Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving means free food, which is spectacular. And if that’s all it involved, I would be happy! But NO, holidays surrounding food must be ruined by shoving socialization into the mix.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can socialize. I just choose not to, because it’s draining and I have to act like I care. We have to go over to my grandma’s house later today for a great big Thanksgiving get-together. I’m going to have to smile and nod and engage in trivial conversations.

At least there’s going to be food.

I guess Thanksgiving is about, in part, being thankful. So I’m going to make a not-very-heartfelt list of things I’m thankful for. :)

  • Music
  • Bread and jelly
  • People that make me feel like I’m wanted
  • Cool blogger friends
  • Hoodies (I just got a new one, YAYYYY)
  • The colors black and gray
  • Plane tickets to Florida are only fifty something dollars
  • Internet
  • Books
  • Bonfires
  • Forests
  • Stars

It got a little more sincere at the end.

Also: yes, I did take the picture at the beginning. And yes, I like it a lot.


NANO UPDATE: I’ve only got 1k left to go!