// q&a answers | part two //

hello, frens, and welcome to part two of my q&a! (read part one here.)

daisy‘s questions:

what are three movies that make you cry?

let’s see . . . i cried during beauty and the beast, during doctor strange (that was from laughter, though. i couldn’t take it seriously, because my mind was going “bendynoodle cucumberpatch!!” the whole time), and during how to train your dragon 2.

have you ever dyed your hair? if so what color? if not, what color would you?

remember a couple summers back, when everyone was dip dyeing their hair with kool-aid? i did that as part of my evil queen costume for a play i was in. it was supposed to turn out purple, but it ended up just being red. i recall freaking out in the shower because i thought i was bleeding, bu it was actually just the kool-aid washing out of my hair.

my friend has told me i would look good with black hair with blue tips. i think silver or any pastel color would be cool.

favorite mathematical concept?

calculating how quickly i can close the math book when i’m finished with my lesson.


hogwarts house?

i had to go get a pottermore account so i could answer this question. i hope you guys are happy.

i got slytherin.


i thought i would get hufflepuff, but apparently not. that’s ok, slytherin is cool, too.

ilvermorny house?

i got thunderbird. i guess that’s pretty neat? it’s got the nicest name out of the four houses, anyway.

hogwarts hybrid house?

hufferin. sweet. :D

batman or superman?

batman. my friend q has always had a weird love for superman (superman socks and shirts and more), and it annoys me, so i don’t want to pick superman. also, whoever created him made him much too powerful.

marvel or dc?

marvel, all the way. it’s because they have spiderman and the winter soldier.

pool or lake?

once upon a time, when i was at ahg summer camp, i was swimming in the lake with izzy. the counselors told us that the fish in the lake wouldn’t bite us. well, what do you know, they were wrong. a fish came up and bit me on the butt. that was an e x p e r i e n c e, let me tell you. so i prefer the pool, because there are no fish, and my mermaid tail can be better appreciated. :)

did han shoot first?

yeah? yeah.

will solace [from: pjo] have a good rest of the day/night!!


camp half-blood cabin?

i’m in the apollo cabin! i’m actually quite happy about that. it’s the cabin of music and poetry and archery and healing, and i like all of those things, so it’s a good fit.

hayley‘s questions:

would you rather be hot or cold?

hmm, let’s see. i get cold a lot and it’s not much fun. yeah, i can put on socks and a sweatshirt and become a blanket burrito, but it doesn’t always help. and if i’m hot (sometimes i’ll get extremely feverish for no reason), i can take a cold shower until i stop shaking and feeling like i’ll faint. i don’t like either of them, though. so i choose death instead.

what animals do you have right now?

a chance to talk about my cute animal friends? yay! i have navi, my fluffy lil baby cat. she’ll be turning one this summer. and then there’s boo, who is gorgeous, but bitter and evil. then there’s all the fish and frogs in the pond, and a bunch of chickens, and i think that’s all.

what’s your favorite candy?

i would say skittles, but my friend would kill me, so i’ll go with yorks instead. i just freaking love mints, man.

chocolate or vanilla?

for ice cream flavors? neither. i think they’re both pretty gross on their own. but they’re ok if you eat something with them, like peanut butter or crushed cookies.

what’s your favorite kind of pie, and with ice cream or no?

key lime pie and cherry pie are the best ones, we shouldn’t even be debating this. and i think ice cream on pie is rather weird. it’ll make the pie soggy and that’s just a sin.

lexie‘s questions:

what is your opinion on glitter pens?

i used to have this huge, incredible collection of glitter pens and i loved them. they’re fancy and dramatic and i wish i still had some.

short skirts or long skirts?

i don’t like skirts at all, actually, and i don’t think i own any at the moment. they make me feel uncomfortable and like i wouldn’t be able to escape from danger as easily. but if i had to wear a skirt, it would be a short one. they look better to me.

what color is the hand towel in your bathroom?

it’s white. yep, my family is very basic. XD

do you know how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocous (without copying me)?

here goes:


i tried.

would you rather hide in your room or make flower crowns with friends?

hiding sounds safer and less stressful . . . but i love flower crowns . . . so i guess it depends on what mood i’m in.

clara‘s questions:

Image result for how to act like a mermaid at school screenshot


what is the most interesting thing you’ve seen today?

oh boy. i saw a screenshot of a wikihow article called “how to act like a mermaid at school.” i don’t really know how to react to this.

google or bing?

are we really doing this? again??


favorite drawing out of all the ones you’ve done?

ew, no, all of them suck. but i guess i need to have an answer, so let me go look through all my drawings.

