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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not exactly a fan of this holiday. If you love someone, you should make them feel special and important on every day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day.


Anyway, Den Mother, one of my beautiful best friends, bought roses for me! They’ve wilted a little since I received them (I was gone all weekend on a retreat with one of my other best friends, so I wasn’t able to photograph the flowers until today), but they’re still wonderful. I really love Den Mother. 🙂





My mom made some adorable heart-shaped pancakes this morning. 🙂

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For anyone who is sad about being single on Valentine’s Day, remember this:

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” -Song of Songs 2:7

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And if that verse doesn’t mean anything to you because you’re not Christian, there are always the wise words of Fall Out Boy, from the song Save Rock and Roll:

“You are what you love, not who loves you.”

Aromantic asexual in ur shops, eatin ur discount chocolate on Feb 15th:


Shout out to all the aromantics and asexuals who are confused by this weird, lovey-dovey holiday. You guys are great. 🙂

I hope everyone has had a good day. If not, just remember: you can start over every morning. You’re going to be OK, even if it takes awhile. Hang in there.


Den Mother

I don’t have very much experience photographing people. Whenever I whip out my camera, my friends immediately hide behind their hands or make weird faces at me. People are fascinating (They’re walking stars! Living, breathing stories! Potential and dreams!), and I want to capture them on camera . . . and I would, but my friends happen to be brats.

Just kidding. I love you guys. You’re angels. Most of the time.

My friend (who we will be calling Den Mother, for reasons) allowed me to take some pictures of her recently, and she also said I could post them here.




This girl is absolutely insane, but she’s one of my best friends, and I really do love her.




She earned the nickname Den Mother because out of my group of friends, she’s one of the most responsible and motherly.




Oh, yeah. The lens on my camera kind of stopped working. I can use the telescopic lens to take pictures, but it makes photographing close things a bit difficult. So I’m guessing there won’t be many photography posts until the lens is fixed/replaced.


2017 Bucket List

And so begins another awful year. Not expecting much from 2017 (or the years that come after it, either). But a couple of bloggers have been posting 2017 bucket lists, and I thought I would jump on the wagon.

Pretty much all I would like to do is travel. But since I am a minor and the wanderlust bug has not bitten anyone else in my family, I doubt I’ll be straying too far from my home state this year.



☼ Go to the Beach ☼

The last time I went to the beach was February 2016, and it was far too cold to get in the water. The ocean fascinates me, and I would love to visit it this year.

☼ Finish Writing Courageous Hearts

If anyone does not know, Courageous Hearts was my 2016 NaNoWriMo project: a novel following the lives of two teens with mental illnesses. I can’t bear keeping the story pent up inside of my brain for much longer.

☼ Create a Book of memories ☼

I’m thinking a scrapbook/journal would be nice. I blog about my adventures a lot, but since I can’t post pictures of my friends/myself on these adventures, it lacks a personal feeling.

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image


☼ Plant a garden ☼

I usually have a garden anyway, but I want lots of flowers this year. Big flowers, for bouquets, and little ones, for making flower crowns and braiding into hair.

☼ Redecorate my room ☼

I painted my room light blue over Christmas, and now I would like to make pretty decorations for it.

☼ Learn to play the ocarina ☼

I received an ocarina for Christmas, but I don’t exactly know how to play it. I would be happy with learning a few songs.



☼ Do more art ☼

I don’t paint/draw as often as I would like to — probably because I’m afraid that it won’t turn out well. I’d like to create something I’m proud of each month, at least.

☼ Keep a journal ☼

I’ve been writing in a journal for a few months, and it’s nice to be able to get all my thoughts out. I’d like to continue it this year. And it will be neat to get it out in a few years and remember what was going on at the time.

☼ Meet another internet friend ☼

Technically I’ve already accomplished this, as I met one of you on January 1st. But I’d really love to meet more of you. There’s a possibility that I can meet three of you this year, and I’m very excited to see if we can work that out.

