// moving sites | please read //

hey. i have news, good and bad.

here’s the bad: i won’t be blogging here anymore. 

don’t worry, i’m not leaving the blogosphere, and i won’t be deleting my site. but i feel like let’s be lost doesn’t really fit me anymore, i guess. it’s been around for about two and a half years, and i don’t like having posts from when i was a lot younger on here. they’re painful for me to think about, both because of the quality and the memories in them.

but here’s the good: i have a new blog. 

it’s called killjoy and you can find it here. i’d really appreciate it if you all would check it out and follow. it’s a personal blog, just like this one, so you can expect to see the same kinds of posts.

i’m honestly a bit sad about leaving let’s be lost, especially since it was finally nearing 1000 followers. i generally dislike change, so part of me is freaking out about moving on to something new, but i feel like this a good thing. i’ve exported some of my better posts from here to killjoy, so there’s already lots of content.

before i go, i want to say thank you for all the sweet comments and amazing followers i’ve gotten on this blog. you guys mean the world to me and i hope to see you over there.

anyway, i’m pretty excited about this. i think killjoy fits me really well and i’m glad to be starting from (mostly) scratch again.

so please go visit killjoy, follow, and give it some love. :)



// 5 reasons why i’m thankful for blogging //

hey. i hope you’re all having a good day so far.

i don’t like thanksgiving that much (who thought a holiday where you’re supposed to eat copious amounts of food in front of people would be a good idea?), but i wanted to do something for it anyway. so here are some reasons why i’m thankful for blogging.

it’s a place to express myself

i love being able to share my pictures, drawings, and stories/poems with others. i think it’s easier to share my creations online than in person, because while my friends will glance over what i’ve made and say, “nice,” you guys actually give me encouragement and constructive criticism.

it gave me a hobby

before i started blogging, my only hobbies were reading and gymnastics. making blog posts helped me realize that photography and writing — which are now two of my main pastimes — are lots of fun. plus, blogging is a hobby all of its own.

it helped me get into new things

you have no idea how many books/shows/bands i’ve gotten into just because someone mentioned it on their blog. if it weren’t for them, my tastes wouldn’t have expanded from rick riordan, doctor who, and owl city.

the community

idk what kind of blogging community i’m in (wordpress? writing? photography?), but it’s incredible. all the bloggers i know are sweet and helpful and leave comments that make me smile. in fact, i’ve gotten emails from some of you asking if i was doing ok because i sounded sad in one of my posts. most of the people in my life don’t make as much of an effort to reach out to me as you guys do.

internet friends!!

i’m not gonna lie, talking to my internet friends is one of my favorite things about blogging. it’s crazy how much i care about and enjoy chatting with these people who i’ve never met.

i also wanted to share some pictures i took when the trees were turning colors. they’re mostly of the crepe myrtle in the front yard, but there are some of our maples, too.

i have to go to my grandparents’ house today for lunch. i’m not terribly excited about that. it’s always pretty boring and i have to listen to my family make homophobic/sexist comments all afternoon.

anyway. happy thanksgiving.




// two years + blogging tips //

yoooo, it’s my two-year blogiversary.

*my cat explodes, showering you with candy and confetti*

how rad. i would suggest a party, but 1) i hate parties, and 2) i pulled another all-nighter and i’m too tired for one.

i was trying to come up with something special to do for this very important moment in history. i came up with making mallowmelt and doing a giveaway, and although that would be pretty fun, i feel like my eyes are going to fall out, and fun just sounds like “getting tired while laughing.” so i’m going to post some really interesting stats while i think of something else.

but you should totally listen to party poison // my chemical romance to celebrate.

anyway. the stats.


*adjusts glasses*


315 posts



top commenters:

rutvi – 106 (get a LIFE, rutvi. honestly.[i’m kidding, i like your comments.])

sam – 45

mckenna – 32

allison – 32

kathleen – 26

gracie – 24

so i thought of something sort of special that i could do. blogging tips. *jazz hands* it’ll be fun, don’t worry. i’ve got three and a half years of experience total, so i’m definitely qualified to write this (sarcasm).

