Hot Topic Haul

I went to the Hot Topic at the mall for the first time today! The staff was really nice and helpful, and they had a cool sale going on: buy one thing on clearance, and pay $1 for something else on clearance. I’ve shopped at Hot Topic before, but only online.

Hot Topic Black Legend of Zelda Hat


Hot Topic Legend of Zelda LED Watch

The scouting camp I’m going to requires that every camper packs a watch, I don’t know why. So I got a Legend of Zelda one. ☺

Hot Topic Legend of Zelda LED Watch

If you press the Hylian Crest, the time will show up. It also shows the date and seconds.

Hot Topic Doctor Who T-shirt

Doctor Who T-shirt, yaaaaay. *happy TARDIS noises*

I also bought two things for the cosplay I’m working on! (Not at Hot Topic, though.) I’m not going to say who I’m cosplaying as, but here’s a hint:

I want to be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real quest

To train them is my cause


Love you, goodbye. <3


Tiny Tennant’s Adventures

Tiny Tennant is a gentleman, but he likes going on adventures! This is what he did today . . .


Playing with your lipstick.


Doing parkour on your stacks of books.


Modeling a fabulous tan trench coat (he says it’s a staple in anyone’s wardrobe).


Making a protest sign. Tiny Tennant cares deeply about Earth’s future.


Laughing at your “art.”


Tiny Tennant feels bad for laughing at you, so he decided to make some macarons to cheer you up. (It’s his first time making macarons, so he apologizes if they make you sick. He thinks it’s the thought that counts.)


Feasting on Altoids.


Definitely not planning on murdering you in your sleep.


Sniffing your soccer cleats and wishing he hadn’t (they smell).


Showing off his fluffy new coat.


Solving a Rubix’s cube and being smart.


Playing with photo booth props.


He wrote a song for you and wants to play it on his tiny guitar.


Beating you severely in Go Fish.


Doing science — he promises that he won’t make anything explode.


He’s ready to kick your butt in a game of checkers . . . as soon as someone finds a stool for him.


Much better. He says thanks.


He’s ready to watch Netflix with you! (He said he’d make some popcorn,  but I think he’s too short to work the microwave.)


Tiny Tennant is exhausted after a long day of saving the universe! He’s ready to go to sleep with his little teddy bear and the blanket that you knitted for him. But he says he’ll let you take more pictures of him tomorrow, because he’s a gentleman.

Lorenoriginal pic via

THIS IS WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE. I TAKE PICTURES OF MY 10TH DOCTOR POP! Oh yeah, and I decided not to post my bucket list thing after all. :/ Maybe tomorrow.

Review: TARDIS Slouch Backpack

Review: Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

This is the last thing I ordered! It arrived today, and I was super-duper excited. Maybe you can tell, because I have the review up already. ☺

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

You can get the TARDIS Slouch Backpack on Amazon for $14.50 (LINK), but I know you can buy it from other places: Hot Topic and GameSpot are two.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

“Police Public Call Box” is written on the flap.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - pockets

Two pockets are sewn near the bottom of the backpack.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - pockets

They’re about the size of my hand.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - pocket

On the right pocket is a “St. John Ambulance” crest thingy.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - pocket

The TARDIS’s frequently ignored “Pull to open” sign is on the left pocket.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - pocket

The pockets seal with a magnetic closure.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - handle

The backpack’s handle is connected to a (probably fake) strip of leather.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - straps

The straps are adjustable.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - drawstrings

The main part of the backpack closes with a drawstring mechanism, which I find a bit hard to work.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

This is attached to the drawstrings. You can push it up to the top of the strings to help keep the backpack closed.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - buckle

A buckle also assists in keeping the bag shut.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - buckle

But if you’re too lazy to undo the buckle every time you open your bag, just pull it right off! The buckle is held onto the backpack with a magnetic closure.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

The backpack is bigger on the inside — it fits more than you would expect.


I was able to fit all of this comfortably in the bag, and trust me when I say the backpack can fit more.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack - zipper pouch

On the inside of the bag is a zipper pouch, the perfect size for a phone or wallet.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack vs binder

When I was reading the reviews on Amazon, a lot of people said that the TARDIS backpack wasn’t meant to be a school bag. According to several reviews, it’s not big enough to fit notebooks and three-ring-binders. Well, I could easily fit a college-size notebook in it, but how about a binder? I got a stander three-ring-binder and put the bag to the test.

So, can it fit?

It . . .

