// cwwc 2017 | sign-ups //

hello, my friends! the time has come to sign up for cwwc 2017. before i get into all of the details, how to sign up, etc., here are the teams:

team narnia (the chronicles of narnia) — 95 votes.

team hogwarts (harry potter) — 90 votes.

team half-blood (percy jackson and the olympians)– 31 votes.

team shire (lord of the rings) — 24 votes.

“important” information:

what it is:

creating words writing camp is an online writing challenge. it will last the entire month of august.

how it works:

for each challenge, i’ll post three writing prompts, a mix between dialogue and picture prompts. the participants will have four days to complete their entry and post it on their blog/email it to me. your entry can be a short story, poem, or story that continues throughout the challenges.

the goal:

to grow as a writer, and to help your team win. the winning team is whichever one has the most points at the end of august. you can earn points by submitting your stories on time (worth two points) and using the provided writing prompts (one point per prompt).


this year, the teams are team narnia, team hogwarts, team half-blood, and team shire. all of the participants will be sorted onto a team.

if you don’t have a blog:

you can still participate! all that changes is that instead of posting your story on your blog, you email it to me instead. my email is happyhouseofag@gmail.com.

how to sign up:

☼ leave a comment on this post, telling me your name and blog url.

☼ for those without a blog: tell me your name and that you are participating through email.

☼ tell me which team you would like to be on, as well as a second choice.

make sure to sign up before midnight on july 30th. i will post the first challenge on august 1st.

still have questions? you can ask me in the comments, and i’ll do my best to clear things up.



// creating worlds writing camp 2017 //

yep, it’s official — creating worlds writing camp will be returning for its third year!

for anyone who doesn’t know, creating worlds writing camp (or cwwc) is a month-long writing challenge. i’ve been hosting it yearly since 2015. it’s quite popular among my readers, so i decided to bring it back this year.

cwwc 2017 will take place this august. every few days (either three or four, i haven’t quite decided yet), i’ll post three writing prompts, and all you have to do is write a short story/poem/story that continues throughout the challenge/whatever inspired by them, and give me the link before the time limit is up. (if you want to participate, but don’t have a blog, you can email your writing to me.) you’ll get one point per prompt, plus some points for submitting your story on time, and whichever team has the most points at the end of the month wins.

this is just an announcement post, so i’ll write up all the rules and open sign-ups closer to august.

the main purpose of this post is to decide on what the teams will be. in the past, the teams have always been team narnia, team half-blood, team dragon, and team keeper. i wanted to mix it up a little this year, come up with some new team names. there might even be more teams this year, depending on how many people sign up. anyway, i made a poll of name ideas. vote for your favorites, please, it would help me a lot. all the teams are going to be named after book series, and if you think of one that should be on the poll, you can let me know in the “other” section.

there’s another thing i need your help with. should you have three days to turn in your story, or four? (the day i post the prompts for the challenge would count as part of the time limit.) here’s another poll for you to vote on:

thank you for helping me out! i’ll start working on all the cwwc-related stuff before august, so hopefully it will be less stressful for me than in previous years. :)

are you excited for cwwc? do you plan on participating?



2017 Bucket List

And so begins another awful year. Not expecting much from 2017 (or the years that come after it, either). But a couple of bloggers have been posting 2017 bucket lists, and I thought I would jump on the wagon.

Pretty much all I would like to do is travel. But since I am a minor and the wanderlust bug has not bitten anyone else in my family, I doubt I’ll be straying too far from my home state this year.



☼ Go to the Beach ☼

The last time I went to the beach was February 2016, and it was far too cold to get in the water. The ocean fascinates me, and I would love to visit it this year.

☼ Finish Writing Courageous Hearts

If anyone does not know, Courageous Hearts was my 2016 NaNoWriMo project: a novel following the lives of two teens with mental illnesses. I can’t bear keeping the story pent up inside of my brain for much longer.

☼ Create a Book of memories ☼

I’m thinking a scrapbook/journal would be nice. I blog about my adventures a lot, but since I can’t post pictures of my friends/myself on these adventures, it lacks a personal feeling.

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image


☼ Plant a garden ☼

I usually have a garden anyway, but I want lots of flowers this year. Big flowers, for bouquets, and little ones, for making flower crowns and braiding into hair.

☼ Redecorate my room ☼

I painted my room light blue over Christmas, and now I would like to make pretty decorations for it.

☼ Learn to play the ocarina ☼

I received an ocarina for Christmas, but I don’t exactly know how to play it. I would be happy with learning a few songs.



☼ Do more art ☼

I don’t paint/draw as often as I would like to — probably because I’m afraid that it won’t turn out well. I’d like to create something I’m proud of each month, at least.

☼ Keep a journal ☼

I’ve been writing in a journal for a few months, and it’s nice to be able to get all my thoughts out. I’d like to continue it this year. And it will be neat to get it out in a few years and remember what was going on at the time.

☼ Meet another internet friend ☼

Technically I’ve already accomplished this, as I met one of you on January 1st. But I’d really love to meet more of you. There’s a possibility that I can meet three of you this year, and I’m very excited to see if we can work that out.

That’s currently what I would like to do this year. I’m sure I’ll come up with more as 2017 progresses.

I hope you guys had a good day. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you’re alive for a reason.