☼ if you’re trying to design a button, header, featured image, etc., canva will be your friend.

☼ white backgrounds look the cleanest.

☼ avoid colored text, it’s hard to read.

☼ reply to comments and comment on other blogs.

☼ hosting challenges is a great way to get views.

☼ experiment with themes and colors until you find something that feels right.

☼ try to write about a variety of topics (unless, of course, your blog is specifically about one thing).

☼ tag your posts! they’ll help wordpress users find your blog.

☼ whatever you’re working on for your blog right now will be embarrassing in time. you’ll look back on it someday and wonder why anyone let you put that on the internet. it’s alright, post it anyway.

☼ if your pictures are blurry, say that they’re aesthetic, and no one will be able to complain about it.

☼ write down your blog-related stuff in a notebook. it can be titles for posts, bits of poetry, ideas for challenges, things you want to take pictures of, whatever.

☼ when in doubt, do a tag or q&a.

☼ pictures are good. make them big.

☼ make a separate email for your blog, so your main one doesn’t get swamped with notifications.

☼ give credit where credit is due. if you’re using a picture you didn’t take, link it back to the owner.

☼ there’s no shame in editing your pictures. the photo editors i use are picasa and picmonkey.

☼ try not to check your stats obsessively.

☼ proofread your posts. preview them before you hit publish and check for spelling and grammar errors. make sure that they’re well formatted.

☼ leave a gap of at least one day between posts.

☼ take hiatuses whenever you need to. there’s no need to post if you don’t want to/don’t have inspiration.

☼ become friends with other bloggers. internet friendships are amazing (although a little painful, since you can’t actually be with them). you can share ideas, encourage each other, chat, etc. you might become closer to them than your irl friends.

if you’ve got any tips to add, leave those in the comments.

so if my blog is two years old, then i myself must be at least that old, too. maybe i got my blog as a gift on the day that i was born. maybe i’m actually a two-year-old who got ahold of a computer and a dictionary. i’ve tricked all of you into becoming friends with me, a baby. let’s be lost is run by a two-year-old, pass it on.

(i’m not actually a baby.)

(well, a crybaby, perhaps. but that’s different.)

now we’ve just got to see if i can survive another year and get to my three-year blogiversary. :)

Dance Tylerjoseph GIF - Dance Tylerjoseph Twenty GIFsx

^^ tyler knows how to party.



How to Come Up With Post Ideas


White Bed Pillow on White Bed Comforter in Brown Room

1. Look around your room

There’s the obvious one: do a room tour!

Have you made any cute DIYs for your room? Post a how-to.

Write about your favorite spot in your room.

Assorted Garments on Brown Wooden Wardrobe

2. Look in your closet

Do you have a favorite outfit? Share a picture of it.

Have you recently bought new clothes? Review them.

Have you revamped an article of clothing? Show how you did it.

Do you have a great fashion sense? Post about how to put together a cute outfit.

Wooden Swing

3. Look outside

Are there pretty flowers around your house? Take pictures.

Do you keep animals outside? Introduce your readers to them.

What season is it? Post about your favorite crafts, recipes, and clothing, depending on the season.

art, colorful, colors

4. Look at your hobbies

Teach your readers how to paint, sing, write, play softball, etc.

If your hobby involves making something, share pictures of your favorite items that you’ve made.

Do you play a sport? Talk about why you love it, share sport-inspired memes, or take pictures of your equipment.

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeved Dress Standing Beside Man in White Blue Crew Neck T Shirt

5. Look at what’s going on around you

What are people talking about? Popular TV shows, books, video games — or deeper things like politics, feminism, mental health, etc. Write your opinions.

Is a holiday coming up? Write about your traditions, favorite crafts and recipes, and festive outfits.

How do you come up with post ideas? What would you add to this post?


New Look

Hey, guys! As you can see, my blog has a new look. Don’t be worried, it’s still Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes, just with a different name. I’ll be posting the same content, it’ll be the same URL . . . I just got bored with my old design and decided to revamp.


My blog went from Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes . . .


. . . to Let’s Be Lost.

I hope you guys like the new look! I think it suits my personality better.