BIBPC: Boo Bear the Pirate

Hey! This is my entry for BIBPC. The theme was funny, though I guess she just looks more cute than funny. :)


Storytime! I had originally planned on entering a photo of my cat wearing sunglasses, but I couldn’t find them. So I decided to do something different. Plan B was to make a collage with Boo wearing a different hat in each photo. However, she only stayed in one spot long enough for me to take her pic with the pirate hat. ;)


BIBPC: Foooood


I was panicking today, because I didn’t have a photo to enter in BIBPC. I couldn’t think of anything to photograph. Literally everything has texture, so I was thinking about taking a picture of a random thing. XD But then I thought of food! Food is interesting, right? I picked Ramen noodles, because they’ve got a pretty cool texture.

I’m still panicking, actually, because this is late. I was supposed to have posted this by 5:00 . . . and it’s almost 6:00. :'( I’m really sorry, Megan! I was still doing school. I understand if this doesn’t count.


BIBPC: Mama Turtle

The second category of Megan’s BIBPC #2 was critters. I could not find anything critter-like for the life of me — no frogs or lizards and bugs or anything, really. I’d begun to think that I’d just have to skip the second category when I remember this picture:


Last summer, there was a turtle in our neighbor’s yard. She had dug a hole in the ground and was laying her eggs. Naturally, I got my camera and took pictures of her (I know, we photographers give people turtles no privacy). I don’t know where this mama turtle’s babies got to after they hatched, but I sure hope they found a nice pond to live by. ;)


BIBPC: The Tiny Tea

Hey! I’m participating in Megan’s second BIBPC. I’m on Team Seagull!

For the first challenge, you had to take a picture of something inspired by the prompt little things.

Here’s my picture:


Storytime! So, I was trying to come up with something to photograph that was little. I thought of these itty-bitty pink flowers. To make my photo more interesting, I added a tiny Barbie tea set and two little clay animals — a hedgehog and an owl (which happens to be a bird, Megan. You said that you could earn an extra point or two if you included a noticeable bird. However, you never said that it had to be a real bird). The clay animals were made by Allison.

Go, Team Seagull!


BIBPC #7: Plants


This is my entry for Challenge Seven of Megan’s BIBPC. It’s a photo of a geranium blossom, which I took back in August. I published it in the post Evening Photography Whatever #1.

BIBPC posterCamera image from a free clip art website

I created this poster that advertises BIBPC so that Team Rose would get more points. :)



BIBPC #6: Light & Water


This is my entry for Challenge Six of Megan’s BIBPC! I took the picture last year on a hiking trip. I’ve got a lot of photos from that trip, and I’m going to post them sometime soon. :)

The category for Challenge Six was Light or Water. I tried to incorporate both: the lake is the water, obviously, and the light is reflected on the surface.

I’ll be posting some more quotes for the Quote of the Day Challenge tomorrow!