I Dream of TARDISes


I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time

But hidden in the corners of the galaxies

There are terrible, strange, beautiful things




What’s on the bed?

In the corner of your eye?

Memories that have been forgotten

Don’t open the door

Rose Tyler, Bad Wolf

Martha Jones, the Girl Who Walked the Earth

Donna Noble, the Most Important Woman

Amelia Pond, the Girl Who Waited

Clara Oswald, the Impossible Girl

I dream of TARDISes

Bow ties, Time Lords, really good hair

I dream of traveling the stars

All of space and time


Basically, this is me being sad about Doctor Who leaving Netflix (cause how else am I supposed to watch BBC? I don’t live in the UK, you know!).

And I know the poem sucked.

I am a writer of novels, not a writer of poetry.

I’ll stay away from poetry from now on. I’m just not good at turning feelings into eloquent words, which I suppose is what poetry is about.

Goodbye, and may we never speak of this poem again.


*whispers* Allons-y. *voices in head* GERONIMO! (Please help me, I may be going crazy. Also, there’s a fly in my room. :/ )

Catching Up on the Christmas Challenge

December/Christmas blogging challenge

{Image belongs to Kathryn}

Write a short poem about the true meaning of Christmas

A baby slipped into the world without a sound

His mother, Mary, beside him on the ground

She peered into the manger at her new baby boy

The Light of the world, Earth’s almighty joy

Gathered around were three great kings

Bestowing upon the baby myrrh and precious things

Mary’s baby, Wonderful Counselor,  Jesus Christ

idk. I tried.

Favorite Christmas carol


O Tannenbaumthat’s the song Oh Christmas tree in German. My mom taught it to me a long time ago. It sounds really pretty. :)

Favorite Christmas Pin



I love this picture! Candy canes are so pretty — and look at all of the bokeh!



I love this one, too.

That’s all for today. Remember, your first entry for Creating Worlds Writing Camp is due tomorrow!


The kids in my dad’s Sunday School class call him T-Bomb. He says it’s his gangster name. xD

Winter Poetry

Hey, guys!

I’m in this group called American Heritage Girls, a Christian scouting organization. My troop recently had an award ceremony (I got five badges, two fun patches, and two service stars!), and I decided to show you all some of the work I had to do to get the badges. We’ll start with the Creative Writing badge.

I absolutely love writing, but the Creative Writing badge took forever to complete. Seriously, I finished it on the same day as the award ceremony! The requirements just weren’t fun.

Anyway, today I’ll be sharing the poetry I had to write. I had to write three poems, all different styles, about the same subject. I picked winter as my topic, because I l-o-v-e winter and there’s lots of material in that season to write poetry from.

I’m not a poet and I’m definitely not very good at it, so that’s why the lines are all different lengths and stuff. *deep breath* Here we go!

The first one is an acrostic poem. btw, none of my poems have titles.

Warm, cozy fires, embers aglow.

Icy wind, a frost giant’s breath.

Nighttime, snow drifting past stars.

Treats abound, cookies to candy canes.

Escapists delight upon receiving new books.

Remember the excitement of Christmas Eve.


The second one is a rhyming sequence poem.

On Monday, the skies let loose buckets of snow.

            The sun glinting upon it made it seem to glow.

Tuesday’s harsh sunlight caused the snow to melt.

            We stayed inside and made scarves out of felt.

On Wednesday morning, fog descended to the ground.

            Snuggled under blankets, I slept safe and sound.

Thursday’s light snowfall looked like dusting a cake,

            which reminded me that I had cookies to bake.

On Friday the rain made the day last forever.

I helped Father fix the wooden nutcracker’s broken lever.

Saturday’s wind was dreadfully cold.

            Bundled in layers, I stepped out the door, being very bold.

On Sunday the cold froze over the pond.

            We went down to skate, and I lost my fleece hat, of which I was quite fond.


The last one is in the clerihew style — a silly four-line poem about a person.

The White Witch

drove her sleigh into a ditch.

The wheels froze from her anger

and she turned her horses into coat hangers!


I hope you enjoyed reading my poetry, even if it was really bad. Poetry is not my strong point :/