fail)

dodie – she’s only got eps so far, and they’re soft and sunshiny. you can hear her accent when she sings, and that makes me quite happy. idk, her songs just hit that spot in your heart that hurts because of love and friendships that didn’t work out. she’s got a lot of songs on youtube, which makes up for not having any actual albums yet. (you, when, secret for the mad, one for the road)

fall out boy – where do i even start with this band? they’ve got the best lyrics, the kind that you want to get tattooed. they change their sound a lot, but i love all of it. i’ve been listening to them for a couple years and i haven’t gotten tired of it yet, and i doubt i ever will. (last of the real ones, sophomore slump or comeback of the year, the (shipped) gold standard, the kids aren’t alright, young volcanoes, save rock and roll, bang the doldrums)

frank iero and the patience – frank iero was part of my chemical romance, which sets the bar for his music pretty high. but i actually like some of his stuff more than mcr’s (although nothing will ever replace them for me). it’s still pretty emo. the lyrics are personal and honest and a lot of them hit me right in the stomach. (viva indifferencei’m a mess, miss me, joyriding, remedy, oceans)

green day – i saw this tumblr post that pretty much sums up the band:

i’ve got nothing else to add.  (missing yougood riddance (time of your life)lazy bones, whatsername, troublemaker, fell for you, x-kid)

heathers (musical) – dang dang diggity dang-a-dang, what to say about heathers? it’s about murder and slushies and more murder!! it’s very good, trust me. it’s entertaining and morbid  and jd’s metaphor in freeze your brain messed me up. :’) (candy store, freeze your brain, shine a light (reprise), meant to be yours, dead girl walking (reprise))  

clearly, i’m very into punk rock. if you don’t like that genre, then too bad. (although idk how anyone could really despise punk rock.)

try to pick one band/singer i mentioned, listen to a few of their songs, and then comment what you think. you might find your next favorite artist. who knows.

(i won nanowrimo yesterday. yay, me.)

have a good day!! :)




36 thoughts on “// music recommendations //

  1. ioana @dragonwaffles says:

    this is most tumblr of tumblr music I LOVE IT. Heathers is slowly turning me into musical trash atm so dang dang diggitty dang-a-dang that’s my life. I really need to get to Dear Even Hansen and Be More Chill so I can call myself part of the fandom and upgrade from being a fake fan. And dodie is one of my fave artists beacuse she somehow sums up nostalgia and wistfulness into songs (and I like how a bit raw and unedited her songs are). Great list gotta listen to all these other bands now.


  2. mckenna says:

    glad to see a post from you :) i hope that mean’s things are a little less stressful?

    ALL TIME LOW, BEARTOOTH, BLINK-182, FALL OUT BOY, FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE, GREEN DAY YESSSSS. i need to listen to these musicals. they sound really cool.




  3. darlamsands says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve only heard of Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Blink-182. I’ll have to check these out.


  4. Kathleen @dollsanddance says:

    But seriously, can I just second everything you said about all the musicals? You also chose so many good songs.
    I still need to listen to a bunch of those bands, but I’ve heard some Green Day and Dodie and like what I’ve heard of their music. I will listen to some more and report back soon.


  5. Blue says:

    DUDE. I like ALL of this. Great choices, dear.
    I need to listen to Heathers, but first I have to actually find it on somewhere that isn’t YouTube so I don’t get attached and then when we go on trips I will not be able to listen to it.
    Also, if you haven’t already, you need to listen to Hamilton. That is my favourite musical of all time. And then you need to listen to In The Heights, which was written by the same dude that wrote Hamilton, and he actually plays Hamilton in that musical, and Usnavi in ITH.
    And happy Hanukkah, even though you don’t celebrate it, I feel like spreading cheer for my poor under appreciated holiday.


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      thanks. :)

      i think you can get it from the app store? idk.

      nah, i haven’t listened to all of hamilton yet. i’ll add it and in the heights to my list.

      happy hanukkah, blue! :)

      xo loren


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