Writing Prompt #13: The Red Glow

And thirteen is said to be an unlucky number. Tsk, tsk.

The Red Glow

 If you write something inspired by the writing prompt, post it in the comments!


P.S. I know it’s my turn for WordCrafters. Please be patient; with VBS going on, I wasn’t able to find the time to write my chapter. But I’ll get it up before I leave, OK?

18 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #13: The Red Glow

  1. Grace says:

    It was a calm and breezy night. The storm that had taken over the day had passed. I sat in the kitchen reading a book. After I was bored of reading about sea turtles, I looked out the window to see how many tree branches has fallen during the storm. By the big willow tree I saw something red glittering in the dirt. I leaped out of my chair, my heart racing. What could it be? Maybe it was a buried treasure long lost to the world! Or perhaps rubies! My mind whirled with ideas of what this mysterious red glint could be. When I reached the spot where I had seen it, I took a deep breath and reached down to take a look. I looked closely at it and brushed my finger across it. The red dot disappeared when I touched it. Strange.. I looked up when O heard cackling. What I saw on the branch of the willow tree made me hot with fury. My younger brother sat on the branch, holding a flashlight that we used to attract our cat. I stomped off ignoring his loud laughter. After that, I was careful not to get too excited before investigating.

    ~The End~

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  2. mydollcorner says:

    Spy Marlyse Bix hid behind the chimney on top of the Millerten residence.

    “Almost got you.” she said to herself. After 5 years of spy training she was finally ready to get even with Logan Millerten for killing her father… In position… 1… 2…

    Zing!!! The sound came from below it was a laser pointing at a tree.

    “Bix to Calmen.” she said into her watch but all that came out was a static sound. “Great it’s fried.”

    She took off her watch and slowly went towards the red light still pointing at the tree. When she got to the tree it had tiny words carved on it… “Beware!”

    “Beware?” she said softly.

    Suddenly a trap opened under her feet and she fell into blackness… Some people say Marlyse died in the trap, others say they saw her begging for money at a subway station but nobody ever knew the truth about what happened to Marlyse Bix…

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  3. Rutvi says:

    I closed my book and started to pull the curtains shut. Outside, the trees were bare, the sky was dark. And, oh yeah, there was a glowing red light in the dirt. All normal. Wait…what? I wandered outside, with what was left of the frost crunching under my boots. The light began to move down the path and out of my neighborhood. I ran after it. “Come on, you’re almost there.” The trees seemed to whisper.
    “Where?” I thought.
    Keeping in pursuit of the red dot, I was getting exhausted. Soon mother would wake up and wonder where I was. How would I explain that to her? “Oh yeah, I saw a little red dot and my gut told me to follow it so…I did. I ran after a little red light in the middle of the night.” (My poetry is quite exquisite, is it not?)
    Suddenly I slipped. The dot was gone.
    Someone whispered, “My work here is done.”
    I cursed angrily. “Oh, Stephanie, you fool. You complete idiot. You’re trapped.”


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