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hey. :)

i was nominated for the who is God to you? tag. thanks, britt.

i don’t really talk much about my religion online, and i think that’s because i’m afraid of misinterpreting it or coming off as a bad christian. but i don’t think i can screw up these questions too badly, so i’ll give it a shot.


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1) who is God to you?

i read something that said “nothing you confess could make me love you less,” and i think that pretty much sums it up. He’s a protector who will always love me.

2) what is your favorite bible verse?

“for i am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” -romans 8:38-39

i heard that one in sixth grade, during a public speaking class at my co-op. i’ve loved it ever since and i’m very thankful that my teacher introduced it to me.

i also really like 1 peter 4:8: “above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

3) what is your favorite book in the bible?

probably psalms or romans, idk.

4) what bible character inspires you the most?

i read job a few years ago, so i don’t remember the story extremely well, but he was pretty inspiring. he lost everything, but he continued to praise God.

5) what advice would you give to other people following the Lord?

have christian friends! one of mine used to ask me occasionally if i had been reading my bible, and sometimes i could say yes and i’d tell him where i was. but more often than not, he’d make me realize that i hadn’t touched my bible in a week or two. christian friends are really important, because they’ll pray with you and show you encouraging verses, and they’re just really wonderful to have.

here are my questions:

1) who is God to you?

2) what is your favorite bible verse?

3) what advice would you give to other people following the Lord?

4) when did you become a christian?

5) what’s your favorite worship song?

i’m awful at tagging people, so if you want to do this, please go ahead.

i hope you all have a good day and enjoy the weekend. i’m going to spend it playing soccer, working on my halloween costume, and (sadly) studying for a spanish test.



VBS Life

It’s been awhile since I posted, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Things have just been super busy as of late. And by that, I mean this week is my church’s VBS. I’ve been too exhausted to do anything but nap and watch Doctor Who. But today I thought, I haven’t posted recently!, so I made time today to write this.



For those of you who aren’t familiar with VBS, it stands for Vacation Bible School. Kids come to church for a couple of hours for the whole week, they’re divided into crews — groups of around five kids, with a crew leader — and the crew goes through several stations during the day.

I signed up to be a crew leader this year. All my friends did, too, but they’re working with preschoolers, and I’m with elementary. The preschoolers stay separated from the older kids the whole day, so I only get to see my friends in the morning before VBS starts, and at the crew leader meeting at the end.

My crew has two leaders: me, and a girl in her late teens named Joelle. I was hoping that I’d be the only leader in my crew, but no such luck. Since I’m not that old, I guess the staff thought I wouldn’t be responsible enough to teach the crew on my own. But I’ve been an assistant crew leader twice!

Anyway, my crew has five girls in it. Two — Sherry and Annelie — are really talkitive and energetic (they’re the problem children; they keep running ahead and chatting). Claire I’ve met before, and she’s pretty quiet. Renae is a girl I’ve actually had in my crew two years ago. She’s rather quiet, too. And then there’s Marialena, or “my buddy.” She’d incredibly quiet, and today is the first day that she talked very much. But she’s super sweet, and holds my hand and sits in my lap all the time.

At VBS, all the crews gather in a big room at the beginning. The worship team (I was on it last year) runs onto the stage and gets everyone to sing VBS songs. Marialena doesn’t like doing the motions to the songs until I take her hands and make her do them. My dad does that sometimes when we’re in church, but he makes up hand motions. There’s a skit where this guy named Clark Cavern comes onto the stage and learns the day’s Bible Point — “Jesus gives us hope!” and “Jesus gives us courage!” are examples of Bible Points. There’s a video about the Bible Buddy, an animal that goes along with the Bible Point (Sal the Salamander, Mawtha the Moth, and Radar the Bat are the Bible Buddies we’ve met so far). Then everyone leaves the room and goes to their first station.


Games might be my least favorite station, just because the games aren’t very fun. Even when I was young enough for VBS, I didn’t like the games. We do stuff like rolling a lemon along a line, pouring cups of water into a pool, and saying the alphabet backwards — LOTS of fun!


