// 2017 christmas haul //

hey, friends. :)

i’m finally putting up that christmas haul that i promised. please keep in mind that i’m not trying to brag — i’m thankful for everything i received (except maybe the stamps) and just wanted to share.

idk. let’s get into it.

stocking stuffers

i got a lot of candy in my stocking — these are the only two that i haven’t eaten already. my mom thought she was being funny by getting me turtles, because i’d been asking for a pet turtle all year.

i love lip balm!! this one is hershey’s brand. idk what flavor it is because the packaging got thrown out, but it’s kind of fruity with a tiny bit of peppermint.

my brother and i both got fun string. i sprayed it in his hair as soon as i got it open and have been tormenting him with it ever since.

let’s ignore the change of scenery.

the last thing in my stocking was this tiny music box. it plays the song somewhere over the rainbow. :)

from family

my brother gave me animal crossing: new leaf. i named my town hell, which makes the conversations about moving in much more interesting. for example: “so do you go to hell very often?” “i sure hope you find a sweet little house and have lots of fun making new friends in hell!”

of course i got books. i’m super excited to read these, especially nightfall and everland.

i got a white sweatshirt (very soft on the inside) with this informative sign on top of it. apparently my mom is going to print out the dear evan hansen logo and iron it onto the shirt. personally, i think she’s going to forget out it and never help me, but it’s whatever.

ft. barakat the plant

i picked out these pajamas and got to open them on christmas eve. they’re incredibly soft, and they’ve got pockets and a hood.

i’m not a fan of purses, they get in my way and it’s hard to run with one. but i need something to carry my junk around in. you see my problem?

so grandparents #1 got me this cute mini backpack. :)

grandma #2 bought these things for all the kids. i’m not really sure what it is, but it’s very loud.

some candy that will likely find its way into my brother’s stomach.

grandma #2 planned a game where tiny trinkets were bundled up in a ball of cling wrap. we passed it around in a circle while the person who had it before tried to roll doubles on some dice. once they got it, the ball and dice were handed off again. you got to keep whatever you tore from the ball on your turn.

why did she think kids would like stamps for christmas? who knows.

i also got some seeds from the cling wrap ball! granted, most of them are probably too old to grow anything from, but i’ll still try.

from some other family members, i got a face mask and summer fruit eos. my brother got the bubble bath and lip balm (avon iced gingerbread) in the cling wrap ball and gave them to me.

i’ve never used a face mask in my life, so i’m excited to try it out.

in my family, christmas is not complete without getting lots of money. i got $190, as well as target and chick-fil-a gift cards. i’m not sure what i’m going to spend the money on yet — maybe books or clothes (i’m thinking oh wonder merch).

from friends

my friend izzy spoils me. she got me a ton of stuff and i love her for it.

the first thing she gave me is a beanie with wireless speakers sewn into it. i can connect my ipod to its bluetooth and play my music while everyone thinks i’m listening to them. it was more of a joke then an actual gift, since izzy didn’t think it would work, but it surprisingly does.

another thing she got me is this beautiful dear evan hansen case! it’s a bit too big for my ipod, but i stuffed a tissue into it and now it’s good.

izzy took me to the mall and let me get whatever i wanted. i found all time low’s don’t panic album on cd at this sick music store. it’s mostly clean, which means i can play it in the car when i’m with my mom.

i dragged her to hot topic to hunt for pins. she hates the store because she had a dream where vampires that were hiding there kidnapped her or something like that. anyway, i found a few pins there: bob ross, panic! at the disco’s logo, and for loser.

we also found this gravity falls patch for my jacket.

from k, i got a wooden L, a picture frame, and an ornament of the white rabbit from alice in wonderland.

she always gets me something alice in wonderland-themed. over the years, i’ve gotten the complete works of lewis carroll, a mad hatter origami kit, etc.


i went to a christmas party with bethany and mckenna and got these at the white elephant gift exchange. they came in a bag with a can of refried beans and gas-x, but idk where those are now. i gave the gas-x to my brother as a joke, which he didn’t think was funny.

i’m going to use the itunes card to get the heathers soundtrack, because it’s not on spotify.

honestly, what i’m most excited about is all the lip balm i got. i’ve been collecting them for years and i currently have 40+. granted, i only use about five of them, but still.

i hope you enjoyed reading my haul. :)

did we get any of the same things? what’s the best gift you received? 



