My ATCs — Part Two

See part one here.

Today, I’m continuing my series about the ATCs that I own.

The Hunger Games ATC

(Sorry about the bad quality of this picture!)

The Hunger Games

Everything Pizza ATC

Everything Pizza

Rainbow Flower ATC

Rainbow Flower

Minion ATC

(Again with the quality. Sorry about that!)


Hobby Collage ATC

Hobby Collage

Paper-Thin Butterfly ATC

Paper-Thin Butterfly

This one took a looong time to create, because it’s made entirely out of tissue paper!

Mountain Silhouette ATC

Mountain Silhouette

Galaxies ATC


The words on the ATC are from the Owl City song Galaxies.

Fishing, part one and two ATC

Fishing, part one and two.

Nature Collage ATC

Nature Collage

Yep — this one is made out of leaves and flowers. The colors have obviously faded some by now, but it still looks pretty nice 🙂

Home is Where the Mountains Are ATC

Home is Where the Mountains Are

There’s going to be one more part to this series, mainly about the ATCs I’ve traded for.

Which of my ATCs is your favorite?


My ATCs — Part One


Today I’ll be showing you some of my ATCs — Artist Trading Cards. I’ve traded some of these away, but I always take pictures of them because I want to remember what they look like 🙂


This is the first ATC I ever made: Nutella!





Rainbow Galaxy


Minecraft Cloud Pet


(This picture and the next one were taken by my friend Allison)

Best Friends





Love Song

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my ATCs! If you’re interested in making some Artist Trading Cards of your own, Hayley posted some great things about them on her blog, here, here, and here.

Which of my ATCs is your favorite?