*cringes while flipping through sketchbooks*

i really like this one. :)

what’s a goal that you have as of right now?

i want to start writing again! i don’t think i’ve really worked on a story since nanowrimo (i’m using our laptop breaking as an excuse). some writer i am, huh? i just got an idea for a new story that i’m excited to work on. :)

where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

in a graveyard, duh. who would want to dig around in there? yeah, you might find my treasure, but you’ll probably also uncover a dead guy.

are you looking forward to learning how to drive?

idk man, not really. i would probably get in trouble for driving away without telling anyone where i was going. but it would mean i could go to pretty locations and draw and write and take pictures there . . . so i guess i’m a little excited, but i’m not dying to get my license.

strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

i ate a leaf one time. there were a bunch of crunchy ones on my friend’s trampoline, so i just grabbed one and chewed it up. it was kind of like a chewy potato chip.

last time you wrote a letter to someone?

it was about two weeks ago, probably, to a lovely girl named ada. i’ve never met her, but i’ve been told by people who know her that we’re nearly the same person, and i would love to meet her someday.

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands Photo by @ananya.ray:


if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

i would like to go to wherever n is, actually. but that’s probably a boring answer, so how about the faroe islands?

wow, i’m learning things about myself from this! like what my hogwarts house is, and that i’m much more sarcastic then i should be (although i probably knew that last one already). just a warning: there are many more parts to this q&a in the works, and my answers will likely get even more sarcastic as i grow tired of thinking of replies.



// q&a answers | part one //

thanks for all the questions on my q&a post! you guys made my boredom go away for a bit. you’re magical, every single one of you.

putting all the questions in one post would have made it insanely long, so i’ll be posting my answers in multiple parts. here’s the first one.

isabel‘s questions:

what’s your favorite book?

i’m not sure if it’s my favorite book, but a year without autumn by liz kessler is incredible. the story has stuck with me for a long time. you should definitely read that if you haven’t already.



what’s your favorite song?

i really can’t choose, i listen to too much music to have a favorite song. i don’t think i could say it’s my absolute favorite, but glowing eyes by twenty one pilots is pretty great.

do you like hamilton? have you even listened to it? (i doubt it.)

i’ve only listened to a few songs from it, so i don’t have much of an opinion (don’t kill me, kathleen! i love you.).

what’s the last book you read?

the hollow boy by jonathan stroud, i believe. it was so freaking amazing, and i love the characters and the ghosts and the humor and everything about it!!

what are you reading right now?

the mysterious benedict society and the perilous journey by trenton lee stewart. i’m only a few chapters in, so i don’t have much to say about it. but the first book in the series was quite good, and i love how quirky the characters are.

what do you want to be when you grow up?

i’d like to be one of those “light” people:


i’m not sure if you can simply will yourself to be like that. maybe it takes a lot of effort and time. or maybe you have to be born like that. but that’s what i hope i will become.

what time is it where you are?

at the moment, it’s 12:58 p.m.

“Can’t sleep in a city of neon and chrome.”


what’s your favorite color?

gray. kind of boring, i know. it seems like such a calm color to me.

do you have a goodreads account?

i don’t, sorry. :/

what’s your favorite kind of popsicle?

orange! the best flavor ever. i don’t like eating actual oranges, though.

what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

there’s this heavenly ice cream that’s chocolate with stripes of peanut butter. it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever tasted, honestly. mint chocolate chip is a close second.

what’s your favorite food?

i really like chinese food. :D i’ll eat pretty much any chinese food, as long as there’s no seafood in it.

what’s your favorite letter?

i like m, because you can make the rock and roll hand thing with it. XD


the anGST !!! 😩😩😩☠️☠️☠️😪😪😪 • • • {creds to totallycorrectkotlc on tumblrrrr} • • #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #keefesencen #linhsong #textpost #tumblr


who’s your favorite keeper of the lost cities character?

i’m going to go with keefe. he’s an empath, kind of angry and confused and lost, uses humor to hide how hurt he is, and he’s incredibly sarcastic, and i relate to that a lot.

