// 5 reasons why i’m thankful for blogging //

hey. i hope you’re all having a good day so far.

i don’t like thanksgiving that much (who thought a holiday where you’re supposed to eat copious amounts of food in front of people would be a good idea?), but i wanted to do something for it anyway. so here are some reasons why i’m thankful for blogging.

it’s a place to express myself

i love being able to share my pictures, drawings, and stories/poems with others. i think it’s easier to share my creations online than in person, because while my friends will glance over what i’ve made and say, “nice,” you guys actually give me encouragement and constructive criticism.

it gave me a hobby

before i started blogging, my only hobbies were reading and gymnastics. making blog posts helped me realize that photography and writing — which are now two of my main pastimes — are lots of fun. plus, blogging is a hobby all of its own.

it helped me get into new things

you have no idea how many books/shows/bands i’ve gotten into just because someone mentioned it on their blog. if it weren’t for them, my tastes wouldn’t have expanded from rick riordan, doctor who, and owl city.

the community

idk what kind of blogging community i’m in (wordpress? writing? photography?), but it’s incredible. all the bloggers i know are sweet and helpful and leave comments that make me smile. in fact, i’ve gotten emails from some of you asking if i was doing ok because i sounded sad in one of my posts. most of the people in my life don’t make as much of an effort to reach out to me as you guys do.

internet friends!!

i’m not gonna lie, talking to my internet friends is one of my favorite things about blogging. it’s crazy how much i care about and enjoy chatting with these people who i’ve never met.

i also wanted to share some pictures i took when the trees were turning colors. they’re mostly of the crepe myrtle in the front yard, but there are some of our maples, too.

i have to go to my grandparents’ house today for lunch. i’m not terribly excited about that. it’s always pretty boring and i have to listen to my family make homophobic/sexist comments all afternoon.

anyway. happy thanksgiving.




// feuillemort: the color of a dying leaf //

just some recommendations for autumn.


halloween // be more chill

it’s almost halloween // panic! at the disco

the real world // owl city

forest // twenty one pilots

overgrown // oh wonder

wolf bite // owl city

isle of flightless birds // twenty one pilots

plant life // owl city

november // sleeping with sirens

trees // twenty one pilots

the first two are the only ones that are really related to the season, the others just give me autumn vibes.


coraline // neil gaiman

always october // bruce coville

on the day i died // candace fleming

may bird trilogy // jodi lynn anderson

lockwood & co. series // jonathan stroud

the black cat // edgar allen poe

the witch of blackbird pond // elizabeth george speare

the lockwood & co. series is one of my favorites. i’m reading the last book in the series right now and my friend has given me hints about what happens. i’m a bit scared.



the nightmare before christmas

the corpse bride


over the garden wall (tv series)

lots of tim burton movies. i love them very much and they’re pretty much all i watch around halloween.

have some photography. they all have an orange-y hue.

plant’s shadows are so pretty.

i don’t know what this plant is, but i like it a lot. it looks like it has tiny pumpkins growing all over it.

protip: dried pine needles make great fire starters (they’re also one of my favorite colors).

this is the first year of my life where autumn doesn’t signal the beginning of co-op. sometimes i really hated that place, but i miss it now. i would get up early and stand in the yard to watch the sunrise, frosted grass crunching under my shoes and my breath being illuminated by the first beams of light. my mind would become calm and still to match the quiet earth. i needed those numb moments of silence to get through the day, where i would be caught in a buzz of too-loud voices and bodies moving too quickly for me to concentrate on. i have so many memories of co-op, but the ones that stand out to me the most are the yellow lights and dirty tile floors and sitting on wooden boards in the heat while i spaced out and my friends giggled about boys. i remember feeling dizzy and weightless and slow.

i think i made it sound a little awful, but i miss it. i miss my friends.

autumn is my favorite season for a lot of reasons. some simple ones are the chill in the air, apple cider, orange light, flannels and boots, halloween. but i also love autumn because it is lonely. it is beautiful, but it is dying. vibrantly colored leaves can crumble between your fingers. warm days can melt away into long, shivering nights that get into your bones.

autumn is so, so lonely. autumn is cold. i feel like autumn.



Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving means free food, which is spectacular. And if that’s all it involved, I would be happy! But NO, holidays surrounding food must be ruined by shoving socialization into the mix.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can socialize. I just choose not to, because it’s draining and I have to act like I care. We have to go over to my grandma’s house later today for a great big Thanksgiving get-together. I’m going to have to smile and nod and engage in trivial conversations.

At least there’s going to be food.

I guess Thanksgiving is about, in part, being thankful. So I’m going to make a not-very-heartfelt list of things I’m thankful for. :)

  • Music
  • Bread and jelly
  • People that make me feel like I’m wanted
  • Cool blogger friends
  • Hoodies (I just got a new one, YAYYYY)
  • The colors black and gray
  • Plane tickets to Florida are only fifty something dollars
  • Internet
  • Books
  • Bonfires
  • Forests
  • Stars

It got a little more sincere at the end.

Also: yes, I did take the picture at the beginning. And yes, I like it a lot.


NANO UPDATE: I’ve only got 1k left to go!

Plentiful Pumpkins

There’s this little produce stand close to my house, and I’ve been wanting to take pictures there for awhile now. I got a chance a few days ago. They’ve got tons of pumpkins and gourds and stuff, and I just love it. ☺  I’ve got more pictures, but since I didn’t want to post them all at once (that would be a lot of photos, friend), here are the ones with just pumpkins.











Teeny little pumpkins! ♥






| Autumn |


Happy first day of autumn! It’s my favorite season. Some reasons why:

  • Cool weather
  • Warm drinks
  • Pretty leaves
  • Gloves, hats, and hoodies
  • Free excuse to cosplay
  • Yummy fall smells


These are the ugliest pumpkins ever. I’m going to take pictures of the nice orange ones soon.


Crunchy leaves to step on!


The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up,

as if orchards were dying high in space.

Each leaf falls as if it were motioning “no.”

And tonight the heavy earth is falling

away from all other stars in the loneliness.

We’re all falling. This hand here is falling.

And look at the other one. It’s in them all.

And yet there is Someone, whose hands

infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.

Autumn, by Rainer Maria Rilke




What’s your favorite thing about autumn? Least favorite?


Boo Bear ♥

Back in autumn, I took these pictures of my grumpy, fluffy cat Boo (or Boo Bear) playing in some leaves. I just now got around to posting them. ;) Enjoy!











She’s actually pretty hard to photograph. Either she looks blurry because all of her crazy fur is swirling around, or she’s looking the other way. You have to be very patient if you want to get good photos of her. :P