That’s currently what I would like to do this year. I’m sure I’ll come up with more as 2017 progresses.

I hope you guys had a good day. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you’re alive for a reason.


2016 Christmas Haul


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I thought you guys might like to see what I received . . . so this post was made.

If anyone is planning on leaving a long comment on how I’m bragging by showing off what I received — please don’t, I’m fragile.

Twenty One Pilots Hot Topic Logo Bag

I don’t typically like bags, but this one is tøp so it’s cool.

Twenty One Pilots Beanie Hot Topic

*runs about screaming*


My grandmother got these cat earrings for me, so that’s pretty sweet.

Just a sec, I feel like drawing cat whiskers on my face.


My lovely best fren got this book for me. Actually, lovely isn’t the right word. She’s insane and thinks my music sucks but I’m stuck with her now.

Love you, too, Izzy.


Random stocking stuffers.

See those earbuds? That’s the third pair I’ve had in the past two months. Navi likes chewing them up.


An ocarina and Triforce necklace.

I really like the Legend of Zelda which probably has nothing to do with my cat’s name.


Link hat. It’s huge on me so I let my brother wear it sometimes. 😛


Either mugs are a common gift or everyone has figured out that I like tea.


I have four movie tickets but no friends to go with.

I’d bring you guys if I could, honestly. Who’s up for watching Rouge One again?


*insert clever-ish caption here*


I now have $205 dollars (my family isn’t very original with gifts, but I’m rich now, so I can’t complain). I’ll probably end up spending it on band merch. (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND ALL TIME LOW AND FALL OUT BOY AND TWENTY ONE PILOTS AND PANIC! AT THE DISCO TO BE SPECIFIC.)


My brother got Pokemon Moon for me. I also got a 3DS. My mom hid the package in the downstairs furnace for some reason. She set up this clue hunt for me and I had to walk around the whole house before I was allowed to have my package. 😄

Thanks, Pete Mom.

Dear family, if you’re reading this (which I sincerely hope you are not), thanks for the stuff.

Goodbye for now, loves. I hope you’re doing alright, but if not, you’re going to be OK real soon, kid.


10:01 AM | 12.24.16


A truly beautiful cookie made by countless brave elf bakers, who were sadly lost in a freak accident in the North Pole. Rest in peace.

It’s Christmas Eve already? My dad’s side of the family is coming over for dinner today. I’d like to hide in my room while blaring My Chemical Romance (because I suck at socializing), but I’m sure I’ll have to interact with them. *sigh*


Icicle lights on the porch.

I got presents for most of my friends this year (I’m so accomplished): a notebook, a clay worm (I hope it likes Inchy B., Megan), lip gloss, and a Costco box of macaroni. My friend Izzy really, really, really loves macaroni, so it seemed like a good idea.


My dad just cut down a tree in our yard. I like bouncing on the branches.

My mom bought me these boots and I’m kind of in love with them. The only thing I don’t like about them are the heels. Yeah, they’re small heels, but I trip over my bare feet — nevermind these boots.


Smiley cat. ☺

Anyone remember that time I went to Myrtle Beach? The friends that I stayed with spent the night here on Thursday. We went to see this life-action nativity with real donkeys and camels. (I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but that’s just my opinion.)


Christmas light bokeh.

We’re going to see Rouge One on Monday.


Fiery sunset.

  idk where I was going with this post. I guess I just felt guilty about not posting in two weeks.


Have a wonderful Christmas, darlings.


{Sugar Cookies}










You know how Christmas can just sneak up on you? You spend all year wishing it would come faster, and then when December arrives, the days speed up and you don’t have enough time to make it feel like a holiday.

There are things that make the holidays feel real, and for me, it’s putting up lights, decorating cookies, listening to Christmas music and singing it obnoxiously loud, sitting in front of the fireplace, and, of course, snow.

Stay fabulous, loves.