(i think we can probably thank emma for introducing the blogging community to kotlc. you are a saint.)

who do you ship with who in keeper of the lost cities?

i’ve always shipped sophie and dex (to those who like sophitz: you disgust me), but sophie and keefe is a nice ship, too.

what’s your favorite emoji?


those are probably my favorites.

what did you just think of right now?

i was thinking about this really cute girl that used to be in my co-op, and wishing that i had been brave enough to become friends with her. *sigh of super regret*

do you like socks?

yes! too much, probably. i always wear them inside out. and i sleep in socks most of the time. i don’t have many cute socks (someone please buy me some of those pretty socks you see on tumblr), though, so i draw on them with sharpies. :)

Image result for pastel rainbow tumblr


what about rainbows?

i’ve never had an unusual love for rainbows, but then i saw an edit with a pastel rainbow. look at how pretty it is!! (◠‿◠✿)

do you still read picture books occasionally? i do.

sometimes, yeah. my favorite one is at my church, it’s called build a burrito, i think. the guys in youth group would beg my brother to read it. he would settle himself into this rocking chair while the guys sat eagerly around his feet. the book is in spanish and english, and every time my brother reached the part that says “three spoonfuls of beans/tres cucharadas de frijoles,” everyone would flip out and shout, “FRIJOLES!!!.” ah, good memories. XD

do you ever write anything besides blog posts?

yep! i like writing fiction. i haven’t been doing that as much as i would like, though. you can read some of my old and cringey stuff by clicking the stories page.

what’s your advice for someone starting a personal blog?

make friends with other bloggers! you won’t get many comments or followers if you’re not interacting with other lovely people in the blogging community. as well as getting more activity on your site, you could make some pretty great friends. :)

den mother‘s questions:

this  might be confusing to people who don’t know me in real life. the people i’m talking about here were in my co-op class. i wrote a bit about them here.

who in our class is most likely to . . .


be a drama queen? cry in a sad movie? have an ugly date to prom? always be happy? be impatient?

1. she makes a big deal out of e v e r y t h i n g, and i actually love it a lot. it’s quite entertaining. 2. we sobbed together in the movie theater during beauty and the beast. 3. i’m not too fond of her sort-of-boyfriend, so he gets to be the ugly prom date. :) 4. she always manages to be optimistic, and it’s made me feel better so many times!! 5. she gets so impatient and excited and it’s  a d o r a b l e.

b/den mother:

have kids first? sing in the shower? fall in love? take more selfies? have the most piercings?

1. she plans on having “at least thirteen kids.” 2. she has a lovely voice! i’m sure she sings to herself everywhere, and definitely in the shower. 3. yiKES. she gets crushes a lot, actually. 4. my girl b posts lots of selfies, and they’re all really pretty. (^.^) 5. a bellybutton piercing would actually look really cool on her. get one, b.


be a flirt? fall whilst walking? drop their phone after they bought it? worry about small things? get a stalker?

1. loren?? the girl who’s never had a date mate or even kissed someone?? a flirt??? well, kids, you learn something new everyday. i flirt with pup 24/7, and sometimes with other people without meaning to. i don’t actually want to date any of them, it’s just sometimes, when i’m tired and/or high on friendship, i’ll randomly start flirting with everyone. 2. what can i say, i’m a clumsy duckling. 3.i’ve dropped my ipod so so so many times. it’s a miracle i haven’t cracked the screen yet. 4. anxiety is my best friend tbh. 5. i’m sure i have at least one person stalking me and blog. hello, stalker! love you, too. ;)


hold their breath the longest? be the best at math? be successful? be close to their parents?

1. he’s the best at everything, so it would make sense. 2. he’s a huge nerd, holy crap. great at math and logic and all that stuff. 3. he’s probably going to be a famous athlete and have a gorgeous wife and tons of dogs (dogs = success.) 4. he’s a mama’s boy and it’s hilarious.


give all their money to charity? be a fan of Star Wars? listen to classical music?

1. alright, kiddos, let me tell you about hojo. all the moms at co-op talk about how handsome and polite and smart he is, blah blah blah. he goes to mexico a lot to volunteer at an orphanage, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he gave all his money to it. 2. he’s a nerd and it’s great. he would talk to me about pokemon and the legend of zelda during art class. i’m quite sure that he likes star wars. 3. nerd? favorite among the moms? sideburns? tell me with a straight face that he doesn’t like classical music.


talk to animals? get married first? be a good cook?

1. megan is a lovely person with lots of cute animal friends!! i’m sure she’ll figure out how to communicate with her bunnies someday. 2. she’s so nice and beautiful and interesting, and i’m sure a kind guy will fall in love with her sooner or later. 3. she’s an incredible baker, holy crap.


ask stupid questions? be hungry 24/7?

