// q&a answers | part one //

thanks for all the questions on my q&a post! you guys made my boredom go away for a bit. you’re magical, every single one of you.

putting all the questions in one post would have made it insanely long, so i’ll be posting my answers in multiple parts. here’s the first one.

isabel‘s questions:

what’s your favorite book?

i’m not sure if it’s my favorite book, but a year without autumn by liz kessler is incredible. the story has stuck with me for a long time. you should definitely read that if you haven’t already.



what’s your favorite song?

i really can’t choose, i listen to too much music to have a favorite song. i don’t think i could say it’s my absolute favorite, but glowing eyes by twenty one pilots is pretty great.

do you like hamilton? have you even listened to it? (i doubt it.)

i’ve only listened to a few songs from it, so i don’t have much of an opinion (don’t kill me, kathleen! i love you.).

what’s the last book you read?

the hollow boy by jonathan stroud, i believe. it was so freaking amazing, and i love the characters and the ghosts and the humor and everything about it!!

what are you reading right now?

the mysterious benedict society and the perilous journey by trenton lee stewart. i’m only a few chapters in, so i don’t have much to say about it. but the first book in the series was quite good, and i love how quirky the characters are.

what do you want to be when you grow up?

i’d like to be one of those “light” people:


i’m not sure if you can simply will yourself to be like that. maybe it takes a lot of effort and time. or maybe you have to be born like that. but that’s what i hope i will become.

what time is it where you are?

at the moment, it’s 12:58 p.m.

“Can’t sleep in a city of neon and chrome.”


what’s your favorite color?

gray. kind of boring, i know. it seems like such a calm color to me.

do you have a goodreads account?

i don’t, sorry. :/

what’s your favorite kind of popsicle?

orange! the best flavor ever. i don’t like eating actual oranges, though.

what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

there’s this heavenly ice cream that’s chocolate with stripes of peanut butter. it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever tasted, honestly. mint chocolate chip is a close second.

what’s your favorite food?

i really like chinese food. :D i’ll eat pretty much any chinese food, as long as there’s no seafood in it.

what’s your favorite letter?

i like m, because you can make the rock and roll hand thing with it. XD


the anGST !!! 😩😩😩☠️☠️☠️😪😪😪 • • • {creds to totallycorrectkotlc on tumblrrrr} • • #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #keefesencen #linhsong #textpost #tumblr


who’s your favorite keeper of the lost cities character?

i’m going to go with keefe. he’s an empath, kind of angry and confused and lost, uses humor to hide how hurt he is, and he’s incredibly sarcastic, and i relate to that a lot.

(i think we can probably thank emma for introducing the blogging community to kotlc. you are a saint.)

who do you ship with who in keeper of the lost cities?

i’ve always shipped sophie and dex (to those who like sophitz: you disgust me), but sophie and keefe is a nice ship, too.

what’s your favorite emoji?


those are probably my favorites.

what did you just think of right now?

i was thinking about this really cute girl that used to be in my co-op, and wishing that i had been brave enough to become friends with her. *sigh of super regret*

do you like socks?

yes! too much, probably. i always wear them inside out. and i sleep in socks most of the time. i don’t have many cute socks (someone please buy me some of those pretty socks you see on tumblr), though, so i draw on them with sharpies. :)

Image result for pastel rainbow tumblr


what about rainbows?

i’ve never had an unusual love for rainbows, but then i saw an edit with a pastel rainbow. look at how pretty it is!! (◠‿◠✿)

do you still read picture books occasionally? i do.

sometimes, yeah. my favorite one is at my church, it’s called build a burrito, i think. the guys in youth group would beg my brother to read it. he would settle himself into this rocking chair while the guys sat eagerly around his feet. the book is in spanish and english, and every time my brother reached the part that says “three spoonfuls of beans/tres cucharadas de frijoles,” everyone would flip out and shout, “FRIJOLES!!!.” ah, good memories. XD

do you ever write anything besides blog posts?

yep! i like writing fiction. i haven’t been doing that as much as i would like, though. you can read some of my old and cringey stuff by clicking the stories page.

what’s your advice for someone starting a personal blog?

make friends with other bloggers! you won’t get many comments or followers if you’re not interacting with other lovely people in the blogging community. as well as getting more activity on your site, you could make some pretty great friends. :)

den mother‘s questions:

this  might be confusing to people who don’t know me in real life. the people i’m talking about here were in my co-op class. i wrote a bit about them here.

who in our class is most likely to . . .


be a drama queen? cry in a sad movie? have an ugly date to prom? always be happy? be impatient?

