// sketchbook #6 //

i’ve filled forty pages of my sketchbook this year. i think i have too much time on my hands.

i tried using pastels, and this is what i got. she’s  a little out of proportion, but it’s not exactly awful, especially since i haven’t used pastels in years.

i tagged along to one of my mom’s nature journaling club’s meetings, and they were working on fonts (although i don’t see how that counts as nature journaling). this took forever to do, but it was really satisfying when i finished. my favorites are snapdragon, achillea, and clematis.

i drew some photographs i took downtown as polaroids. polaroids are adorable and i would love to get a camera sometime. until then, i’ll just print out my pictures and leave a white border around them.

i have an insane amount of glitter glue, so i did her hair with that instead of markers. it was originally pastel pink, but it dried lighter. it still looks nice, though.

i was very angry (ha, when am i not) one day, and this came out of it.

screen // twenty one pilots

i did this during church a few weeks ago. and yes, i did think gluing a lollipop wrapper into my sketchbook was a good idea. my sunday school teacher was giving them out. also, i drew a boy this time, which is amazing for me because i usually make girls. don’t know why, that’s just how it is for me.

i came up with the idea of drawing people with flowers as heads one night when it was super tired. that’s why it’s a bit weird. my brother told me that it’s “incredibly disturbing,” which is honestly the best compliment about my art that i’ve ever received.

maps // the front bottoms

another church doodle. i tried not to use any curved lines in this, and i think it turned out ok.

i did this for my spanish class. we were supposed to create an imaginary friend and describe them in spansih. this is sabra, she’s a magician and one of the characters in my possible nanowrimo project (i still haven’t decided if i’m going to participate this year).

we had to work on these at school, and the kids at my table kept asking me to help with their drawings. i had to show them how to draw braids and mermaid tails, and one girl even got me to draw the head for her. i almost wish that i were really, really awful at art so i wouldn’t have to hear “yours is so much better than mine!!” all the time.

i think i draw people too much. they’re really the only thing i can draw, and apart from a few things i did in a nature journaling class at co-op, my sketchbook is mostly just people. i’d like to try something else, but when i have paper in front of me, all that comes out is people and sometimes flowers. occasionally people with flowers instead of heads. any suggestions?

i hope you all had a good day. make sure to drink some water and take your meds. :)



// sketchbook #4 //

hello, friends. :) i pulled an (unintentional) all-nighter, and it’s only 9:30, but i’m already tired. yay. my search history from about six a.m. includes “america’s murder capitals,” “baby honey badger,” and “when did the lion king come out.” we have fun here.

anyway, i have some more drawings to show you. they were all completed within the past few days. i guess i’ve been on an art kick.

 afterglow // all time low

the boy looks like this guy who lives down the road and threw me into a pond when i was about four. he also stole my hat. he also goes to school with my brother. he also has a younger brother who made a giant oreo by stuffing a heck ton of cream between two cookies.

that paragraph had absolutely nothing to do with my drawing. oh well.

 fell for you // green day

it looked better in my head, ok?

there’s a green day album called revolution radio, and that’s where this came from. i kind of want to make a similar one for danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys by my chemical romance (bureau // gerard way came on shuffle and i started laughing, because whAT THE HECK, GERARD).

rainbow connection // sleeping at last (cover)

this one was fun, because rainbow strings of fate and love and hearts and all that jazz, but also very stressful, because HANDS. fricken hands. they will be the death of me.

sunrise // our last night

for someone who is so bad at painting sunrises/sunsets, i sure do make them a lot. i’ve been meaning to do something like this ever since i heard the song, and i finally got around to doing it this morning.

since i was awake all night, i decided to make the most of it and watch the sunrise. i got some pictures, although they’re a little blurry. but, you know, my photos being bad quality never stopped me from posting them. :D

poem that i couldn’t find an author to give credit to.

den mother asked me to paint a galaxy for her, and this is what i created. i made a copy to give to her so i could put the original in my sketchbook (so i’m selfish, i guess).

i’ve been awake for so long. send help. or just a soft blanket and a lot of pillows. it would be appreciated.