1. one time he asked me not to write fanfiction about joward (jish + hojo). how dumb of a question is that?? 2. we got three pizzas on the last day of co-op, and he ate nearly the entire pepperoni one by himself.

t/beef jerkey:

marry a celebrity? be sleepy? forget birthdays or anniversaries? accidentally kill someone?

1. pup is going to be a famous dancer, and he’ll marry her and they’ll be cute and athletic together and it’ll be great. :D 2. i think he might have fallen asleep once or twice during nature study class. what a loser. 3. i think he’s in pup la la land 24/7. he’ll likely forget their wedding anniversary. 4. this guy has huge arm muscles, it’s not fair at all. he could kill someone by hugging them.

t/a huge jerk who doesn’t get a nickname:

laugh at the wrong moment? have a rich husband? spend all their money on something stupid? skydive?

1. he would probably laugh when someone told them their mom had died. he’s mean. 2. i’m not sure he’s capable of loving someone. so he would only marry for money. 3. all of his thoughts are dumb to some degree. anything he would want to buy would have to be dumb, too. 4. he’s so so dumb. he would jump out of a plane without a parachute and create a makeshift one with all of his flannel.

this has been a lot of fun! thank you for the questions, guys, i love how weird some of them are. i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i liked writing it.

what’s the most interesting thing you learned about me from this q&a?



// q&a | help me, i’m bored //

hello, my flower children! i hope all is well.

i was very bored today. that led to playing video games with my brother, making him listen to panic! at the disco, and doing lots of pushups (aka no more than ten). oh, and i also took those math tests today. there were two of them — only one was timed. i think i did ok, but i’m really not sure. my mind started blanking about halfway through and i just guessed on some of them. oh well.

as i was saying, i’m bored. so! i’m doing a q&a. :D

just a warning, my answers are either going to be very sarcastic, or very strange and infp-ish.

leave your questions for me in the comments. i don’t really care what they’re about. if i think they’re too personal, i won’t include them in my q&a answers post. i’ll try to get that up on the 12th, so make sure to comment with your questions before then.


idk. go nuts, kids.

(oh, you should definitely go check out alternate galaxy. she’s such a lovely, interesting, beautiful person and i love her and she deserves lots of followers.)



// i don’t like thursdays //

« post idea from izzy’s rad blog »

songs in bold are explicit.

roger rabbit // sleeping with sirens

me in my own head // beartooth

down // blink-182

missing you // green day

avalanche // bring me the horizon

fourth of july // fall out boy

hard times // paramore

coconut sharks in the water // twenty one pilots

yes, i really did put that last one on there. and there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how angry you are at me. that song is so underappreciated.

 600 followers?? wow, you guys actually like me, you’re so precious. i feel like a proud mother duck with a couple hundred cute duckling babies following me about. you guys are my adorable children and i must protect you.

whenever i try to type “frank iero,” his last name autocorrects to “jerk,” and i die a little bit every time, because HOW PERFECT.

my family is going on vacation to the beach sometime this summer. we’ll be there for a week, at a place with a gentle drop off and a cute beach house and vibrant sunsets, and i’ve got to say . . . i’m not looking forward to it at all. i would do absolutely anything to get out of going. the ocean is lovely enough, but i don’t do well with heat, and i don’t like bathing suits, and i have this newfound slight fear of large bodies of water. although i do love smelling like the sea and the kinky way my hair dries and when a huge wave slams me against the bottom. still, the thought of going makes me feel a bit sick. i just hope some miraculous way for me to get out of this pops up soon.

den mother said something that i thought was rather nice, so i decided to put it on here. “a colorblind person sees no color on the bee, but we all insist it’s yellow and black. they think we are simply making up an unfathomable concept of color. you’re blind to your own beauty, and even though we all insist it’s there, you don’t believe us because you can’t see it yourself. just as that colorblind person must trust the concept of color, you must trust your own beauty.”