1. she makes a big deal out of e v e r y t h i n g, and i actually love it a lot. it’s quite entertaining. 2. we sobbed together in the movie theater during beauty and the beast. 3. i’m not too fond of her sort-of-boyfriend, so he gets to be the ugly prom date. :) 4. she always manages to be optimistic, and it’s made me feel better so many times!! 5. she gets so impatient and excited and it’s  a d o r a b l e.

b/den mother:

have kids first? sing in the shower? fall in love? take more selfies? have the most piercings?

1. she plans on having “at least thirteen kids.” 2. she has a lovely voice! i’m sure she sings to herself everywhere, and definitely in the shower. 3. yiKES. she gets crushes a lot, actually. 4. my girl b posts lots of selfies, and they’re all really pretty. (^.^) 5. a bellybutton piercing would actually look really cool on her. get one, b.


be a flirt? fall whilst walking? drop their phone after they bought it? worry about small things? get a stalker?

1. loren?? the girl who’s never had a date mate or even kissed someone?? a flirt??? well, kids, you learn something new everyday. i flirt with pup 24/7, and sometimes with other people without meaning to. i don’t actually want to date any of them, it’s just sometimes, when i’m tired and/or high on friendship, i’ll randomly start flirting with everyone. 2. what can i say, i’m a clumsy duckling. 3.i’ve dropped my ipod so so so many times. it’s a miracle i haven’t cracked the screen yet. 4. anxiety is my best friend tbh. 5. i’m sure i have at least one person stalking me and blog. hello, stalker! love you, too. ;)


hold their breath the longest? be the best at math? be successful? be close to their parents?

1. he’s the best at everything, so it would make sense. 2. he’s a huge nerd, holy crap. great at math and logic and all that stuff. 3. he’s probably going to be a famous athlete and have a gorgeous wife and tons of dogs (dogs = success.) 4. he’s a mama’s boy and it’s hilarious.


give all their money to charity? be a fan of Star Wars? listen to classical music?

1. alright, kiddos, let me tell you about hojo. all the moms at co-op talk about how handsome and polite and smart he is, blah blah blah. he goes to mexico a lot to volunteer at an orphanage, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he gave all his money to it. 2. he’s a nerd and it’s great. he would talk to me about pokemon and the legend of zelda during art class. i’m quite sure that he likes star wars. 3. nerd? favorite among the moms? sideburns? tell me with a straight face that he doesn’t like classical music.


talk to animals? get married first? be a good cook?

1. megan is a lovely person with lots of cute animal friends!! i’m sure she’ll figure out how to communicate with her bunnies someday. 2. she’s so nice and beautiful and interesting, and i’m sure a kind guy will fall in love with her sooner or later. 3. she’s an incredible baker, holy crap.


ask stupid questions? be hungry 24/7?

1. one time he asked me not to write fanfiction about joward (jish + hojo). how dumb of a question is that?? 2. we got three pizzas on the last day of co-op, and he ate nearly the entire pepperoni one by himself.

t/beef jerkey:

marry a celebrity? be sleepy? forget birthdays or anniversaries? accidentally kill someone?

1. pup is going to be a famous dancer, and he’ll marry her and they’ll be cute and athletic together and it’ll be great. :D 2. i think he might have fallen asleep once or twice during nature study class. what a loser. 3. i think he’s in pup la la land 24/7. he’ll likely forget their wedding anniversary. 4. this guy has huge arm muscles, it’s not fair at all. he could kill someone by hugging them.

t/a huge jerk who doesn’t get a nickname:

laugh at the wrong moment? have a rich husband? spend all their money on something stupid? skydive?

