// gem museum //

hey, guys! i hope your day is going well.

for science class, my friend izzy and i visited a local mineral museum. it’s part of a college, so it’s not very big, but i was still quite impressed. i took a few pictures of the gems and wanted to share them with you.

here’s the museum itself.

i’ve always had a thing for gems and smooth stones. not as much the stylized ones that are used in jewelry, but raw ones, or polished ones that fit perfectly in the dip of your palm. it amazes me that such complex shapes and gorgeous colors are being created under our feet.

i’ve found quartz in my garden, and it always excites me that they were growing in the dirt along with my plants.

stone roses.

these look like dragon eggs or jawbreakers. i know that they’re rocks and that they’ll shatter my teeth if i try to eat them, but i kind of want to try one anyway.

they’re just so pretty?? help.

this one looks like someone painted it with watercolors.

there was a display under ultraviolet lights, so the rocks, which looked normal in regular lighting, glowed neon colors. :D

i saw some really awful geology jokes on the internet, and i thought you guys should suffer with me, so here you go.

q: what do you get when you mix sulfur, tungsten, and silver?

q: anyone know a joke about sodium?
a: na

q: what do you do with a dead chemical?
a: you barium
(and then cry because this reminds you of my chemical romance.)

i feel like such a nerd.

have a good day, my friends! you look great and you are loved.



30 thoughts on “// gem museum //

  1. Allison says:

    SOOO PRETTY! I have always loved gems and rocks too, and I agree – it’s so much fun to pick up quartz in a random place! There are a ton of quartz crystals by this one pond on our farm. ♥ SORRY I CAN’T HELP YOU BECAUSE I NEED HELP NOW TOO.
    Ha. Ha. I’ve heard the sodium joke before, but not the others. Those were at approximately the same height (or should I say depth) on the list of good jokes, though.
    WAIT, have I told you this joke before. Well it’s more like a Chemistry joke than a rock joke. BUT ANYWAY. I found out that the proper name for NaNo (WriMo) is sodium nitrate. :’)


  2. Marissa says:

    All these gems are so pretty tho. I love gems, I have a few different gems and geodes around my room, they are just so shiny. o.o That is super cool that it is apart of a college, if I went to college there I would probably spend a lot of time in the museum , just chilling amongst the gems like a gem hoarding dragon. #noregrets
    ~ Marissa (beyond the galaxy)


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      i used to have a geode-growing kit and it was the coolest thing ever, idk what happened to it.

      yeah, the room had a really calm vibe. i don’t think it’s ever busy. i might end up going to that college, and if i do, i will fulfill your dream of being a gem-hoarding dragon.

      xo loren


  3. darlamsands says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing. I adore that name, Izzy. I keep rereading a romance featuring a character by that name. Hope you are well today!


  4. Sarah says:

    I love this! Once I went camping and collected so many pretty stones. However, when they dried off, they were very normal.


  5. Sarah says:

    I saw this online and though of this post:
    What do you call a friendly rock?
    An opal!
    I know it’s really bad.


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