Giveaway Winner // I Hope You’re Ready

i meant for this post to be up this morning, but i was hanging out with my friend izzy, and i’m just now finding time to write this. we went kayaking, made flower crowns, watched “moana,” went to dairy queen . . . i really love izzy.


thank you for all the entries! i didn’t expect to get that many. you guys are amazing.

of course, there can only be one winner (though i would send prizes to all of you if i could). ready to find out who won the twelve pairs of earrings?

congratulations . . .


she runs the lovely blog the nerd notebook — which you should definitely check out and follow.

so, my dear, i will be sending you an email tomorrow with details on how to claim your prize. if i don’t get a reply by midnight, april 15th, i will have to select a new winner.

did anyone catch how i used the winner’s name in the title? i think i’m clever.

please be safe, guys. i really love you and i’m glad you’re alive.



Giveaway Reminder

just so you know, today is the last day to enter my giveaway. the winner will receive twelve pairs of earrings. make sure to enter before midnight. and there’s still time to get extra entries. you can see all the details here.

that’s all I wanted to say, but i don’t want this post to be super short. so i’m going to write about whatever.

i thought kellin quinn (from the band sleeping with sirens) was a girl when i first heard him sing. he’s got a freaking amazing voice, though.

i was writing down the names of bands i want to listen to. it’s a rather long list. THERE’S JUST TOO MUCH GOOD MUSIC IN THIS WORLD.

it’s seventy-four degrees right now and i’m wearing all black: black skinny jeans, black hoodie, black fall out boy shirt. black is just a great color, you know? so comforting.

i made pasta today, and i somehow managed to cook the right amount! *throws confetti*

i think that’s all. thanks for reading this rather pointless post.



Earring Giveaway

Hey, guys! I’ve got something fun planned for this blog: I’m hosting a giveaway!

There’s not really a specific reason for it. I haven’t reached a huge milestone for followers, and it’s not my blogiversary, or anything like that. I just love you guys and wanted to do something cool for you. :)

I should show you what I’m giving away, huh?

The winner of the giveaway will receive twelve pairs of earrings. They’re pretty much brand new. Each pair has only been worn for about one minute.

Top to bottom: wishing bones, wings, gold bars, “love.”

Top to bottom: rhinestones, pearls, triangles, bows.

Top to bottom: birds, arrows, small rhinestones, black cats.

The black cat earrings have the kittens’ tiny lil’ butts instead of normal earring backings, so it looks like the cats are stuck halfway through your ear (which seems a bit twisted, in my opinion. FREE THE KITTIES!).

A few of the posts are a little crooked, but you can’t tell once you put them in.

How to Enter:

Just leave a comment saying you would like to enter. Make sure to get a parent’s permission before entering, because if you win, I’ll need your address to ship the prize to you.

Sorry — this giveaway is only open to residents of the USA.

Also, please make sure that the email you enter in the comment form is correct. If you’re the winner, I’ll contact you using that email address.

For extra entries:

  • Follow Let’s Be Lost.
  • Post about my giveaway on your blog and link back to this post.
  • Share this post on Pinterest.
  • Share this post on Facebook.
  • Tell your friends about this giveaway by sending them the link.

Each of the things above will get you one extra entry. You can only do each of them once (except for the tell-a-friend one — you can do that as many times as you want, but tell a different friend each time). After you do it, leave me a separate comment for each extra entry saying what you did.

The last day to enter is April 10th.

Good luck!


Fandom Earrings From Hot Topic

I ordered some stuff from Hot Topic during their recent sale, and they arrived yesterday! I’m excited to show you what I bought.

Hot Topic Legend of Zelda Navi Earrings

Navi earrings from the Legend of Zelda! They’re super cute, but pretty big. The wings, I mean. They’re rather long.

My only compliant is that they didn’t come with backings. There was a clear, squishy backing that held it onto the paper, but there was no metal backings to keep them on your ears. I’m guessing that the squishy clear stuff was supposed to be the backing, but I didn’t want to risk it, so I used earring backings from another pair to keep them on. ;)

Legend of Zelda Link and Navi fan art


In case anyone doesn’t know who Navi is (in that case, bless you), she is THIS (^^^^^) annoying fairy. She constantly shouts “HEY! Listen!” at you.

