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You know how Christmas can just sneak up on you? You spend all year wishing it would come faster, and then when December arrives, the days speed up and you don’t have enough time to make it feel like a holiday.

There are things that make the holidays feel real, and for me, it’s putting up lights, decorating cookies, listening to Christmas music and singing it obnoxiously loud, sitting in front of the fireplace, and, of course, snow.

Stay fabulous, loves.


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa


So you think you can make a mean cup of hot cocoa, huh? Well, mortal, I assure you that you do not. However, I possess this ancient skill, and am willing to share my knowledge with you.

I am a professional cook so I definitely know what I’m doing.

Warning: this recipe may blow your mind. Proceed with caution.


First, go to the cupboard and find the biggest mug you own. Above, you see the incredible cup I like to drink butterbeer from.


Actually, that may be a bit too big. You’d probably get a relentless stomachache from drinking all that cocoa. Pick the second-largest mug.


Raid your cabinets (and possibly your neighbors’, too) to gather the supplies: milk, fresh from the cow’s udder; sugar as pure as my heart; cocoa as dark as some actress’s hair; vanilla that smells like the sweet tears of Jesus; and salt (idk why, just roll with it).


Don’t forget your tools of mass destruction! I mean, um . . . your tools of mass delight-inducing-ness. A whisk and tablespoon.


Empty the entire milk carton into your mug. If it’s actually your second-largest cup, there should be a pocket dimension inside of it, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling.



One minute works, too.


Add two tablespoons of cocoa to the steaming cup of milk. You could use the normal “Natural Unsweetened” kind (if you like being boring), or you could use “SPECIAL DARK COCOA,” aka the best kind. Or, idk, use both.


Combine all the ingredients in your mug. A dash of salt, a splash of vanilla, and five cups two tablespoons of sugar.


Take your weapon of mass destruction and whip that thing into a frothy goodness.

Taste, decided to add more sugar, and end up using those five cups I mentioned earlier.


And now, the most important part.

♥ ♥ ♥ Toppings ♥ ♥ ♥

Dump an entire bag of marshmallows into it because sugar is really, really good for you.


Put on a butt-load of whipped cream and shower with sprinkles. Then add a bendy straw because you are classy.


Skip away with your cocoa and leave the mess for someone else.

But you can’t forget the most important step! After slurping down the cocoa in .16 minutes, crawl into your bedroom, lay on your bed, turn on the fan, and be miserable because you now have a horrific stomachache.

And that is how you make the perfect cup of hot cocoa.


Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe

Harry Potter Butterbeer RecipeHarry Potter logo via. Beer mug image via.

Hello! Awhile back, I made butterbeer with my Harry Potter-obsessed best friend. I thought it was really good, and I wanted to make it again, but I didn’t have the recipe. I dug around on the internet for a bit and found what I think is the recipe that we used (from Design Dazzle).


For the drink:

  • 2 liter cream soda
  • 2 tablespoons butter extract
  • 2 teaspoons rum extract

For the cream topping:

  • 1 7oz. container of marshmallow creme
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon rum extract

Note: when I made it with my best friend, the butterbeer was really, really rummy. It’s possible that we might have used 2 tablespoons of rum extract instead of 2 teaspoons. Please do not make this mistake.


Pour the extract into the soda bottle, screw on the lid tightly, and gently roll it around on a flat surface to mix up the flavor. Put the bottle into the refrigerator while making the topping.


Put the marshmallow creme, whipping cream, and rum extract into a bowl and mix it with a whisk. Mix until the topping forms soft peaks.


Pour the butterbeer into a mug, scoop the topping on, and enjoy! ♥


I was at a Renaissance Faire on Sunday (sadly, I have no pictures), and there was a stall selling soda in these great big mugs. The soda was stored in barrels! I saw the mugs and decided to get one, because it would be cool to drink butterbeer from it. ☺


BIBPC: Foooood


I was panicking today, because I didn’t have a photo to enter in BIBPC. I couldn’t think of anything to photograph. Literally everything has texture, so I was thinking about taking a picture of a random thing. XD But then I thought of food! Food is interesting, right? I picked Ramen noodles, because they’ve got a pretty cool texture.

I’m still panicking, actually, because this is late. I was supposed to have posted this by 5:00 . . . and it’s almost 6:00. :'( I’m really sorry, Megan! I was still doing school. I understand if this doesn’t count.


The Awesome Food Award

The Awesome Food Award

A long time ago, when the earth was green, Clara nominated me for the Awesome Food Award! Thanks, Clara!

Hard or soft candy?

Both. ‘Cause, I mean, chocolate is a soft candy, but other good things, like mint Lifesavers, are hard.

 Chocolate-y or fruity candy?

Heheh. That’s funny. Chocolate, obviously.

Do you like chocolate and nuts together?

Mmm, yes. Mr. Goodbars are amazing.

Top favorite candy?

After dark chocolate and Andes Mints . . . um, Skittles and Starbursts.

Do you eat a lot of candy?

Well. I wouldn’t say “a lot.” I might grab an Andes Mint after lunch, and some kind of dessert before bed, but I only eat a lot of candy around holidays.

 Favorite type of gum?

The chewy kind. Duh. JK, Double Bubble is good.

What’s your opinion on white chocolate?

Ew. That’s my opinion. I mean, it doesn’t even taste like chocolate . . .

 If you could invent a new candy, what would it be like?

Eh . . . minty. :)

 Would you like to eat just chocolate for a whole day?

Why is this even a question? Who WOULDN’T want to eat chocolate for a whole day?

 Worst candy you’ve ever tasted?

Right off the top of my head . . . grape Jolly Ranchers. That horrific grape-flavored medicine has officially ruined purple grapes for me.

Thanks again, Clara!
I nominate anyone who likes pizza.
 I can peel clementines (tiny oranges) and have the skin stay all in one piece. I’ve probably discovered my hidden talent.

Ice Cream Cone Award

Ice Cream Cone Award

Geeky_Girl nominated me for the Ice Cream Cone Award, an award celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day. Thanks!

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Ooh, that’s a dangerous question . . . I love a lot of flavors, but mint chocolate chip and orange sherbet are my favorites.

What ice cream flavor would you invent?

Pizza flavor . . . *rubs hands together evilly* Just kidding — that sounds gross. They probably already exist, but Andes Mints or Skittles flavor sounds good to me.

Garlic ice cream or olive?

That’s just gross! I absolutely hate olives, so garlic.

Sprinkles or chocolate chips?

Sprinkles, all the way! They’re like little pieces broken off of rainbows. That, or they’re unicorn hair.

Gummy bears or gummy worms?

Mmm, gummy bears!

Chocolate sauce or whip cream?

*drools* I am in love with whip cream ♥

Ice cream on a cold day or hot day?

Hot day, obviously, even though I continue to eat ice cream throughout the winter months.

Chocolate or vanilla?

I’m not really a fan of either one, but if I had to pick, I’d say chocolate — even though I like the vanilla at Kline’s better than the chocolate.

Favorite ice cream topping?

Tiny pieces of Andes Mints!

Cone or cup?

Sugar cone . . . but my ice cream scoops have fallen out of my cones many times.

OK, so I thought of a cool way to pick nominations. You would ask a question (is your favorite color blue, do you like macaroni pizza, etc.) and if your readers answer “yes,” then they can do the award!

Here we go . . .

Are you an introvert?

So if you’re an introvert, consider yourself nominated!