2016 Christmas Haul


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I thought you guys might like to see what I received . . . so this post was made.

If anyone is planning on leaving a long comment on how I’m bragging by showing off what I received — please don’t, I’m fragile.

Twenty One Pilots Hot Topic Logo Bag

I don’t typically like bags, but this one is tøp so it’s cool.

Twenty One Pilots Beanie Hot Topic

*runs about screaming*


My grandmother got these cat earrings for me, so that’s pretty sweet.

Just a sec, I feel like drawing cat whiskers on my face.


My lovely best fren got this book for me. Actually, lovely isn’t the right word. She’s insane and thinks my music sucks but I’m stuck with her now.

Love you, too, Izzy.


Random stocking stuffers.

See those earbuds? That’s the third pair I’ve had in the past two months. Navi likes chewing them up.


An ocarina and Triforce necklace.

I really like the Legend of Zelda which probably has nothing to do with my cat’s name.


Link hat. It’s huge on me so I let my brother wear it sometimes. :P


Either mugs are a common gift or everyone has figured out that I like tea.


I have four movie tickets but no friends to go with.

I’d bring you guys if I could, honestly. Who’s up for watching Rouge One again?


*insert clever-ish caption here*


I now have $205 dollars (my family isn’t very original with gifts, but I’m rich now, so I can’t complain). I’ll probably end up spending it on band merch. (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND ALL TIME LOW AND FALL OUT BOY AND TWENTY ONE PILOTS AND PANIC! AT THE DISCO TO BE SPECIFIC.)


My brother got Pokemon Moon for me. I also got a 3DS. My mom hid the package in the downstairs furnace for some reason. She set up this clue hunt for me and I had to walk around the whole house before I was allowed to have my package. XD

Thanks, Pete Mom.

Dear family, if you’re reading this (which I sincerely hope you are not), thanks for the stuff.

Goodbye for now, loves. I hope you’re doing alright, but if not, you’re going to be OK real soon, kid.


Hot Topic Haul

I went to the Hot Topic at the mall for the first time today! The staff was really nice and helpful, and they had a cool sale going on: buy one thing on clearance, and pay $1 for something else on clearance. I’ve shopped at Hot Topic before, but only online.

Hot Topic Black Legend of Zelda Hat


Hot Topic Legend of Zelda LED Watch

The scouting camp I’m going to requires that every camper packs a watch, I don’t know why. So I got a Legend of Zelda one. ☺

Hot Topic Legend of Zelda LED Watch

If you press the Hylian Crest, the time will show up. It also shows the date and seconds.

Hot Topic Doctor Who T-shirt

Doctor Who T-shirt, yaaaaay. *happy TARDIS noises*

I also bought two things for the cosplay I’m working on! (Not at Hot Topic, though.) I’m not going to say who I’m cosplaying as, but here’s a hint:

I want to be the very best

Like no one ever was

To catch them is my real quest

To train them is my cause


Love you, goodbye. <3


Books-a-Million/Claire’s Haul


I went shopping with my grandmother yesterday. I got enough things that I decided to do a haul post about them. ;) We went to two stores, Books-a-Million and Claire’s.

Minions Stay Weird T-shirt

First up is this adorable Minions shirt! I found it at Books-a-Million. It was only $5.00, because it was on sale.

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

I also got The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch, the first book in the Secret Series. I’m collecting the whole series; this is the third Secret Series book I’ve bought. I got the second and last one at a bookfair, which I talked about in THIS post.

We went to Claire’s next. They were having this awesome sale: buy three things, and you can pick out any three items in the store and get them for free.

Claire's aviator sunglasses


(OK, I’m never saying that again.)

