// today was not too bad //

you are my peach, you are my plum. you are my earth, you are my sun.

(peach // the front bottoms)

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songs in bold are explicit.

lazy bones // green day

feeling this // blink-182

rainbow connection // sleeping at last (cover)

hum hallelujah // fall out boy

peach // the front bottoms

after midnight // blink-182

miserable at best // mayday parade

troublemaker // green day

hey i’m sorry // blink-182


i went on a five mile bike ride this morning with my mom. there were lots and lots of corn fields and hills. but there were also lots of wildflowers, like queen anne’s lace, daisies, and chicory. however, i did forget to use deodorant, and my shirt was literally soaked with sweat, so that was fun. don’t use me as a role model, kids.


does anyone else get intrusive thoughts? like, “eat that WHOLE tube of toothpaste,” or “impale yourself on that FRICKEN S T I C K.” because my brain was supplying some of those while i was biking.

my mind: you should swerve in front of this lovely car!! it’ll be fun!!

me: dude, what??


me: *screaming*


i have been really into blink-182 lately — probably thanks to how many times i listened to the california album while i was on vacation. (some of my favorite songs are misery, long lost feeling, after midnight, down, i miss you, and adam’s song.) anyway, i was looking at band merch at hot topic, and i found this sweatshirt. “genuine crappy punk rock” — i really should not find it funny, but i do. so i bought it and my band merch collection is expanding.

blink-182, according to my mom: “you mean that one band that filmed a video naked?” aye, cheers, mum, that’s the one.

Image result for green day mask


apparently you can buy masks of the green day members?? how rad and slightly creepy are these things? can we get them, n? you can have the tré cool one, since you need a bit of help in the cool area. ;D heh heh heh, making fun of friends is great.

i’ve been having fun annoying my family today with my expert ukulele skills (sarcasm). i’ve been playing one part from feeling this // blink-182 over and over again:

fate fell short this time
your smile fades in the summer
place your hand in mine
i’ll leave when i wanna

i have a legend of zelda shirt. fiGHT ME.

it has been confirmed that the best way to play ukulele while standing up is to pretend you are a flamingo, like so. (this picture was not easy to take because i kept hopping around and falling over. a round of applause for my mum, who deals with my peanut butter on a daily basis [i don’t think anyone is going to understand that, but it was funny, trust me].)

i’m bitter, so i drew a picture of me being replaced. r.i.p. 

i also made up a song about pup, which goes like this:

my baby girl is all grown up
she’s off to college
with her ugly boyfriend
his name is p-v-r
peak valley ridge
steals the girls’ hearts
and took my love away from me

(she’s not actually going to college just yet. we’re not that old.)

i think this blog started off as a writing/photography/books/the occasional weird rant blog, but now it has turned into a place for crying about music, mediocre art, the rare aesthetic photo, and basically a guide for how to become friends with the void. but it seems to still be attracting followers, so either it’s not as bad as i think, or you guys just like dumb stuff. probably the latter.

i stayed up until after 4:30 last night, which was fun, i guess? you’d think that i would have been so tired from my last all-nighter that i would have been able to sleep. but my body and mind frequently turn against me, and that’s how things like this happen. :) i started reading a book called the unlikely adventures of mabel jones by will mabbitt, which my friend izzy suggested to me. it starts with a girl getting kidnapped by a loris because she opened a portal into our world by picking her nose and eating it. maybe i only think it’s super weird because of how late it was, but i honestly can’t be sure.

i remember that one time in cultures class, n used “i pulled an all-nighter” as an excuse for getting all the questions wrong (clever, but cheap, my friend). our teachers were pretty chill, though, so they let it go. i’m not kidding, they were fifteen minutes late to their own class on the first day because they had gone to chick-fil-a while dressed up as old ladies.

 in february — it was the weekend of valentine’s day, i believe — i went to a camp in the mountains with n and his church’s youth group. the lodge felt really familiar, and i was sure i had been there before, but i couldn’t quite remember when. then i found some pictures of when i went there with the co-op.

i must have been about five or six and i was kicking butt on the climbing wall. :)

the kid in the green is n!! he’s so tiny. :D and the other small child is q. i love those losers.





// sketchbook #4 //

hello, friends. :) i pulled an (unintentional) all-nighter, and it’s only 9:30, but i’m already tired. yay. my search history from about six a.m. includes “america’s murder capitals,” “baby honey badger,” and “when did the lion king come out.” we have fun here.

anyway, i have some more drawings to show you. they were all completed within the past few days. i guess i’ve been on an art kick.

 afterglow // all time low

the boy looks like this guy who lives down the road and threw me into a pond when i was about four. he also stole my hat. he also goes to school with my brother. he also has a younger brother who made a giant oreo by stuffing a heck ton of cream between two cookies.

that paragraph had absolutely nothing to do with my drawing. oh well.

 fell for you // green day

it looked better in my head, ok?

there’s a green day album called revolution radio, and that’s where this came from. i kind of want to make a similar one for danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys by my chemical romance (bureau // gerard way came on shuffle and i started laughing, because whAT THE HECK, GERARD).

rainbow connection // sleeping at last (cover)

this one was fun, because rainbow strings of fate and love and hearts and all that jazz, but also very stressful, because HANDS. fricken hands. they will be the death of me.

sunrise // our last night

for someone who is so bad at painting sunrises/sunsets, i sure do make them a lot. i’ve been meaning to do something like this ever since i heard the song, and i finally got around to doing it this morning.

since i was awake all night, i decided to make the most of it and watch the sunrise. i got some pictures, although they’re a little blurry. but, you know, my photos being bad quality never stopped me from posting them. :D

poem that i couldn’t find an author to give credit to.

den mother asked me to paint a galaxy for her, and this is what i created. i made a copy to give to her so i could put the original in my sketchbook (so i’m selfish, i guess).

i’ve been awake for so long. send help. or just a soft blanket and a lot of pillows. it would be appreciated.