1. he would probably laugh when someone told them their mom had died. he’s mean. 2. i’m not sure he’s capable of loving someone. so he would only marry for money. 3. all of his thoughts are dumb to some degree. anything he would want to buy would have to be dumb, too. 4. he’s so so dumb. he would jump out of a plane without a parachute and create a makeshift one with all of his flannel.

this has been a lot of fun! thank you for the questions, guys, i love how weird some of them are. i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i liked writing it.

what’s the most interesting thing you learned about me from this q&a?



// how to make a flower crown //

i posted some pictures of my friends with flower crowns about two months ago (read it here), and a lot of you didn’t know how to make them. flower crowns are a gift to this world and you all deserve to learn how to create your own, so here’s a little tutorial. :)

first, of course, you need to pick flowers. the best ones for making flower crowns with are dandelions or clover, because their stems won’t break as easily. most flowers will work, though. i chose california poppies.

start by taking one flower and using your fingernail to make a hole in the stem.

how far up the stem you make the hole will change the appearance of the flower crown. if the holes are near the top,  the blooms will be closer together, making the crown look fuller. but that method uses up more flowers. if they’re near the bottom, the flower crown will look more loose and relaxed. it will look pretty either way, so it’s really up to how you want it to look, and how many flowers you have.

take a second flower and put its stem through the hole in the first flower. make a hole in the stem of the second flower, and thread a third one through it.

keep going until the chain of flowers is long enough to wrap around your head.

for the last flower, choose one with a long stem. add it to the chain, just like you did with all the other ones. then find the first flower you put on and poke another hole in its stem. slip the last flower through the hole, joining the ends of the chain.

move on to the second flower that you added. make another hole in its stem and tuck the stem of the last flower through it. keep going down the chain, weaving the last flower through the other ones, until the stem runs out.

now it’s finished.

wear that flower crown and be the lovely queen that you are. :)

stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
you have helped me
grow flowers out of mine so
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom

– to the reader

(milk and honey by rupi kaur)



// vellichor: the strange wistfulness of used bookstores //

please take a long hard look through your textbook, ’cause i’m history.

cave in // owl city

i took these pictures during my trip to pennsylvania, at an enormous store called baldwin’s book barn. there would have been more photos, but the lighting was pretty bad, and most of them turned out blurry. these will have to do.

i haven’t gotten any books out of the library in quite some time, and i feel like my imagination is suffering because of it. there are a few books i would like to read, including the creeping shadow by jonathan stroud, letters to the lost by brigid kemmerer, and harry potter and the goblet of fire by j.k. rowling. but any suggestions would be appreciated, especially if it’s summery or fantasy.

random updates:

☼ i’ve been drawing a lot lately, so there should be an art post sometime soon.

☼ my newest music obsession is oh wonder.

☼ i’ve almost reached 300 posts?? that’s pretty rad.

☼ i!! have!! a!! new!! story!! idea!!

☼ you guys successfully cured my boredom on my q&a post, but now i have to answer 100+ questions.



// q&a | help me, i’m bored //

hello, my flower children! i hope all is well.

i was very bored today. that led to playing video games with my brother, making him listen to panic! at the disco, and doing lots of pushups (aka no more than ten). oh, and i also took those math tests today. there were two of them — only one was timed. i think i did ok, but i’m really not sure. my mind started blanking about halfway through and i just guessed on some of them. oh well.

as i was saying, i’m bored. so! i’m doing a q&a. :D

just a warning, my answers are either going to be very sarcastic, or very strange and infp-ish.

leave your questions for me in the comments. i don’t really care what they’re about. if i think they’re too personal, i won’t include them in my q&a answers post. i’ll try to get that up on the 12th, so make sure to comment with your questions before then.


idk. go nuts, kids.

(oh, you should definitely go check out alternate galaxy. she’s such a lovely, interesting, beautiful person and i love her and she deserves lots of followers.)



// last young renegade //

All Time Low


all time low, an band that you should definitely listen to, came out with a new album called last young renegade. i forgot that it was being released on june 2nd, and when i remembered, i freaked out and listened to the whole thing at ten thirty when i was supposed to be sleeping. listening to this felt like falling in love. i just sat there and closed my eyes and let the music fill me up. new music is so exciting. :D

i wanted to write something about this F A N T A S T I C gift to the music world, but i thought “hey, mate, listen to this album and you will be blessed. please and thank you.” would be a bad post. so i came up with a different way to convince you to listen to last young renegade. i listed all the songs here, along with my favorite lyrics and a bunch of things that each song makes me think of. it would be cool if you read each list while listening to the song that goes with it (the whole album is on youtube. that’s pretty rad.), but you don’t have to, obviously. you really should, though.

