// the christmas tag //

hey, guys!

i saw this on tabi’s blog, and i wasn’t tagged, but i’m doing it anyway. because why not? i love christmas and want some of those good old holiday vibes on here.

let’s get into it. :)


– thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog
– add the picture in your blog (the red one above)
– copy these rules into your post
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– answer the ten questions (you can add extra christmas-related questions if you want)
– tag at least three other bloggers with links to their blogs
– have fun!


1) what’s your favorite thing about christmas?

this is going to sound selfish, but the presents. my love language is gifts, so receiving things makes me feel appreciated, and giving them is how i show others that they’re special to me. i also like driving around after dark and looking at all the lights and decorations.

2) what’s your favorite christmas memory?

spending the entirety of last year’s family christmas party hiding in the bathroom with a plate of dessert, of course.

i’m kidding, that kind of sucked. maybe exploring downtown with my friends and getting free cookies and cocoa at all the shops. or the time we got my brother a gift card for minecraft pc and put it in this freaking enormous box. but it managed to slip under a flap at the bottom, so when he opened it, he thought we hadn’t gotten him anything. that was fun.

3) are there special traditions your family has for christmas?

– for the past two years, we’ve gone to see the new star wars movie at this fancy theater that serves you dinner while you watch.

– we always have fruit salad and french toast for christmas breakfast.

– my brother and i go to our grandparent’s house to make giant gingerbread bears or houses.

4) what’s your christmas wish? (can be personal or general)

i’d just like to be happy on christmas day so i can enjoy it. my family gets frustrated with me if i’m sad around holidays and i don’t want to bring them all down this year.

5) what’s your favorite christmas dish?

i guess candy canes probably don’t count as a dish, but i’m going with that anyway.

6) what’s your favorite christmas decoration?

definitely the lights!! i have a strand of pink ones somewhere that are absolutely gorgeous.

7) what’s your favorite christmas song?

carol of the bells. it’s a little bit eerie, in my opinion, and i love it for that.

8) where do you usually celebrate christmas?

we spend christmas eve with my dad’s side of the family for dinner, and christmas day at home. then we celebrate with my mom’s side after the holiday, when we go to my grandma’s house or to my uncle’s place in another state.

9) what does the “christmas spirit” mean to you?

to quote the song i won’t be home for christmas // blink-182: “it’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand all year.” 

10) who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your christmas with?

my pal n. he’s one of my best friends, but i never get to see him anymore.

i’m terrible at tagging people, so if you want to do it, go ahead.

there are going to be a few more christmas/winter-themed posts before the month is up. i hope you guys don’t get too bored of holiday posts.

my friend izzy is taking me shopping today, so i can pick out my own present. i’m hoping to find some fall out boy or all time low cds, succulents, or more pins/patches for my jacket. i’ll show you what i get in my christmas haul post, whenever that is.

have a good day! :)



34 thoughts on “// the christmas tag //

  1. Ellie @ On the Other Side of Reality says:

    hoNESTLY? presents are my favorite part, too. I almost got a sneak peek at one of mine today since the wrapping come partially unwrapped, but not enough for me to see anything. :/

    CAROL!! OF!! THE BELLS!! 10/10. My current favorite version is the one by Taylor Davis and Lara de Wit, but I also love The Bird and the Bee’s edition. (That one’s definitely the eeriest.)

    My favorite dish is definitely wandas. They’re this Italian dessert that’s pretty hard to describe, but it’s basically a bunch of deep-fried but SUPER light knots of dough? With icing?? They’re insanely good, though. We make them, and they’re gone a couple days later. They almost never last until Christmas.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      accidentally ruining presents for yourself sucks. but i usually try to get a peek anyway. idk.

      yesss it’s so good. i don’t think i’ve listened to any of those versions, i’ll have to look them up.

      i’ve never even heard of wandas before, but they sound super good. my family makes lots of potato candy during the holidays and it never lasts long, either,

      xo loren


  2. ioana @dragonwaffles says:

    Wow…I never knew that my Christmas spirit has been put into words by a band…gotta listen to that song now…(and get forever obssed with the band see you at the bottom of the trashcan I guess).
    Star Wars has become a Christmas tradition for me too. Weird huh that’s the last thing I expected to consider a Christmas movie.
    Carol of the Bells = best carol. I am partial to the Pentatonix version because they have the voice of angels.


    • loren ☾ litost says:

      i love blink-182 so much, i hope you like them.

      yeah, star wars has pretty much nothing to do with christmas, but i really only watch it around the holidays.

      carol of the bells = the only traditional christmas song i can stand.

      xo loren

      Liked by 1 person

  3. darlamsands says:

    I hope you get to enjoy holiday parties this year. ~nods~ As for me, I’m planning on staying home to just write, write, write.


  4. gracie chick says:

    Hi! You probably remember contributing to my discussion post on makeup a few weeks ago. If so, you’l recall that I included a section detailing the thoughts of many different teens throughout the blogosphere. The result was amazing and everyone really got into the discussion element of it. So, I was thinking I’d make this a regular thing. If you’re interested in contributing your opinions to these future discussion posts, please let me know.

    Then, whenever I need your thoughts, I’ll send out an email (probably monthly) and you can reply with your contributions. If you sign up, you don’t have to participate very time. If you’re ever too busy or just don’t want to contribute that’s totally fine.

    Of course, please feel totally free to say no to this.


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