// moving sites | please read //

hey. i have news, good and bad.

here’s the bad: i won’t be blogging here anymore. 

don’t worry, i’m not leaving the blogosphere, and i won’t be deleting my site. but i feel like let’s be lost doesn’t really fit me anymore, i guess. it’s been around for about two and a half years, and i don’t like having posts from when i was a lot younger on here. they’re painful for me to think about, both because of the quality and the memories in them.

but here’s the good: i have a new blog. 

it’s called killjoy and you can find it here. i’d really appreciate it if you all would check it out and follow. it’s a personal blog, just like this one, so you can expect to see the same kinds of posts.

i’m honestly a bit sad about leaving let’s be lost, especially since it was finally nearing 1000 followers. i generally dislike change, so part of me is freaking out about moving on to something new, but i feel like this a good thing. i’ve exported some of my better posts from here to killjoy, so there’s already lots of content.

before i go, i want to say thank you for all the sweet comments and amazing followers i’ve gotten on this blog. you guys mean the world to me and i hope to see you over there.

anyway, i’m pretty excited about this. i think killjoy fits me really well and i’m glad to be starting from (mostly) scratch again.

so please go visit killjoy, follow, and give it some love. :)



24 thoughts on “// moving sites | please read //

  1. olivehiddenhollow says:

    kill joy? *gets nervous* I’M PRETTY MUCH ALL JOY I’M GOING TO GET MURDERED.
    jk. XD
    I visited and subscribed! :D
    Most crazily, ~Olive


  2. - suzy - says:

    hey man, change happens. people change, so it makes sense that their personal spaces would too. sometimes the old may be more comfortable, but the new is always more exciting. i’ll miss your various thoughts on let’s be lost, but i’m stoked for what’s up on killjoy. :)

    – q


  3. Sarah says:

    Hey Loren you don’t have to be sad. It’s an evolution. Blue Eyes Grey Eyes-Let’s Be Lost-Kill Joy. I would never be brave enough to do that. I can’t even delete the old pictures in my camera roll;). Oh and Loren did you change your name to Apollo? It suits you. The god of music, poetry, archery, and some other stuff.
    See you on Killjoy, Loren/Apollo.


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