AHG Summer Award Ceremony


My American Heritage Girls troop’s first meeting was about a week ago. There was a summer award ceremony and a crossover ceremony.

An award ceremony essential: a cute way to present badges. As the internet yielded no ideas that really clicked, I came up with my own presentation. Since several of the girls in the troop went to AHG camp this summer, I suggested that we present the awards on little paper tents.

To make the tent, draw the shape on a piece of colored paper (I filled the whole sheet with one tent). Draw the opening of the tent with Sharpie. Attach the badges with tape. I put Service Stars on the tent flaps, and badges and Fun Patches on the main body.


AHG Summer Camp

 This summer, I was able to go to a week-long camp for my scouting program, AHG. The camp had about forty girls, most of which were from various parts of my state, though there were a few girls from other states.


When we arrived at camp on Sunday, we checked in, then went to pick our tents in one of the camp grounds. The floor was dirty, spider crickets and other bugs found their way in daily, but the tent felt homey by the end of the week. My best friend Izzy and I slept in the tent above, while our moms, the leaders of our Unit, slept in a tent that they brought.


The Dining Hall was a busy, loud place. We went to it three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which were all surprisingly good, considering that it was camp food.


We did the flag ceremony twice a day.

The camp offered several badge options each day. You chose beforehand which badges you wanted to do.


My friend Alita from NC.

On Monday, I took Photography. A professional wedding photographer came in to teach the class. She had us take pictures in the Dining Hall, pick our three favorites, and then the class would critique the photos. She talked about her job and showed us her website. Then we paired up and took pictures of each other, which I wasn’t too excited about, since I’m camera shy.


On Tuesday, I had Archery. The teacher, a kind old man named Brent, said he had been teaching archery to scouts for seven years. We learned the parts of the bow, but spent most of the day firing arrows at the targets. I hit the bulls eye several times! By the end of the day, my fingers hurt from pulling back the bowstring so many times, but it was worth it.




Wednesday brought Canoeing, one of the toughest badges I did that week. We spent all day out on the lake, learning the parts of the canoe and the different strokes. My favorite part of that class was when we got to capsize the canoes. The cool water was refreshing, after baking in the sun for hours. But doing canoe rescues — specifically the T Rescue — was really hard. Maybe it was because the canoe I shared with Izzy kept rolling over in the water; it wouldn’t stay capsized. Maybe it was because a fish bit me while I was in the water.

A cool thing about the lake was the freshwater jellyfish! They were tiny, and resembled contact lenses with tentacles. The jellies didn’t sting, so I scooped some up in my hands and watched them swim around. If you don’t know what freshwater jellyfish look like, look it up on the Internet. They’re pretty cool.


Thursday brought Emergency Preparedness, the last class of the week. The camp’s EMT taught it, and she showed us how to splint broken arms, make a stretcher, deal with heat stroke, shock, hypothermia, and more. We spent about three hours learning CPR, which was a bit boring and really hard. We watched a CPR video by the American Heart Association and practiced on dummies. Now I’m certified at CPR!

My favorite part of the class was learning self defense from a taekwondo master.


Thursday night was the Dutch Oven Cook-Off. Every troop made a dessert. Izzy and I made a soupy s’more-like thing.


On Friday, I went on an all-day canoeing trip down a river. I sat in the middle of the boat for part of the trip, which was unpleasant because all the water in the canoe puddled around me. Everyone got tans and/or sunburns. That night was the campfire; my friends and I did several skits and a song.

Everyone brought blank T-shirts to silk-screen the camp’s logo onto. On Saturday morning, when the T-shirts were dry, I got lots of campers to sign my shirt!


For the Our Feathered Friends badge (which I didn’t do), macaws and other exotic birds were brought in. My friends and I went to look at them during lunch.



Look at how many different colors are on this bird!

I was allowed to hold a bird, which I wasn’t too thrilled about. It was giving me the evil eye.


My friend Emily with a macaw on her shoulder. She looks like a pirate!


Although it rained a lot, it was in the 90s all week, and bugs were everywhere, I had a great time at summer camp. I earned a total of five badges: Photography, Archery, Canoeing, Emergency Preparedness, and Bible Basics — a group of girls earned that one during free time. I made a bunch of new friends and hope to go to camp again next year.


Summer Bucket List — Results

My mom is easing me back into a school routine, so summer is pretty much over. That being said, at the beginning of summer, I posted a summer bucket list. Now that the school-free months are over, it’s time to see how well I did!

