meet loren


loren | christian | infp | band trash | artist | writer | overthinker | wanderer

hey, i’m loren, the loser who runs this blog.

you probably came to this page to learn more about me, huh? i’m not that interesting, but i’ll try to think of something that will keep you entertained.

i’m an infp.

i’m a christian.

i’m homeschooled.

i listen to music way too much. (my favorite bands are twenty one pilots, all time low, fall out boy, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, panic! at the disco, etc. all that good emo stuff.)

i like photography.

i play soccer.

i’m a writer.

i like drawing.

i have a serious case of wanderlust.

i care about people way too much.

it’s hard for me to fall asleep.

i love the night sky.

i’m fascinated by paranormal things, like aliens and ghosts.

plants make me happy.

i think in a poetic way, though i can’t write poetry.

i can usually be found wearing all black.

flower crowns are one of my favorite things.

i love the rain.



99 thoughts on “meet loren

  1. Clara says:

    Hey, Loren, this is very random, but I was wondering how exactly do you pronounce your name? Is is pronounced like Low-wren or Lohr-en?

    -Clara <3


  2. whitneyracquel says:

    I love the variety of content for your blog! You should share some tips on how to build more content and attract readers! I’m fairly new to blogging and I sometimes get stuck on how to create and organize my content to be something people actually want to see. Keep on keepin’ on!

    Whitney of


  3. Misty says:

    You have an amazing about page, Loren! Also I didn’t know you were an INFP. Welcome to the club. :P


  4. Kalie Kaufman says:

    Oh my gosh we have so much in common! were in pretty much the same fandoms and bands. i’m also homeschooled and I love both of your blogs : ) – Kalie xx


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