Claire's aviator sunglasses

The sides are very . . . colorful.

When we were checking out, the clerk said, “You know that these sunglasses are for little girls, right? Like, five-year-olds.”


Claire's rubber duckie earrings

Rubber duckie earrings, guys.


Claire's gold anchor earrings

Anchor earrings — perfect for summer. :)

Claire's soccer ball earrings

Soccer ball earrings!

Claire's white beanie -- epic

I got a Claire’s beanie. It was the only one without a hashtag on it. Seriously, why are people so obsessed with hashtags? It makes no sense to me.

mah glasses

Also: I got glasses today. This is no reason to celebrate.

mah glasses

The designs on the sides are sort of cool, I suppose. Zebra stripes.

Books-a-Million "Warning: Fart Zone" sign

Oh, and while I was at Books-a-Million, I picked this out for my older brother. ☺


P.S. I added a bunch of new blogs to my Blogs I ♥ page! Go check it out. ;)

Christmas Haul

Hello, dearest nerds, writers, photographers, fangirls,  book readers and blog readers.

Today (or tonight; it depends on what time you’re reading this), I’m going to show you my Christmas presents! (If you like American Girls dolls, you can check out my doll-related haul on my other blog, Happy House of AG.)

*I’m not trying to brag by showing you my presents. I simply thought you might like to see what I was given.*

Tenth Doctor Funko POP!

I got my very first POP! It’s of the Tenth Doctor. :D

Tenth Doctor Funko POP!

Isn’t he adorable?

Keeper of the Lost Cities: book three, Everblaze

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze by Shannon Messenger. I’m super excited to read this!

Keeper of the Lost Cities: book four, Neverseen

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen by Shannon Messenger. I now have the whole series!

Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch

The Bad Books: Bad Magic. The first (and, at the moment, only) book in The Bad Books series by Pseudonymous Bosch. I’ve already finished reading it. XD


Here are a few random sentences from each book . . .


“Just tell me the stupid secret, okay?” — page 461.

The quintessence had carried them to an island — a tiny spit of sand and palms where Sophie would’ve expected to find a marooned pirate searching for the X that marked the spot. — page 417.

Bad Magic:

He’d been abandoned with a cryptic warning next to an alarming SOS sign. — page 134.

Maybe he would learn more about the original Mira, or more about the library the pilot had warned him about weeks ago. — page 218.


Sophie swayed and Keefe grabbed her, holding her steady as he whispered, “Please tell me what they’re saying.” — page . . . um, I forget the page number.

She rallied her full mental strength, slipped into Mitya’s mind and . . .

. . . tangled in a web of memories. — page 161.


I got this hat.


Some gloves.

Star Wars beanie

This Star Wars beanie was a gift from my grandmother (Well, technically, the hat belongs to my brother, but he lets me wear it. I got a beanie as well, but I didn’t really like it because it had Hello Kitty on it. :P ).

Star Wars beanie - close up

It says “Star Wars, the Force Awakens” on it!

Hal Leonard Guitar Method book

My parents got me a guitar book, since I’m going to learn guitar soon. My dad plays guitar, so hopefully he’ll help me. :)


Mmm . . . a peanut butter chocolate bar. There’s actually peanut butter inside the squares of chocolate.


My grandmother gave me a stocking filled with all of that stuff. ^^

Nutella & Go!

My mom put this in my stocking. XD


I got these awesome Doctor Who earrings. They have the Seal of Rassilon on them!

Doctor Who Keep Calm and Don't Blink shirt

Finally, I was given a Doctor Who shirt that says “Keep Calm and Don’t Blink.”

I’m in love with it.

I got $50 from grandparents #1; $30 from grandparents #2; $50 from grandparents #3; $20 from aunt and uncle #1; $20 from my great aunt and uncle; and $50 from aunt and uncle #2.

Uncle #3 gave me a $50 Books-a-Million gift card.


I bought my brother The Avengers on DVD. It was sort of a gift to myself as well as to him, since I hadn’t seen The Avengers before.