Key: red = not done. Green = done. Blue = Sort of.

tumblr bucket list drive-in movie


1. Go to a drive-in movie. I slept over at my best friend Izzy’s house, and we went to watch Finding Dory and Alice Through the Looking Glass. I actually ran into my other best friend Kelsie at the drive-in theater, and her family watched the movies with us.


The tent Izzy and I stayed in.

2. Go to sleep-away camp. Izzy and I went to AHG camp with our moms for a whole week in August. It was at a Boy Scout camp and was tons of fun. I wrote a separate post about camp that I’ll get up eventually.

exercise, hobby, jog

3. Run a 5k. Aye! My dad and I drove home early on our last day of vacation so we could get to the 5k in time. We met up with Izzy and her dad, who ran with us. There were tons of fun obstacles along the racecourse, like giant hay bales, monkey bars, Dumpsters filled with ice water (which we had to swim through), waterslides, mud pits, and more. It was exhausting, but good.

balloon, float, red

4. Breathe in helium and sing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” Nope. I never got around to it; and I never got a helium balloon. ;)

tumblr bucket list walk through a drive-thru


5. Walk through a drive-thru. Again, no. I’m not old enough to drive, and there aren’t any fast food places within walking distance of my house. I didn’t really get an opportunity to complete this one.

tumblr bucket list best friend scrapbook


6. Start a book of memories with my best friends. Sort of . . .? I have pictures, I just never picked a book and put the photos in it. 

class, diary, learning

7. Write 5,000 words for my novel. Yep! I wrote 6,294 words — a little bit over my goal. 

tumblr bucket list crayon art


8. Make crayon art. No . . . *sigh* IT LOOKS SO PRETTY, THOUGH.

9. Buy a mermaid tail. I actually did this one (surprise, surprise!), and I’m so glad I did! I love my mermaid tail. <3 I got mine from FinFun.

candy pizza



Me, at the archery range.

11. Try archery. I did it at summer camp, and I was actually OK at it. I earned AHG’s Archery badge!

tumblr bucket list run a mile


12. Be able to run a mile. Well, I ran a 5k, so I would hope that I accomplished this.

fishing, fishing pole, fishing rod

13. Go on several fishing trips. One . . . definitely counts as several. Definitely.

brunette, fashion, friends

14. Do a photoshoot with my best friends. Yeah . . .no. I didn’t see Kelsie (the one friend I knew would do this with me) very much this summer. But I shall rope her into it later.

tumblr bucket list Disney movie marathon


15. Have a Disney movie marathon. *sad, sad little sigh*

action, amusement park, carnival

16. Go to an amusement park. Hello, Hershey Park! It was awesome. :D

Summer Bucket List: Go Star Gazing. Lots of blankets and pillows in back of pickup truck, sky watching at its best!:


17. Spend the night in the back of my dad’s truck. Meh. Izzy’s dad’s truck, from about 6 PM to 1 in the morning.

By Transparentoceans:


18. Get free Slurpees from 7-Eleven on July 11th. Check!



19. Go to a water park. Our library usually gives water park tickets to the winners of their summer reading program, but not this year. So I didn’t get to go. :/

have a water balloon fight #bucketlist:


20. Have a water balloon fight. Did this at a friend’s birthday party! She had water balloons filled with food dye. So cool.

Out of twenty, I did eleven; sort of did three; and didn’t do six. Not too bad, really!

What was the coolest thing you did this summer?


How to Survive the Summer


Everyone looks forward to the gloriously warm summer months, but once freedom finally arrives, you might find yourself . . . well . . . bored. So I decided to put together a post of fun things to do this summer.

Man in the Swimming Pool

  1. Exercise.

Staying inside all day can make you feel grumpy and groggy, so go outside and let the fresh air wash over you! Try hiking, swimming, biking, or practicing your favorite sport.

Colorful books on shelf

2. Read.

Without school textbooks to consume your time, find some fun fiction titles to read. Set a goal for yourself of how many books you’d like to read, or participate in a summer reading program. Work through your To be Read stack or browse my What I’m Reading posts for book suggestions.

streets, sunshine, skateboard

3. Try something new.

You could learn a new skill for something you already know, like a new song on your instrument, or pick up a new hobby altogether, like skateboarding or gardening.

person, woman, girl

4. Listen to music.

Who doesn’t like music? Discover a new favorite song and learn the words by heart. My favorite artist is Owl City — you can listen to his songs on YouTube at Owl City – Topic.