Jack barakat snapchat

i probably could have used one of his “inspiring quotes” as the caption for this, but the only one i can remember is “sometimes you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say ‘you are the prettiest princess in all the land.’ i do it once a week.” and i’m not sure how well that will go over with you guys.


i got a new plant yesterday. :D he’s the weird orange thing in first picture. go stare at him, he is beautiful. i named him barakat, after jack barakat, the guitarist from the band all time low. he’s the dude in the photo above. hopefully i won’t accidentally kill my lovely new plant friend, but we’ll see. i nearly killed my baby plants from this post, and they’re cacti, so they’re supposed to be quite easy to take care of. things do not look good for barakat.

i’ll be going to public school part time next year. that’s a thing. i’ll be taking one class a day, i believe, but one day it will be spanish, and the next day it will be math. and to see which math class i’ll be taking, i’m going to have to go to the school sometime next week and take a test. that might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but since i’ve been homeschooled my whole life, i don’t have that much experience with important tests. i’m not that good at math, and tests really stress me out (i’ve been known to completely break down while taking them), so my chances of passing and getting into the class my mom wants are quite low. i might just fail on purpose, who knows. i’ll never be good enough for my parents anyway, so why even try? my brother is brilliant, he gets all a’s and got awards in multiple classes. i’ll never be that good, so my parents will never have a reason to be proud of me.

i’ll always be a disappointment. i can’t change.



// 1:26 a.m. | 5.19.17 //

« post idea from izzy’s rad blog »

songs in bold are explicit.

ultralife // oh wonder

sick of losing soulmates // dodie

beekeeper’s daughter // the all-american rejects

miss me // frank iero and the patience

drown // bring me the horizon

home is such a lonely place // blink-182

all my heart // sleeping with sirens

she // dodie

follow you // bring me the horizon

stay away from my friends // pierce the veil

my brother promised to buy a case for my ipod because i accidentally tossed it into the trash can. i mean, i could have broken it then, but now i get free stuff, so who’s really winning? me.

my earbuds are currently freaking out. they have to be perfectly still, or the sound will only come out of one side. so i need to get new ones. that’s just great, because i don’t have much money and i’m trying to save up to buy a gift for N.

my friend izzy was here a few days ago, and we made this slime thing out of cornstarch and water. if you squeezed it in your hand, it would become hard, but if you relaxed your grip, it would become a liquid. this dumb goo is why i’m mad at the whole freaking world. science just screws with my mind, man.

idk what this post is. i suppose i’m simply trying to make you listen to my music. but i didn’t want to just post a list of songs, so i’m also mentioning random boring things that have happened. hey, i’m analyzing myself! the doctor is in the house. payment is one (1) hug per problem.

pup has a polaroid camera, and it’s the sickest thing ever. our co-op met up at a park for a picnic, and she brought it and got some cool shots (featured in the photo at the beginning of this post). i get to go on an adventure with her this weekend. let’s see if i can turn that experience into one of my sad aesthetic writings.



// wanderlust //

i think everyone went through that phase as a kid where they wanted to run away. maybe you packed a bag and made it to the end of the road before you turned around. but the ones who don’t grow out of that — those are the kids with wanderlust. the ones who dream of traveling: breathing new air and touching new ground and seeing new faces.

someday, i am going to leave this suffocating town and see the world, either by myself or with one of my best friends (who we will be calling N for now). so here’s a list of a few places i’m going to visit.

Image result for greece tumblr


greece. i’m not sure why, but i’ve always loved greece. the food, the history, the myths, and the beautiful sights in general fascinate me. i was allowed to pick a language to study in school, and i chose koine greek — a little dumb, considering no one speaks it anymore. but it’s rather fun to say that i know a dead language.


new zealand. ok, i have to admit that the main reason i want to go there is so i can visit the shire. i’m so short and chubby, people would probably think i actually belong there (i’ve been called a hobbit by several people. yeah, my friends are nice). my copy of the hobbit has been read so many times that the pages are falling out. :)

Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon


the grand canyon. the colors remind me of N. and it’s kind of like a huge scar on the earth, which strikes me as pretty cool.



oregon. i blame gravity falls for this one, honestly. i’ll definitely try to find the bill cipher statue. apparently, there are lots of forests in oregon, and i freaking love forests. they’re somehow peaceful and creepy at the same time.

 green house


thailand. sadly, i don’t know much about thailand, but it’s so beautiful and i want to try the food.

808sunkissed: “Cromwells ☀️🌊 ”


hawaii. i want to see volcanoes and palm trees and try malasadas! going there by myself sounds a bit sad for some reason, so i hope N is cool with going to hawaii with me. i’m going to make him wear a bunch of those pretty plumeria flowers in his hair. just a warning.

Odda, Norway


norway. my feelings about norway: !!!!!!!!

 when i say i want to go everywhere, i mean it. if it exists, i want to explore that place. someday.