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

. . . sort of can? The binder fits, but barely. I had to wiggle it around in order to get the bag to close somewhat.

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack

I suppose it doesn’t really fit, because with the binder inside, the TARDIS backpack looks more squarish than it’s meant to be.

While this TARDIS slouch backpack may not qualify as a school bag, it still fits quite a lot! You can use it as a purse, while showing off your fandom. Not being able to fit a three-ring-binder doesn’t bother me, because, being homeschooled, I don’t have to tote around school books in my backpack all day.

10th Doctor POP!

This bag is 10th Doctor approved! ;)


Fandom Earrings From Hot Topic

I ordered some stuff from Hot Topic during their recent sale, and they arrived yesterday! I’m excited to show you what I bought.

Hot Topic Legend of Zelda Navi Earrings

Navi earrings from the Legend of Zelda! They’re super cute, but pretty big. The wings, I mean. They’re rather long.

My only compliant is that they didn’t come with backings. There was a clear, squishy backing that held it onto the paper, but there was no metal backings to keep them on your ears. I’m guessing that the squishy clear stuff was supposed to be the backing, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I used earring backings from another pair to keep them on. ;)

Legend of Zelda Link and Navi fan art


In case anyone doesn’t know who Navi is (in that case, bless you), she is THIS (^^^^^) annoying fairy. She constantly shouts “HEY! Listen!” at you.

                                                                            Hot Topic Doctor Who Earring Set

I also bought a set of six Doctor Who earrings. :D

Hot Topic Doctor Who Weeping Angel Earrings

Weeping Angel wings . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Bow Tie Earrings

The Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Union Jack Heart Earrings

Hearts with the Union Jack on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who "Don't Blink" Earrings

Silver circles with “Don’t blink” written on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS Earrings

“Police Public Call Box” is written on the top in teeny tiny letters. ♥

Silver TARDISes . . .

 Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS-Blue Earrings

And TARDIS-blue crystals.

Sure, the blue crystals, angel wings, Union Jacks, and bow ties might look like normal earrings to non-Whovians, but I’m sure that fans of Doctor Who will get the references. I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and I’m really happy to own more fandom merch.

Not to mention, I’m waiting for another fandom-related order to arrive! I bought this last thing from Amazon, and it should come tomorrow. I’m REALLY excited for it to come. :D


I Dream of TARDISes


I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time

But hidden in the corners of the galaxies

There are terrible, strange, beautiful things




What’s on the bed?

In the corner of your eye?

Memories that have been forgotten

Don’t open the door

Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf

Martha Jones, the Girl Who Walked the Earth

Donna Noble, the Most Important Woman

Amelia Pond, the Girl Who Waited

Clara Oswald, the Impossible Girl

I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time


Basically, this is me being sad about Doctor Who leaving Netflix (cause how else am I supposed to watch BBC? I don’t live in the UK, you know!).

And I know the poem sucked.

I am a writer of novels, not a writer of poetry.

I’ll stay away from poetry from now on. I’m just not good at turning feelings into eloquent words, which I suppose is what poetry is about.

Goodbye, and may we never speak of this poem again.


*whispers* Allons-y. *voices in head* GERONIMO! (Please help me, I may be going crazy. Also, there’s a fly in my room. :/ )

My Fandom T-Shirt Collection

Hey, guys! Today, I wanted to share pictures of my ever-growing fandom T-shirt collection. Please ignore any green light in the pictures; my bedroom’s walls are lime green, and whenever I take pictures in there, they get tinted. ;)


I like this shirt because the sleeves are long, and I can tuck my arms in and slap people with the floppy sleeves.



I bought this shirt yesterday at Kohl’s. I’m actually wearing it right now. :P


Yay — Percy Jackson! If I ever go to New York City, I’m totally wearing this shirt.




The first time I wore this Hunger Games T-shirt, I got a lot of compliments.


It seems like I wear this shirt every time I go to my friend Megan’s house . . .







Do you see this sticker? It’s official.

And so sparkly and gold.

I’m gonna keep it forever.


The Hylian Crest from Legend of Zelda.

My brother says that I’m not a real Legend of Zelda fan because I can’t recite the entire Zelda timeline. I think that’s dumb. It’s like saying you can’t be a fan of a band because you haven’t memorized every song, or that you’re not a real fan of Marvel because you haven’t read every single comic ever made.

No, you’re only a real fan if you have little blades and spin around on the ceiling.


Finally, a LOTR tanktop! It’s really soft. :)

Are you in any of these fandoms?