// ❀❀❀ //

there’s a lovely bush covered with hot pink flowers that is currently blooming in the front yard. i took these pictures a few days ago after a rainstorm.

spring isn’t too bad. there are flowers and soccer and it’s not freezing and it rains for days on end. my friends complain about the rain, but i rather like it. i like falling asleep with a storm serenading me through the window. it’s raining at the moment, and i guess i could say that it’s actually making me happy? that’s rare.

i’m reading a book called the screaming staircase, by jonathan stroud. it’s part of the lockwood & co. series. it’s about an infestation of ghosts in london. the main character is part of a small agency that gets rid of the spirits by destroying their “source” — something that their soul is closely bound up with, which allows them to appear in the living world. it’s quite good, although i made the mistake of reading it at two a.m. that glow next to my desk is definitely otherworldly residue left by a ghost.



p.s. mckenna/xenoloser just started a blog called alternate galaxy  (which  makes me look at my blog’s name and wonder why the heck i picked something as bad as “let’s be lost”). she’s a really amazing girl, so you should definitely go check that out. 

// flower crowns //

she looks like a tiny fairy.

guess who likes wearing long-sleeved black clothes in hot weather? it’s me, testing my heat endurance so i can be the alpha.

holy crap, i’m a great photographer. i’m just kidding, i actually kind of suck, but i do like this photo. :)

pup and den mother were here a few days ago, and i got to teach them how to make flower crowns. (pup is the cute lil one with all the messy brown hair, and den mother has the pretty red hair.) you can be sure that if there are flowers around, i will be picking enough to weave a flower crown for myself or for a friend.

flower crowns are one of my favorite things ever. they sort of make me feel like an elf, i guess. like i’m alive and part of this world. nature is pretty, so decorating myself with it makes me feel a little pretty, too. also, flower crowns are just really great, and as an aesthete, i’m kind of drawn to them.

everyone looks nice in flower crowns, and i can’t help but feel ok when i’m wearing one. :)

and i wish that plant life would grow all around me, so i won’t feel dead anymore (plant life // owl city).



// redbud //

my pictures have all been blurry lately. i’m not sure what’s going on. maybe something is wrong with the camera. maybe i can’t stop shaking long enough to get a clear shot.

it’s finally spring. that means emerging buds and slight breezes and dandelions exploding from the ground like fireworks and the musky smell of the pear tree settling over the backyard.

the redbud tree is one of my favorite plants that has made its home here. it’s a pink eruption of delicate flowers amid the overwhelming green. the blossoms are edible; they’re tangy and sweet with a slight crunch. they taste like nostalgia.



Spring Flowers Have Arrived {Photography}




Bleeding hearts! I love these flowers, they’re so beautiful.











Whenever I take pictures of these flowers, they end up looking super bright pink. I tried to edit these pictures a bit to tone down the colors, but to no avail.





Emily’s tree is beginning to bloom. Rest in peace, dear girl. You are missed.



Maddy posted a tip about photographing flowers (see it HERE). I decided to try her tip, and the following dandelion pictures are the results. ;)



I had fun editing some of my photos to look like Polaroid images.


Tiny pansy.



A bouquet with a bit of bokeh.  ;)

29-DSC_2713 - Copy



I really like this one for some reason. :)


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Flowering Cherry Tree {Photography}

Hello! I recently took some pictures of the flowering cherry tree growing beside my house. Flowering cherry trees don’t grow fruit on them, though we have four trees that do produce cherries: two sour cherry trees and two sweet ones.

Anyway, enjoy the photos! :)

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree

Flowering Cherry Tree