Hand with oil pastel draws the heart

5. Craft/make art.

There are tons of craft tutorials on the internet. Jewelry, modifying clothes, bedroom decorations, and more. If you haven’t already, try making Artist Trading Cards! Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls is a good person to talk to if you don’t know what ATCs are.

fashion, person, woman

6. Do a photography challenge.

30-day photography challenges are a fun way to improve your skills. Everyday, you’ll be given a new prompt, such as child, trees, silhouette, etc. Search “photography challenge,” go to images, and look at the challenges until you find one that you like.

Person Showing Its Feet Wearing White Sneakers

7. Go shopping.

Find a cute new tank top, swimsuit, or pair of shoes to show off.

Washing a car with a sponge

8. Make money.

Say you want to go to the mall, but you don’t have any money. You could beg your parents until they crack, or you could make some money! Help you family around the house, wash the car, sell lemonade, baked goods, or crafts.

Woman Holding Black Steel Pole during Daytime

9. Make friendship bracelets.

Look up patterns and weave colorful bracelets to trade with you friends. On top of being promises of friendship, they’re cute accessories.

Old photos in the wooden box

10. Start a scrapbook.

Fill a book with memories — your family, your friends, fun events. It will be neat to have your life documented in a scrapbook so you can look back at it when you’re older.

woman, model, outdoors

11. Have a photoshoot.

There are lots of great photoshoot ideas on the internet! Get a family member or friend to take your picture. You could even add the photoshoot pictures to your scrapbook!

hand, apple, iphone

12. Start a YouTube channel.

Get together with your friends/siblings and start a collab YouTube channel.

Fountain Pen on Top of Notebook Beside Drinking Mug

13. Start a journal.

How many of you have tried to keep a diary and failed? *raises hand* Instead of just writing your feelings and what happened that day, try doodling, taping in flowers, and planning goals for the next day.

arm, hand, desk

14. Make a summer bucket list.

What do you want to accomplish this summer? Write a list and check off the activities as you do them. For inspiration, check out my summer bucket list.

girl, women, model

15. Enjoy summer.

Though it’s a sad thought, summer will be over before you know it, and you’ll be back in school. So enjoy this summer while you can, and make memories that you’ll never forget.

What’s you favorite summer boredom buster?


P.S. Nabila from Hot Town Cool Girl did a great post with a list of sites you can get free images from. That’s actually where I got found all the pictures for this post! Read it HERE.

Concerning Mermaids

Hey, guys! Remember how in my summer bucket list post, I mentioned wanting a mermaid tail? Well, I found a site that sells them — Fin Fun — and I have nearly enough money to buy one! And I thought buying a mermaid tail would be the least likely to happen . . .

Anyway, I can’t decide between two tails:

Fin Fun Aussie Green Mermaid Tail


Aussie Green . . .

Fin Fun Asian Magenta Mermaid Tail


. . . or Asian Magenta.

And so, I have decided to get your opinion before purchasing a tail.

First off, I don’t know which tail would look better on me. I have a light tan, blue-gray eyes (duh), and brown hair past my shoulders that gets really dark in water.

I’ve thought of some different pros of the two tails:

Asian Magenta

  • Bright, so it stands out in water.
  • Purple is a good color with my hair.

Aussie Green:

  • More fish-colored.
  • More like what I’d picture a mermaid tail looking like.
  • BUT, it blends in more with water.

So I really don’t know which to choose. I asked my family, and they all said Aussie Green — plus, I really like how it looks in photographs. But the purple one is PURPLE.

I just wanted to know which one you like best before I buy one. :)


Second Fire of the Summer

If you’re going to be all technical with me, than I haven’t had a single fire this summer — the two campfires that I’m counting were before June 20th. This one was just a few days ago, while the first fire of the summer was when Megan spent the night last week.

Anyway. Please enjoy. :)




Fire is such an interesting thing to photograph!




You see how this picture has a rosier tint than the one before it? That’s because I held my sunglasses in front of the camera lens when I took this pic.



Boo decided to join me by the fire . . .


My dad said that it looks like she’s farting sunshine. XD


Boo was stalking our chickens.







Ugh, it’s so pretty! (Spoken like a true pyromaniac, Loren.)


Of course I had s’mores. ;)






Gooey goodness. ♥


We have these weird rectangular marshmallows. They’re supposed to be easier to make s’mores with.






Twilight colors, pine branches, and the moon . . .


Hues of sunset.


It has to be said that my dad and I are pretty awesome. ;)

Lorenoriginal pic via

I’ve already completed something on my summer bucket list! :D I’ll post about tomorrow, probably.