Back in my VBS days, we would watch a video about a chipmunk puppet named Chatter. Wow, I loved him. Then one year, the replaced him with an animated Chatter, and the next year Chatter was gone forever. Instead, they did KidVid: short videos about real kids. They always relate to the Bible Point. For example, one video was about a girl who donated her hair to cancer patients, which want along with “Jesus gives us hope!” Then a boy survived Hurricane Katrina, but all of things were destroyed — “Jesus gives us courage!” Stuff like that. And the kids in the crews get these dog tags with the Bible Buddy on the front and a verse on the back.


Ugh, I hate Snack. It’s even worse than Games. The food is always really disgusting. One day we got soggy frozen waffles with little cups of syrup. Today we got pieces of bread with gross strawberry cream cheese on it, and you were supposed to arrange blueberries, a strawberry, and a thin strip of Twizzler into a compass. Blech. Some days we get to eat inside the church, but sometimes we have to eat outside, under a tent. Each crew has to help make the snack one day . . . mine got to prepare the waffles. We cut the frozen waffles into strips and poured the syrup into plastic dishes.

Deep Bible Quest

I actually really like the Bible Quest. The Station Leaders teach a Bible story, but they make it interactive. When they were talking about Jesus walking on water, they mixed cornstarch and water together to make this wet sponge-y substance that we could walk on. Sometimes they give us food to eat. And our Station Leader plays a song on his guitar at the end of the lesson.

Imagination Station

This station is my favorite, and most people agree with me on this. My mom and older brother run Imagination Station. Mom talks about our mission project (Collecting money to send kids in Bangladesh to school, and gathering school supplies for kids in our community), my brother gives a brief geology lesson and does an experiment, and then the kids get “Science-y Fun Gizmos.” The first day was geodes that the kids got to crack open; yesterday was “Cave Snot,” a putty made out of water and some special powder; and today they got to use something called “Direction Doodlers.” You know, those things were you put your pen in the hole of this little gear and move it around in a circle, and it makes cool patterns?

First day of VBS for me! My church is doing Cave Quest, I'm a crew leader.:


This has been my life since Monday. *sigh*


Happy Easter + What I Did Yesterday


Hello, and happy Easter!

I’m not doing a special post for Easter, really. All you get is a cute Pusheen GIF. Why am I doing this post, then? Because I want to tell you a thing.

Yesterday, I spent ALL DAY at my church. I was there from 10:00 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. My church wanted to do something special for Easter this year, so they hosted an event called Road to Resurrection. Groups would go through the decorated church, trailing after a tour guide, and “follow Jesus’s footsteps through his last days in Jerusalem” or something like that. My mom signed up to help, and she ran Destination One, which was supposed to take place outside the east gate of Jerusalem. She actually built a really cool gate out of cardboard — keystone, ramparts, and all. And she painted a Roman soldier and a donkey onto cardboard. The donkey was so well done, some people thought it was real!

 I helped my mom run Destination One. We dressed up in tunics made of bed sheets (so stylish, I know XD) and tied scarves around our heads. We welcomed the “travelers” and told them about Jesus riding through the gate on a donkey, and about different names for Jesus, like Kyrios, Rabboni, Agnus Dei, etc. My mom would say to the groups, “They’re different names for the same person.” Then she’d turn to me. “I’ve heard some travelers talk about them. Loren, do you remember what it’s called?”

“Nick-i-names?” I’d suggested. The groups would almost always correct us, saying that it was “nicknames,” not nick-i-names.

Then my mom would pump up the crowd, get them to wave some paper palms, shout “Hosanna,” etc.

My older brother was there, too. (On this blog, he’s known as Sir Toilet Drinker.) He dressed up as a Roman soldier and guarded a “prisoner” in the basement of the church.

After, like, five hours of doing Destination One, we finished! *celebrates* We cleaned up the church, and then a guy from Pizza Hut came and dropped off at least ten pizzas, probably more. Pizza was the highlight of my day. Well, I got two scoops of ice cream for lunch, which was pretty good, too. ;)

Yeah. That’s what I did yesterday. What a way to spend a Saturday!


Happy Easter!