                                                                            Hot Topic Doctor Who Earring Set

I also bought a set of six Doctor Who earrings. :D

Hot Topic Doctor Who Weeping Angel Earrings

Weeping Angel wings . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Bow Tie Earrings

The Eleventh Doctor’s bow tie . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who Union Jack Heart Earrings

Hearts with the Union Jack on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who "Don't Blink" Earrings

Silver circles with “Don’t blink” written on them . . .

Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS Earrings

“Police Public Call Box” is written on the top in teeny tiny letters. ♥

Silver TARDISes . . .

 Hot Topic Doctor Who TARDIS-Blue Earrings

And TARDIS-blue crystals.

Sure, the blue crystals, angel wings, Union Jacks, and bow ties might look like normal earrings to non-Whovians, but I’m sure that fans of Doctor Who will get the references. I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and I’m really happy to own more fandom merch.

Not to mention, I’m waiting for another fandom-related order to arrive! I bought this last thing from Amazon, and it should come tomorrow. I’m REALLY excited for it to come. :D


Books-a-Million/Claire’s Haul


I went shopping with my grandmother yesterday. I got enough things that I decided to do a haul post about them. ;) We went to two stores, Books-a-Million and Claire’s.

Minions Stay Weird T-shirt

First up is this adorable Minions shirt! I found it at Books-a-Million. It was only $5.00, because it was on sale.

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

I also got The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch, the first book in the Secret Series. I’m collecting the whole series; this is the third Secret Series book I’ve bought. I got the second and last one at a bookfair, which I talked about in THIS post.

We went to Claire’s next. They were having this awesome sale: buy three things, and you can pick out any three items in the store and get them for free.

Claire's aviator sunglasses


(OK, I’m never saying that again.)

Claire's aviator sunglasses

The sides are very . . . colorful.

When we were checking out, the clerk said, “You know that these sunglasses are for little girls, right? Like, five-year-olds.”


Claire's rubber duckie earrings

Rubber duckie earrings, guys.


Claire's gold anchor earrings

Anchor earrings — perfect for summer. :)

Claire's soccer ball earrings

Soccer ball earrings!

Claire's white beanie -- epic

I got a Claire’s beanie. It was the only one without a hashtag on it. Seriously, why are people so obsessed with hashtags? It makes no sense to me.

mah glasses

Also: I got glasses today. This is no reason to celebrate.

mah glasses

The designs on the sides are sort of cool, I suppose. Zebra stripes.

Books-a-Million "Warning: Fart Zone" sign

Oh, and while I was at Books-a-Million, I picked this out for my older brother. ☺


P.S. I added a bunch of new blogs to my Blogs I ♥ page! Go check it out. ;)

Adorable Clay Jewelry from MiniJon

  Hey. The name’s Flynn Rider. How’s your day going?

*cough*Disney nerd*cough*

Flynn Rider’s smolder aside, I wanted to introduce you to a really cute Etsy shop called MiniJon (A fellow blogger told me about it — I think it was Allison).


MiniJon sells the cutest clay food jewelry, one of my favorites being this amazing pancake necklace.

Frappuccino Necklace *Limited Edition* - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Starbucks. Fake Food Jewelry.


There’s seriously a mini frappuccino. Look, there’s even a tiny label and a little straw and stuff! *whispers* I don’t even like frappuccinos.

Banana Charm - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Exotic Fruit. Miniature Banana. Banana Fruit Jewelry.



Peanut Butter and Jelly Charm - Miniature Food Jewelry, Polymer Clay Food. Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich. Fake Food Jewelry.


Peanut butter and je-e-e-lly . . .


Ooh . . . ombre cake . . .

MiniJon has lots of other super cute food jewelry, including hot dogs, avocados, and more!

Just go check it out. Seriously. You won’t regret it.