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Co-op ended in April (hooray), on the day of the musical. The building was really hot, and the stage smelled like sweaty armpits the whole time. It was unpleasant. And it was pretty boring just sitting on the stage for an hour.

BUUUT, during the rehearsal before the musical, I was complaining about how hot it was. And Quinn (my brother’s friend; he was next to me on the stage) said, “You know why?”



My brother has been quoting that forever, but he’ll just go, “Wow, it’s really hot out . . . Know why?” Then he smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. “Me.” And it’s rather annoying (’cause he does it all the time), and he’ll never do it nearly as well as Quinn did.


Live Love Soccer:


The spring soccer season has ended . . . WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE? I just have to wait until the fall season. But it seems so far awayyyy.

Anyway, my favorite coach ever is not coaching anymore, which is terrible. Terrible.

I should have ranted about this weeks ago, when I was really good and angry, but whatever. This one team CHEATED IMMENSELY.

One game, we were short a couple players — as in, we didn’t have enough to play, let alone have subs. So my coach asked two girls that had played before us if they’d be on our team for that game (keep in mind that they were already tired). They agreed, so we’d have enough to play. But we still didn’t have any subs.

I was watching the other team, and it looked like they had way more players than they should have. Like, around seventeen players. We only had, what — eight? And then I figured it out when I saw how may adults were gathered around that team. THEY HAD INVITED ANOTHER TEAM TO PLAY WITH THEM. They had double the amount of players that they should have.

Another of our team’s players showed up right before the game started, so we had one sub . . . While the other team had about seven. Their players got to rest for a long time before playing, while on my team, you got to rest for maybe three minutes before getting put back in the game.

Not only did they cheat by inviting another team, but they were constantly fouling us. A girl tripped me on purpose, right in front of the ref. The defense was body slamming our players whenever they got close to their goal. They did hand balls. They had TEN players on the field, while we only had eight. The ref didn’t even notice how many players they had until halftime, and then, when he wasn’t looking, the other team’s coach sent extra players back in!

This literally could not be more true:


There was a throw-in, but the ref paused the game so the subs could come in. But the girl taking the throw-in didn’t care, and put the ball into play while the game was paused. Our team wasn’t paying attention because it was paused, and the other team scored. And the ref counted it! Even though it was paused!



These are for you, sir.

Vacation Bible School

My church’s VBS is at the end of July, and I’m really excited for it. I’m going to be a crew leader this year (I asked for first grade)! I’ve been a assistant two years in a row, and on the worship team once, but this is the first time that I’ve gotten to be a crew leader. :D

Cave Quest VBS. Nazarene caverns. Recruit volunteers and preregistration for VBS.:


The theme is Cave Quest, which sounds neat. I know that they’re growing crystals as decorations. My church really goes all out for VBS.

My best friend Izzy is going to be a crew leader, too, but she asked for Preschool. She requested to have the little girl she wants to babysit in her crew. I don’t really know WHY you’d want to have Preschool. What if they aren’t potty trained? I asked Izzy about this, and she said, “If they pee their pants, it’s their fault. They get to walk around all day with soaked pants.”


Youth Group

In May or April or something, my Youth Group did a Mario Kart night. We got to build our own carts out of . . . uh . . . these things . . .

I forgot what these things were called, my brother suggested “butt scooter,” AND IT WORKED.


BUTT SCOOTERS, cardboard boxes, and duct tape. My team built a spoiler and a pointy prow thing for our car.

The youth pastor had marked out a course through the lobby and the sanctuary (complete with pit stops). Three teams raced at once. The smallest people got to sit in the cars, while stronger ones pushed it through the course.


We won our first race, and then we raced the winner of the other round and won again. Our driver for the last round ripped off the spoiler and smacked the other person’s car. XD


Yes, that is a subject.

I was at Izzy’s house the day of the Mario Kart night, and I was sitting on the lawn under this tree. We went inside for lunch and I felt something on my back. Izzy’s little brother pointed and said, “There’s a caterpillar on your back.”

I didn’t believe him at first, but then I was like, “WAIT WHAT, REALLY, GET IT OFF.”

So Izzy pulled this caterpillar off my back. I was afraid that there might be more caterpillars on me, so I started patting myself down. And what do you know, a caterpillar had found its way down my shirt.

I shook it out and Izzy took it outside. She was holding it in cupped hands, and I heard her whisper, “Caterpillar, you have seen things that nobody wants to see.”


Well, this was fun. Ranting and complaining about refs, caterpillars, Quinn, and Mario Kart. I might do it again.


Yesterday, a grumpy teenager chased me around on a lawn mower. :P