// goals for 2018 //

i’m a bit late to the new year’s resolutions party, but it’s fine.

other than the first one, they’re all personal goals (instead of blogging goals), but you’ll definitely hear about them if i complete any.

let’s get into it. :)

reach 1000 followers

with 828 followers, i’m actually pretty close to this already.

i don’t like asking for followers, but maybe join the let’s be lost gang if you want to help a teenager with low self-esteem feel accomplished for once in her life? just a thought.

reach 50k in my novel

i have a pattern with my writing habits: write a ton for nano, and then take a break during december, promising that i’ll resume my story in january. but, of course, that never happens, so i have a bunch of half-finished novels lying around. hopefully this will be the year i keep working on my nano project.

(i’ve actually got 21k right now, whoop whoop.)

not cry on the first day of school

i’m going to high school full-time next year, and i’m not ready. like, at all. it will be a miracle if i don’t break down in a bathroom or the middle of class.

my main concerns are a) i look gross and i don’t always want people to look at me, and b) i’m not going to have any friends!! just hear me out on this. i already know a lot of people in my grade and none of them have expressed any interest in befriending me. why would that suddenly change next year? so i won’t have any buddies unless some upperclassman decides to take me under their wing because of how lonely i look.

learn to play drums

i plan on joining my school’s marching band, but apparently you need to be able to play an instrument to do that?? who knew. drum seems like the easiest, and i’ve always wanted to play, anyway. plus, i already have a drum (technically my brother’s) that i can practice on.

go to a concert

literally everyone i know has gone to a concert, even ones who aren’t into music and only tagged along because of a friend. i would definitely cry from happiness if i get the chance to see a band i like this year.

meet an internet friend

i’m looking at you, sam and rutvi. you guys are incredible and i love you and it sucks that you both live so far away from me.

go to camp

it’s pretty much guaranteed that i’ll be able to go to ahg camp again this year. it’ll be my third time there so i’ll be an experienced camper™. i’ll hopefully be able to get that rad rainbow knife that i couldn’t get last summer because one of the staffers overheard me and my friend discussing murder.

i’d also like to go to a place called camp victory with said friend. they do zumba every morning.

get better at drawing faces

i can sometimes draw faces, but they’re sort of cartoon-ish. i’d like to improve my skills so my people look more realistic.

get better at gymnastic

my brother and i did gymnastic together for years when we were younger, and i just started going again this week. it’s not as hard as i remembered, which is probably a good thing. i’d like to stick with gymnastic for the entire year and finally get down my back handspring, which i had almost mastered when we quit.

make a new friend

i don’t think i made a single friend in 2017 that i’ve seen regularly. in fact, i kind of lost some instead. hopefully i’ll make a friend at my school so i don’t have to do high school by myself.

read 100 books

this doesn’t sound that difficult, but i only read about fifty books last year due to a huge reading slump, so we’ll have to see.

goodreads tells me i’m one book ahead of schedule but i think it’s lying.

so there you have it. everything i want to achieve in 2018. some of them are too outlandish for me to actually accomplish (i’m looking at you, not crying at school and making a friend), but some of them seem attainable? maybe? who knows.

do we have any of the same goals? what’s something you want to do in 2018? let me know in the comments. :)



22 thoughts on “// goals for 2018 //

  1. SimpleGone says:

    things will change over the summer, and I’m sure you’ll get friends. people change a lot over the summer between 8th grade and 9th. trust me you’ll be fine love😘 love you


  2. Cherry Cola22 says:

    I don’t have any friends either. When I went to Highschool(a couple months ago and then dropped out) no one wanted to be my friend only one girl but she was off and on cause she wanted to hang out with the “cool kids”. I hope you reach your goals🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mckenna says:

    going to a concert is on my bucket list this year.

    will you be going to east rock? i promise, there are some great people that go there and it won’t be hard for you to make friends :) if anything, it should be almost impossible for anyone to talk to me, but i’ve got some super dope pals.

    i wish you the best of luck in highschool, though. and also with accomplishing your goals this year :D




  4. Rose says:

    I’m going to AHG camp this year most likely this year. I’m also trying to read 100 books as well. :) Good luck on your goals.
    -Rose <3


  5. Rutvi says:

    good luck, loren! i’m really scared for high school too, but i’m sure you’re gonna be just fine. i really want to get better at gymnastics, too, so i can move up to a competitive level! probably not going to happen, though.

    AND YOU’RE ALMOST AT 1K FOLLOWERS!!! HOLY CRAP LOREN THAT’S AWESOMEEEEEEEE! you deserve every single one of them.❤️

    i miss talking to you, do you want to chat sometime?


  6. Lady Daydream says:

    Hey, those are some interesting resolutions! With regards to the friends thing, honestly it will just happen; the marching band will help I’m sure, and you’ll meet like minded people. As for going to concerts, why not go on your own? I went to two on my own last year because I didn’t have anyone to go with, and I can assure you that you’ll make friends there! It’s actually a really thrilling experience when you do something that you’re afraid to do!


  7. Emily says:

    Great goals! My little sister plays the drums and apparently it’s not as hard as it looks…or sounds! Good luck.
    ~Emily xo


  8. Allison says:

    1. YOU CAN DO IT. I know you will, too.
    2. OH YES. Finish that novel(la?). You’re almost halfway there. WOOP.
    3. Ohhh I’m praying for you, dear. ♥
    4. NO, LOREN, DON’T DO IT. Jeff got a drum for Christmas and I can hear him from anywhere in the house, and I can hear him VERY WELL. *sigh* XD Just kidding, I hope you learn to play the drums.
    5. I feel you. I have been to a concert, but only one. It was alright.
    6. YES. YES. YESSS. This is one of my top goals for 2018 too, because how amazing would that be?
    7. And when you do… take plenty of pictures again, okay? *nods* :P
    8. And plenty of pictures of those too, okay again? I love your art posts! :D
    9. Wow, good for you. I am not flexible. REALLY not flexible. It’s sad.
    10. See answer to number three. ♥
    11. Oh yeaahhhh, books! Hey, if you do this, maybe you count a book character as friend and kill two goals with one… checkmark? That didn’t work so well… bummer. XD Anyway, great post, and best wishes for a wondermous 2018, dear. ♥


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