// cwwc | challenge two & three//

hello, my friends. :)

the 5k i’ve been talking about was today. this is the second year my friend izzy has convinced me to do it with her. it was quite fun, actually, and it didn’t seem nearly as hard as the first time we did it. i’ll talk more about that once i get back from camp.

speaking of camp, i am going to be away for a week, without any internet access. so i’m posting the third challenge now, along with the second one. i won’t be able to approve comments while i’m gone, but they’re still going through, don’t worry.

i got entries from the names in bold:

ellie (hope in full)
rebekah (head in the clouds)
jordan (daythinker nightdreamer)
daisymermaid (the girl with auburn hair)
audrey (please just one more page)
allison (a farm girl’s life)
mia (creative castle)
cora (cora’s bits and pieces)
c.a. peetz (cliff’s brink)

points from this round: 31

lauren (comma hangover)
  clara (clara and co.)
sari (penumbra reviews)
rose (sun on a cloudy day)
hope (the nerd notebook)
arunima (dreamer’s dreams)

points from this round: 29

mya (life from behind a camera)
olive (hidden hollow ag crafts)
jess (the artful author)
sam (redhead with a book)
danielle (near but far)
suzy (ends&odds)
k.a. (bursts of inspiration)
wysteria (head in the clouds)
charis (charis rae)

points from this round: 32

 chloe (my hobbit hole)
megan (a barefoot gal)
annecy (free fallin’ girls)
orchid (crochet buddies)
sarah (for all who wander)
kiki (the thoughts of a girl with aspergers)
nicole (worlds beyond words)
anika (this journey called life)
carol (peeking through a kaleidoscope)

points from this round: 47

team shire lost a member, so they’ll be getting four extra points each round to make up for it.

if you wrote a story, but don’t see your name on the list, let me know so i can fix it.

here are the prompts for the second challenge:




your stories for the second challenge are due by midnight on august 8th.

here are the prompts for the third challenge:



Blasphemy // Bring Me The Horizon


your stories for the third challenge are due by midnight on august 12th.

write a story/poem/whatever inspired by these prompts. (for anyone who is wondering, you can only use the prompts from the current challenge. so when you’re writing your story, you can only use the prompts from challenge two. and then when you go on to the third challenge, you can only use those prompts.) you’ll get two points for posting the story within the time limit, and one point for every prompt you use.

at the beginning of your cwwc post, please make sure to say how many prompts you used. this makes it so much easier for me to count up the points.

once you’ve finished your story, leave a comment on this post with a link to it. for those submitting their stories by email: send it to me at happyhouseofag@gmail.com.

also! feel free to display your team’s button on your blog.

have fun. :)




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