I just drove past this intersection and it’s pouring rain and just look at how eerily beautiful it looks


last young renegade. | you were the best thing ever happen to me // and i’ll keep on fighting just to make you believe | brown eyes. being afraid of losing someone. fighting the urge to kiss. sitting in the sunshine. hearing someone’s name and remembering everything they ever said. “i am so in love with you.” sitting outside early in the morning. wanting to run. clumsy, eager hugs. 

this little bit of marina joyce just proves how much better i am... now shut your mouth and finish sucking on your lollipop:


drugs & candy. | you’ve got me out of my head // i got the beat of the breakdown | being bored of everything. crushes. hastily told secrets. unintentional eye contact. long summer days of doing nothing. sitting in the only patch of shade. silent thank yous.



dirty laundry. | her closet’s such a mess // filled up with all the skeletons she’s kept | the headache you get when the lights are suddenly turned on. feeling numb. watching someone from across the room. figuring out someone’s secret. a heavy feeling in your chest. struggling to wake up. 



good times. | underneath the stars we came alive // and singing to the sky just felt right | empty parking lots at night. wondering if this is the last time you’ll see someone. when you’re so tired that everything is funny. the ache in your bones when you sprint on asphalt. sitting against a wall and laughing over old jokes. faded camp shirts full of signatures. blurry photographs. “i’m gonna miss you guys.”



nice2knoU. | one more time for second chances // we just want to do some damage | seeing an old friend and having nothing to say. noticing that someone has changed. rebellion. searching the crowd for someone who has already left. avoiding goodbyes. collecting emails on a scrap of paper. sleepaway camp. convenience stores.



life of the party {explicit}. | and it’s four in the morning, i’m just trying to fix myself | being annoyed for no reason. trembling with anger. when someone bumps into you and doesn’t apologize. smalltalk. feeling fake. being unable to sleep in an unfamiliar place. yelling at someone you love. regret.



nightmares. | i gotta say it’s hard to be brave // when you’re alone in the dark | hearing something you didn’t want to. four a.m. a damp pillow. shaking. trying to forget someone. shadows distorting a familiar room. dreading going home. realizing that no one really knows you. smiling just to stop the tears from falling.



dark side of your room.| this moment feels like an echo // we’ve done this dance a thousand times | laughing even though your feelings are hurt. friends who are controlling. your turn during truth or dare. seeing someone you tried to forget. stripes of light coming through the blinds. feeling nothing towards someone you used to love.



ground control. | my systems are critical // gotta find my way back to you | feeling like something is wrong, but not knowing what it is. hugging a pillow and pretending it’s a person. knowing you’ll be ok, just not right now. falling asleep in the car. doing something even though you’re scared. homesickness. “you mean everything to me.”



afterglow. | king and queen of the streets again // got young love running through our veins | receiving flowers. holding hands for the first time. gentle rainstorms. feeling like home is a person. hugs where no one wants to let go first. falling in love with your best friend. long walks going no where. silence that means something.

the entire album gives me an all-nighter with friends, summery kind of vibe, and i freaking love it. my favorite songs from it are, at the moment, last young renegade, good times, and nice2knou. lyrically, it’s pretty different from their previous album, future hearts. the songs from that one felt deeper and sadder, although they still had that summer vibe i associate with all time low.




// cherry crop //

orange eclipse, i can taste your lips in the citrus a f t e r n o o n.

☼  the yacht club // owl city ☼

our cherry trees are beginning to ripen. that means swaying on ladders, stepping on stray fruits, pink juice spotting my clothes, pelting annoying siblings with pits, and the promise of cherry pie.

picking the cherries from our three trees and pitting them takes quite a bit of time. and as new ones are constantly ripening, someone has to be out there picking nearly everyday. i don’t really mind doing it, though. the rhythm of pulling cherries off the branches and tossing them into a bucket is rather nice, and it gives me time to think.

i don’t particularly like the taste of cherries, but they are pretty. they do taste good in pies, though.