// sketchbook #3 //

flowers from a patch of wildflowers in our garden (i’ll post pictures of that soon), and the lyrics of would you be so kind by dodie. my hand hurt a lot by the time i finished this.

i drew this one right after i heard the song drugs & candy, from all time low’s new album.

lyrics from last young renegade by all time low, plus a weird bullet journal sort of thing.

“alternatives to self-harm: snap a rubber band on your arm. hold an ice cube. draw on yourself. make a playlist. tear up paper. break sticks. paint your arms red. take a hot shower. youtube funny videos. hug a pillow. call a friend. write out the lyrics of a favorite song. play with something squishy. go for a run. google ‘the butterfly project.’ pull weeds. say ‘this feeling will pass.'”

lyrics from kids in the dark by all time low, and a list of alternatives for anyone who needs it. :) (can you tell i really like all time low?)


i can’t draw eyes or eyelashes, but . . . i made this thing! it was rather fun! i used lyrics from when the day met the night by panic! at the disco. (although it should have been “all was golden when the day met the night” — “in the sky” wasn’t supposed to be there, but oh well.)

“it feels like it should still be that day in seventh grade when i realized you mean the world to me. nothing feels real without you. i forget how to breathe from time to time when you’re next to me, and it helps me to understand that i am alive. how do you make my heart beat so quickly, when i don’t want it to beat at all? // june 8th, 2017”


i used watercolor.

cute girl with weirdly long arms + lyrics from ultralife by oh wonder.

 idk what this is. i just slapped some flowers on the page and doodled around them.

in case you can’t tell, i like using song lyrics in my art. when i don’t know what to draw, i’ll put my music on shuffle, pick a lyric i like from the first song that comes on, and base my art off that. it’s a pretty good to way to fend off artist’s block.



// sketchbook #2 //

in my last post, i mentioned that i had done some drawings. i was planning on doing a few more pieces before sharing them, but my imagination has abandoned me at the moment, so i figured i’d just go ahead and post these.

they kind of suck, sorry about that. but i love making art, even if i’m not very good at it.

anyway, i hope you enjoy these trashy sketches that i call art. :)

a rose i saw in pennsylvania, featuring lyrics from san diego by blink-182. this was a lot of fun to color. and it actually sort of looks like a flower. most of my flowers do not look like the real thing.

lonely girl with lyrics from i’m just a kid by simple plan. i used watercolor, sharpie, and colored pencils on this one. i absolutely love drawing people, even though they don’t look that good.

some almost decent hands, with lyrics from vanilla twilight by owl city. i love that song so much. it makes me a bit sad. the lyrics rather perfectly sum up how i feel about some people.

make sure to listen to my new single, “crippling loneliness, ft. loren’s pathetic love life.”

haha, yeah, i manage to turn everything into a joke. :D HELP MEEEE.



// sketchbook //

i’ve been drawing a lot lately. it helps me calm down and stop stressing about everything for a bit. and having a finished drawing is pretty satisfying.

i wanted to share a few drawings with you guys. i’m not that good of an artist, and my attempts at people are especially disappointing. so don’t expect anything good from me.

comic with lyrics from i miss you by blink-182.

 buttercups found at my church, and lyrics from dental care by owl city.

inspired by art by vivian, with a quote from gravity falls.

pastel hipster girl or whatever.

bad drawing of N, which doesn’t look like him at all. i’m still trying to figure out how to draw faces.




Can’t Fight Against the Youth

hello, my friends! i spent my saturday working on the rather disappointing drawing above, which was inspired by the song can’t fight against the youth by panic! at the disco.

if you can’t tell, it’s supposed to be graffiti — which is viewed by most as disrespectful and horrifying. why are you getting so worked up about some drawings on your boring buildings? it’s art.

you never hear about middle aged people spraying designs on walls. it’s always the youth. and no matter what you do, these kids are still going to be rebellious and daring and making choices their parents would never make. that’s how this works. can’t fight against the youth.

keep kicking. put up a good fight.

listen to the sound of your children revolting (beaten in lips // beartooth).

oh, and happy easter. have some chocolate.