The Sad Doodles That I Call Art

Hey! I wanted to share some drawings with you guys, I hope you like them. I’m not that great of an artist, and I know that. But for someone who can’t draw, I’ve been drawing a lot lately!


First are some mermaid drawings from last year. Mermaids are my favorite thing to draw — I love picking colors for the tails, and tails are easier to draw than legs. ;)



And here is a WIP mermaid drawing.


Random soccer girl (with no face).


Face. :)




The main character of Shadow Bird, Sidney Royal.


Sidney again. But without a face this time.


Ever read the May Bird trilogy by Jodi Lynn Anderson? This is my drawing of the character Pumpkin.


This is one of the best people I’ve ever drawn!


Tried my hand at drawing a guy.




I’m really proud of this one. I spent awhile getting her clothes right.

Thanks for reading this, despite the fact that my art isn’t very good. If I keep trying, I’ll get better. :)

Which drawing was your favorite? What’s your favorite thing to draw?


My mom signed us up for Amazon Prime, and I can watch Doctor Who again! :D :D :D *makes happy TARDIS sounds*

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18 thoughts on “The Sad Doodles That I Call Art

  1. Rutvi says:

    You ARE a good artist! I love the drawing of Sidney. And you’re so right about tails being easier to draw than legs! Plus, they’re more fun. ;)


  2. Allison says:

    Ooh, nice! I love looking at other bloggers’ art! I like the WIP mermaid drawing, and I also like the soccer girl, the sad girl, and… um, several others. XD You draw LOTS of people! I don’t draw people very often. I like to draw doodly designs or nature. I don’t draw people very often, (they’re so hard!) but I do like to draw eyes!


  3. Clara says:

    Ooooh, I love the 6th one and the last one! :D (Yes, I’m going to make you find the 6th one so you can see which one I complimented. XD )

    -Clara <3


  4. K.A. says:

    Are you KIDDIN???????????????? You don’t think those are good?? I mean, YES I’ve seen better…but mine are SOOOO much WORSE!!! :O :O I mean those are GOOD compared to my awful ones! I can’t even do a simple … yeah. I can’t do a person, because of they’re *counts on fingers* nose, eyes, mouth, face, hair, hands… feet! ANYTHING!!! And yet I ALWAYS want to cause I NEED pictures for my characters!!!!! :O Thankfully since my sister is a great artist, I can usually get her to draw them for me. :/ ;) I thought these were very good still!!! :D I loved the one with the girl and braids! :) :D


  5. ericadanielleflynn says:

    I liked the on of the girl with long hair. It’s really good! I love drawing full body pictures, fanart, and most of all, eyes. They’re so easy and fun! I love all of drawings though.


  6. Geeky_Girl says:

    Wow! Those are great..!! Your a great artist.. a doodle would be a squiggly line and a dot this is real art!! <3 I like the first mermaid and the 6th one! :D


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